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  1. I felt this was slightly different than the Beast/Ruddler debate. The point about needing extra indicators to show where bullets land is true, and your feelings about shooting not feeling good when projectile is fair as well even if I disagree. I'm not about to argue what you enjoy. As for networking, yeah it's a concern. All I can say is hopefully it's good if we get projectile. For needing to slow down bullets though. I'm not necessarily imagining needing to have serious lead for every kill. Like Prisoner I don't lead a ton if at all depending on how far apart I am from my opponent. But I don't mind having some maps with long sightlines where you do have to lead, like Hang 'Em High. Would that be a decent compromise? Fast bullets for close range but some long range maps that make it a factor. Or is projectile bullets just not something you'd ever want?
  2. In most Halos your moveset is pretty limited. I think a better argument would be that with so many players it's hard to have any pattern recognition when you have no idea who you'll come across when going around a corner. I feel like we're getting tangled in the weeds right now, Basu's post was great but got away from what I thought was the core of the argument other than his points about Midship and slowing down projectiles more which is fair. This is my interpretation of the argument so far. Riddler is saying projectile adds a predictive element to shooting. Beast said that you're just guessing and it's not skillful. I brought up predicting player behavior in other games, as well as in Halo. Beast feels comparing with other games isn't fair and responds with predicting is actually a skill with hitscan, but not a skill with projectile if you're at range due to it being inconsistent. Does that sound right to everybody or does it sound like I'm being unfair? I already said that hitscan had predictive elements, I used it as one of my examples with Halo 5. I feel projectile at range has a higher skill ceiling in terms of predicting player movement because it's not just predicting their next move, it's guessing the next X amount of time in movement. With hitscan at any range or projectile close range it's "I think he'll move the other way after my next shot so I should move my reticule to his turn to adjust", with projectile at range it's more like "I think he'll move the other way and keep moving that way after my next shot so I need to move my reticule over him and ahead to adjust". This is all assuming netcode is great or it's LAN.
  3. Is predicting a strafe guesswork is pattern recognition? Daigo is one of, if not the greatest fighting game player ever. He's known for reading his opponent's actions and predicting what they will do. Is that guesswork or skilled prediction? When my friend jumps in Halo 1 when he's one shot and I predict it because I know he plays a lot of other Halos so I aim up after my second shot hits, is that skilled prediction or guesswork? When this same friend kills me in Halo 5 because I have a bad habit of thrusting in the opposite direction I jump in and he predicts that and lines up his reticule for the thrust, is that skilled pattern recognition or guesswork? I don't feel too strongly about hitscan or projectile. I think you can have a more skillful predictive element with projectile but I can enjoy a game with hitscan. I definitely think strafe recognition is a thing though.
  4. My point is, there was no need to add on to what he said based on context. Everybody understood that he was talking about Halo specifically, yet you came in and said "So you don't hate bloom". I don't get why you explained his position back to him. Edit: Also we're discussing the semantics of English on a Halo forum. Man I would kill for something cool to talk about right now.
  5. Well yeah, but in the context of discussing Halo he hates bloom. I don't necessarily hate sprint in a game but I hate it in Halo.
  6. That's fair, I get Halo 1 can still be rough especially the spawn system. I won't even argue difficulty here, but it sucks to get ruined on Derelict on your third game ever of Halo 1 Also to credit your argument, Derelict was only played once during the tournament. But the most negative feedback received for the Halo 1 tournament was during Prisoner and players kept complaining about spawning in enemy sightlines and dying immediately. Anybody with a fair amount of previous Halo 1 experience, roughly four or five teams, didn't complain, but the rest with virtually zero competitive didn't have a great time on that map. I didn't have time to sit down with all of them so most of them probably left thinking that Prisoner was bad.
  7. I don't have much to say about your first paragraph. I feel like we'll never agree, and that's cool. And you preferring to react to the game's decision, or react to what your guess of the game decision is, compared to reacting about a different player's decision is valid. I want to talk about your second paragraph though. I don't think Halo 1 is this weird mess that newer players don't like, I think the limited hardware it's available on and how different it is to other Halos hurts it more than anything else. For a bit of background, Hard Way mentioned I'm a newer player which is pretty accurate, even though I played Halo 1 as a kid I actually hated the game, my friends only wanted to play 2v2 Blood Gulch and Sidewinder and I thought they were boring. I only started learning more about the game a few years ago after going on forums like this one and reading what people like Cursed Lemon, Teapot, ChaosTheory, and Hard Way wrote about it. Since then, I have fallen in love with the game and have convinced a few other people in my city that the game is awesome. Only one of them played Halo 1 back in the day. As for the others, one wasn't born until 2004, and didn't get into playing Halo seriously until Halo 5, one started with Halo 3 but didn't play a lot until Reach, and the other two started with Reach. All I did was have them play on LAN, with as even of teams as we could make, told them a rough idea of spawns ("I will spawn close to you 90% of the time, keep that in mind when nades are flying your way"), and either told them where to go for powerups and power weapons, or turned on training mode after I upgraded to Halo NHE. All of them thought the game was great. Now I don't mean to bore you with backstory, and I don't mean to use my limited sample size to say that you're wrong. I want to bring up a new side to the debate, not that the game's popularity is tied to quality, but that the game's popularity is tied to how easy it is to play quality matches in 2019. Like there's no way for you to play the same game the rest of us nerds play unless you find other people with all of the equipment or buy all of the equipment yourself and find others to play with you. I'll end with one final story that I think shows how important accessibility is to getting people to play. Where I live we recently had a large video game tournament, featured several games, advertised on the news and social media, decent prize pool for a local tournament, the works. Halo 3 was hosted there, you may have had to bring a controller, I honestly don't remember, and there was a small entry fee but everything else was provided. Four teams showed up to play. The weekend right after we had a Halo 1 tournament hosted at a community ran event, no advertising, all equipment provided (including controllers) and a small prize pool with no entry fee. We had twelve teams sign up with three extra teams on a waiting list. Is it because Halo 1 is more popular than Halo 3, or was the extra teams because the Halo 1 tournament was more accessible? I would assume the modern Halo 3 fanbase, which admittedly trumps the modern Halo 1 fanbase, would easily make up for the slight difference in accessibility, but now I'm not convinced. If we could find a way to make Halo 1 as accessible as Halo 3 where you play a good version of the game with good matchmaking every time you try it, and if Halo 3 was as hard as Halo 1 in regards to being able to get good games in, I think we would see a shift of popularity.
