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  1. Tox beat Splyce in games last event 9/8. Spylce also won two CTF Colis and two Eden Balls vs Tox, so 4 of the 8 were two game types. That being said Splyce was able to perform well yet again without any practice. The level of talent on that team is unreal. Interested to see if Hitmen will stay together and be able to improve with more practice before London.
  2. I never once had my flight/hotel covered as a player. Can't relate to the new era.
  3. Times have changed. Would have been nice to have prize pools like this back in H3.
  4. My top 8 All time. No Order. Roy Lunchbox Ogre2 Royal 2 Snakebite Snipedown Lethul Pistola The last two spots are open to so many players. These 8 have separated themselves from everyone else with consistent dominance over multiple titles.
  5. I love this team! So happy to see Demon get an opportunity to play with spartan and bubu. Artic is very skilled as well. Its good to see Bubu and Spartan put in this position where they need to find two people to bring up to the next tier. If this team grinds like I think they will, I wont be surprised when they make a few upsets come tournament time. #Believe
  6. Interesting to see none of the 5-8 teams make a change. I know orgs come into play but I figure some of the teams would want to try something new to break into the top 4. Reciprocity is stuck in a position saying "what if" in regards to spartan's controller unplugging but I think they could also benefit from a change. New Orleans will have very similar results as Worlds if things stay the way they are: teams competing for their respective top 8/6/4 placings. my two cents.
  7. I just created this account to say thank you for all of the positive feedback from the majority of you! I will try to improve however I can for future opportunities. #BtH
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