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  1. Glad to hear you're uploading VOD. I try to catch most of the bigger H1 LANs but completely missed this one while I was travelling. If you're planning on streaming more often, I look forward to checking the stream out soon.
  2. I didn't interpret it as "remove split screen" I'm just offering more reasons for why it's important to me. My apologies if I came across differently. You're right, for HCS sanctioned events it's virtually meaningless. Unless HCS wants to switch to split screen like the old days, that combined with observer mode so you can still watch individual screens as a spectator, imagine? Only half kidding, it wouldn't be considered acceptable but I would love it.
  3. Offline accounts yes! It's such a small thing but it makes hosting LANs so much easier. I agree with what you said about the Microsoft tournaments, and I've had a similar experience. I still attend almost all of mine, but we've had multiple where we couldn't form two teams which makes it tough to convince those people to come back next time. A hard push with Infinite would be fantastic. We have been able to have a couple LANs from somebody's house with about half the people coming from people met from my Microsoft store, so it definitely hasn't been a complete failure for me. I know it's a niche use, but split screen has been really important to my local group. When it's somebody new who doesn't know callouts or general flow, you can put them with a better player and have the better player micromanage the newer player (assuming the newer player actually wants to learn, definitely don't do this if the new person just wants to mess around). It's definitely possible to do with multiple screens, but way easier to catch quick glances or point at the screen when you share the same screen.
  4. I can definitely agree with what you said about online being easier than ever, and I think you're probably right in saying it'll be the key to further growth. I know I don't have to tell you this since you probably still attend more Halo LANs than me, and you've definitely attended more total. But I think LAN is so special in Halo, or at least the LAN culture, so it being not as important is a big blow to me. Even though I'm probably just biased because I grew up playing split screen. Maybe newer players don't see it as very important at all.
  5. I think competitive Halo's problem in terms of local scenes is that for most people it's more trouble than it's worth. Finding people interested in tournament gametypes, convincing enough people to come, gathering equipment, trying to figure out how to setup LAN on Xbox One, figuring out balanced teams, figuring out how audio is going to work, trying to get everyone to agree on a game. It's exhausting. League, CS, and Dota all have the some of the same problems as well. But in those games everybody at least agrees on the settings, and if 0.01% of their audience is interested in LAN, that's still more people than all of Halo's population right now.
  6. We kind of had that in H5 with super slides. I don't necessarily hate the concept, but I feel it would either be really janky or really forced if we upped the movement speed that significantly. Also I feel it would be extra button pushes without much benefit. Kind of like how "jump thrust stabilize mash crouch and clamber" is a click tax, I don't really like having to push three or four different buttons to do something that I feel like I should just be able to do.
  7. You're right, generally there's one or maybe two power positions that you really want your team to hold on to. But other Halo spawn systems can help move you if you can't move yourself. This is a very specific example, and only worked due to large gaps in team skill. But there were MCC H1 tournaments at Microsoft stores a couple months ago. My teammate and I spawn killed the other team at red shotguns for about fifteen kills (I swear we were running short on time, not trying to stat on kids!) not because we're that good, but the other team didn't know that they either needed to move or both die in order to leave. They were waiting for the spawn system to save them. On a map like Midship or Construct, there are power positions for sure but I don't feel you get spawn killed as bad for not knowing how spawns work compared to Derelict or Hang 'em since those maps have less places to hide against a team up top. You're also right about sniping in MCC. I haven't read many of boogerman's posts and I'm not sure his familiarity with H1, so I didn't think of mentioning nading a snipe and going to town.
  8. A lot of red side (the smaller tower, opposite corner to the giant ramp close to snipe) is definitely a bad position. In 2v2 red tower is solid if you have somebody else in blue, but I agree two in red is really really bad. If I'm playing with somebody who doesn't know random spawns, I'll just try to push out together and hopefully trade a life with the other team. If we survive, great we're out of red, if we die, hopefully we spawn away from red. In 4v4 the problem is amplified. I don't mind Hang em High, but that map and Derelict I feel are overwhelmingly punishing if people don't know the spawn system. Chill Out is a top tier map for sure.
  9. How often do you guys stick with the multiplayer of a new game you buy for more than a week or two? Maybe I'm in the minority, but most games I'd be lucky to do more than a couple sessions before removing the game and probably never playing it again, or only playing it occasionally. I really don't think 5000 players is some massive failure.
