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  1. Team Name:OPG GT1: v El Sensei v GT2:OPG Jay Toa
  2. V El Sensei V Add me please! I have been struggling to find people for competitive customs on Halo 4. I'm usually on after 5p.m central time zone.
  3. oh,Wow...skol I just posted to see if I could get some help on finding a discount code, and now I have to deal with you and your stupid posts -_-.lol I'm sorry I didn't know cod4 was played at a professional level, because last time I checked MLG didn't have it.lol I really don't understand why you are so passionate to convince anyone that your OPINION is fact.Is there anything else you want to tell this kid? Because obviously I'm so stupid for not knowing anything about gaming.
  4. Well jumpz I'm not here to argue who is pro and not pro in your eyes, because we'll sit here and have a pointless argument all day. Halo takes way more gunskill hands down, and COD in my opinion doesn't touch it. With that being said, I still want to get into competitive COD since that's what I've been watching and playing lately.
  5. Skols Every cod pro uses a scuf. Your point makes no sense. It's not halo anymore where you can claw and be pro. Times have changed and scuf is the way to go in competitive COD, whether you like it or not. Virulent venom how about you post links of the majority of cod pros making that claim?
  6. I don't think you get it. To be able to get in competitive COD you NEED a scuf. Everybody and anybody who is a legitimate beast on cod esports settings uses them. I would rather not have one, but I would be at a disadvantage every single time.
  7. Thanks! I Definitely will be looking into that.
  8. I've been wanting to buy a scuf controller, but I don't want to pay full price for one since they are so expensive! I've seen a lot of youtubers offer the 5% discount but that still isn't that much. Does anybody know a better discount code? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Seriously, this shouldn't even be news.
  10. How dare they make this game so violent! What were they thinking.
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