  8. I also don't know where the conversation is going to go. On the waypoint blog they said they would start releasing individual games by the end of the year, and Halo 3 is in the back half of games to be released. Like is the conversation "Do you guys want to switch in a year?"
  9. Source? I've seen an Xbox Live requirement on Steam, but are we sure you need gold?
  10. PC release on Steam and windows store. Reach to be added, multiplayer is free but firefight and campaign is paid DLC.
  11. Nerdy things other people picked out from that image. IcePrincess already covered most of it with Reach and Windows 10. Some people were saying the "RR" in the tweet could be referencing "Remember Reach". If that's true, I wonder if DH is Dreamhack? Whether a release date, PC release being playable there, maybe a tournament or showcase with top Twitch streamers?
  12. Did you guys stick to MLG settings from back in the day or did you change any of it up? Was there anything crazy any of those players did in a 4v4 environment that you hadn't thought of or seen before? 4V4 H1 was always the weirdest to me in that it feels like it shouldn't work, or should just be played for laughs. Most LANs stick to 2v2 but I know Hard Way always vouches for 4v4. It's interesting to me that a lot of those guys wanted to play 4v4 as well.
  13. I never understood what hitscan with travel time meant. Is it just a hard coded value like "make the bullet hit the target after 0.1 seconds, but still hit the target that was pointed at when the trigger was pulled"? I'm having a hard time figuring it out.
  14. I'm just looking more into this now. For what you would do, I would assume between the panels, VR stuff, and laser tag that could easily eat a few hours of your day. If you want to go to a panel or two, and go to one of their community meetups they have there, I could see you getting a full day. Different panels on different days, maybe a tournament one day, I think I can see this working, I don't think it necessarily appeals to our demographic but I could see somebody spending a couple days there. I think the most interesting part is that the first Halo Outpost is a few weeks after E3 ends. And on the site it says they have "over 200 game stations" and will have the "latest playable game releases". I like lanning as much as the next guy, maybe even more. But with VR and chances to meet the developers and some crazy marketplace and a mini Halo museum, are you really going to sit down and play MCC and Halo Wars 2 with a bunch of strangers? Or will they announce that Halo Infinite will be playable for the first time at Halo Outpost events and they will have some sort of mini tournament or award for participating? I wouldn't fly to one of these personally, but I could see it making a decent day trip if there was one closer to me.
  15. I don't know where else to put this so I guess I'll put it here.
  16. This Puckett LAN is so cool, gives me Summit vibes. Their caster section is almost a complete ripoff, in a good way. Listening to Puckett and Sundance interview Walshy about people he influenced or influenced him, thoughts on game design, hearing everyone talk about the old days. I really hope they upload the VOD of this somewhere. If you have the chance to tune in this weekend, especially if Sundance and Puckett are on mics, I'd really suggest it.
  17. I was just talking about this with a couple people. What if the campaign had RPG elements, you start off as a base spartan and slowly unlock spartan abilities and upgrade your spartan bit by bit. Think almost like Metroid, but probably less exploration. For multiplayer, arena is base spartans, no upgrades, equal starts, no spartan abilities. For warzone, you play with your campaign spartan, maybe you can even get warzone unlocks while playing campaign and either use them in campaign or warzone. Dumb thought, decent idea, what do you think?
  18. My guess is a release date for server browser.
  19. I'm actually curious, what's your favorite Halo? I hear you talk up H5 and talk down H3 a lot, which I actually think is justified. I can guess you don't like H1. But which one is your favorite? And I'm with Nick. I'll mess around with H2 a fair amount, H2A occasionally, and I'll still play H5. But I still play H1 most times hoping I get a good match.
  20. I tried playing matchmaking a couple nights ago and was losing my mind trying to hit people. I've heard some people say it felt improved, I don't think it got worse but it definitely hasn't improved for me either.

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