  10. I agree with you, however I'm in the weird camp that thinks 5000 is pretty good. Not like old glory days good, but I didn't think interest would last this long. I know they're not officially supported ways to play, but Custom Edition and Project Cartographer exist. If there was that much of a demand to play, I feel like those two would have been more popular before MCC came out. Even from a competitive perspective, very few people on either of those games were playing competitive modes. Reach did better than I expected, so I think Halo 3 will probably do better than I originally thought as well. But I really don't think Halo coming to PC is going to do wonders for competitive interest.
  11. I cannot imagine it in BTB, somebody gets a tank and you get ARs? It would be brutal. And my post is really reductionist, but I definitely think it would have an audience and I think there's nothing wrong with liking or preferring it. It's weird to me when people want just two DMRs though. Yeah I agree with you. It's one of those things where you just accept you're not the target demographic for the experience and just choose to enjoy it for what it is. It's fine and, at least generally, won't be ruined in the first twenty seconds by one team being better than the other. I feel the gametypes you describe all share that trait. Compared to AR starts with four DMRs on the map falls apart quickly. You also mentioned how compromise hurt Halo 5. I wonder sometimes with Halo development if the hardest part is trying to appeal to every community through the years. At this point I feel 343 has to make like twelve different games all under one package and make switching between them not feel too alienating, which I feel is an almost impossible task.
  12. In regards to AR starts, Halo for better or for worse has always appealed to like fifty different ways to play the game. Every game introduces ten new ways to play it and it gets harder and harder to appeal to each audience. I imagine the people who want AR starts enjoy playing Halo by holding forward the entire time to move as fast as possible into a giant cluster of people around the middle of the map and holding triggers down, having a giant colorful explosion fest in the middle of the map. While it's not my ideal way to play Halo, it is a different experience that some people feel is the "correct way to play". What I don't get, is why they don't want it taken one step further and just make every weapon on the map a spammy colorful weapon? No joke, remove all snipers, DMRs, beam rifles, etc. and only have things like fuel rod, AR, needler, plasma repeater, whatever. Basically make it team duals from Halo 2. I feel like that appeals to the demographic of "hold forward guns blazing" and it doesn't have the issue of a team getting the precision weapons and sitting back the whole time.
  13. Killtac x2 by Dynomike in a Pris game https://www.twitch.tv/vabeachlan/clip/RelievedTameGoatEagleEye
  14. I'm not sure if this was the latest version or if a newer one was released after. But some of the Toronto guys played it. If it doesn't timestamp correctly, 3:03:50 will take you there
  15. You should be able to just buy Reach for $10. If you have MCC on Xbox then multiplayer is free.
  16. Adam Apicella retweeted Ryan Foolz (Echofox GM) giving props to HCS for providing a 12 month roadmap. Plot thickens.
  17. Re-committing to open events, and the promise of a 12 month roadmap for Infinite is nice to see. Otherwise felt like a lot of promises and not much else. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but we have no idea what's next after Dreamhack right?
  18. Celeste is fantastic. The C-sides are brutal, but they're really short. Chapter 9 on the other hand is long, has larger gaps between checkpoints, and is hard. I still enjoyed it, but it was the only chapter of Celeste that I had to do in multiple sittings.
  19. Future Infinite leaks may gain a little credibility. One of the UGC guys need to record some sick barn gameplay for us.
  20. I'm really excited for this! I've been wanting to come out for a while and this felt like the perfect opportunity.
  21. Are you using modern or classic aiming? I think it auto updated everybody to modern, maybe try switching back if you haven't yet? Otherwise I have no idea.
  22. FaceIt is the company I believe, Ignite is just what the event is being called. FaceIt runs pretty large Counterstrike events to my understanding. In terms of how active the UK scene is, it's a bit tough to say. EuropaHalo (HCS Grassroots partner, has been running online EU tournaments for a few years now) said that they're pretty confident they'll sell out the H5 2v2 bracket that's running that weekend as well at FaceIt Ignite, so it seems like H5 2v2 stuff is still pretty popular. But in terms of the H3 scene, I'm sure some regulars will show up like Jimbo, but otherwise I'm not sure. I know at least one NA team is getting flights paid for by 343 based on online qualifying tournaments, Tox will probably take that spot.
  23. August 17th-18th there's also an H3 UK event. FaceIt Ignite

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