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  1. I blame all of this on Halo 4. 2012-2015 basically wasted the talents of Ola and Snipedown.
  2. The EG/TOX boys definitely deserve their props. But when you really look back at it, the 3 of them won each won I believe one event in Reach. I can't remember them winning anything in H4 because that Ambush team basically ran the game. They were dominant in H2A (I guess this was weighed as much as other major titles?) and then Halo 5. Ultimately, if they run Halo Infinite they will probably end up deserving of their placements on this list. But it feels so premature to put 3 of them in the top 5 of ALL of Halo history already.
  3. I got to hand it to whoever voted on this list. Mission accomplished on getting twitter impressions - there is no other rational explanation for #11. And I'm assuming at least a few voters would've put him in the 2-5 range. So that means there were other people who must've put him so far down the list on their ballot lmfao.
  4. Idk, I'm a casual now but I had a lot of fun with the PVP playing on console. Had a 50-49 game that I was on the losing end of but it was the closest I've come to that nostalgic Halo feel. Sprint and maybe clamoring? make you show up on radar which is nice. The BR was sort of king compared pick ups outside of the power weapons. Maybe I was just playing noobs but I was doing fine using the sidekick rather than the AR and just keeping medium range. I only swapped if I had to reload in a continued fight. Medium-long range the sidekick felt kind of useless so I spent my time trying to position closer rather than bother shooting at range. But basically any weapon on the map I'd pick up in place of the AR.
  5. The Academy mode is awesome. I was able to have a good feel for each weapon before loading into multiplayer. I know I'm very late to the party but does anyone else find the character colors weird? Maybe I'm just old and dumb but I thought I was blue team but the enemy team looked blue with a slight red tinge?
  6. Haven't been here in a while and was just checking to see if maybe I was the crazy one after seeing the Infinite demo. If I saw the environment minus the HUD and weapons, I honestly don't think I'd be able to tell you if it was from Halo 4,5 or Infinite. There was a massive leap forward from CE to 2 to 3. I wasn't really expecting much and had a bad feeling about Infinite but I deep down I wanted to be wrong. I don't understand how this is the best they could show after years of development. I don't even want to think about what the MP will be as they can't even put a date on when that will be shown. It wouldn't surprise me at all if the rumors are true that it won't be included at launch. I got CE as part of a launch bundle with when the Xbox first released. Every Halo since I had on launch night or day. My xbox one has been collecting dust for well over a year and I don't think this release is going to change that. I've been more invested in this series than I ever will in any other. But I've come to terms with the fact that we really did finish the fight in Halo 3. /endrant
  7. Wait, is Tox even staying together? I assumed Frosty was leaving to transition to CoD
  8. Yeah. The summit stream is great. I have both open but I'm just watching Summit's reactions to the gameplay lol
  9. I doubt they even get scrims vs top 8 teams until they prove themselves. Their best bet is hoping that the main Splyce roster will give them some scrims.
  10. Ugh. I'll be rooting for Frosty as an individual player but I don't think I can root for E6. Hopefully he didn't sell his soul to them and isn't going to be locked under contract for a extended period of time
  11. There are a lot of rumors in the cod scene that involve Frosty for the roster Splyce is making for cod. I wonder if established pros are really giving him a chance that quickly. Though there is probably a need for more pros now that they are transitioning to 5v5. But that would probably require a lot of grinding and would probably be the end of the Tox lineup.
  12. Was hoping to try to play it for the first time this upcoming weekend. Guess I missed out. I'm definitely a bit salty that they snuffed out the most interest Halo has generated in a quite some time outside of the regular Halo community bubble.
  13. The problem is that Ninja's audience is mostly PC players. I really think for Halo to have a chance at regaining popularity it would have to be a PC game that doesn't require windows. They can keep it as an exclusive to Xbox on console. The competitive scene would probably also have to move to PC as much as I hate the idea.
  14. Yeah seriously. They are no different than the way Frosty was. Kind of emotionless out of game and arrogant in game. Spylce is just the natural product of Tox
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