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  1. Hold up are you guys saying the Clone Wars movie was good or the Clone Wars show was good? I can't speak for the show, but that movie was whack.
  2. We've moved on from oil powered TVs, instead we have our pet moose run on a hamster wheel to generate power. Can't wait to hang out again, my joycon Smash game has gone up a couple levels since we last played.
  3. How many kids with swords are you trying to give nightmares? The montage was sick, very well done.
  4. It's weird, when I played Vanquish there's certain weapons that will stun you after being hit until the effect wears off and it's really frustrating. But in Halo 1 I don't think I've ever been frustrated with it. Boyo and Hard Way both brought up that you're only stunned while actually being hit with the gun, I definitely think that's part of it. The range of the gun I think helps as well. Lastly maybe because kill times are so quick the gun only really works as a flanking weapon? I'm not entirely sure. In Vanquish, some enemies take a lot of bullets to take down, so being literally frozen without even being able to shoot is frustrating, where in H1 if I'm behind them and they have PR, they don't really have a chance to turn around and stun me.
  5. 1. Isn't knock back just as frustrating though? You didn't actually specifically say if you like knock back or not, just that you're hesitant about adding movement related mechanics to weapons. I feel like if I can't turn left fast because I'm getting shot, it would be just as frustrating being launched left or right and having to compensate my aim more. In which case do we need to remove explosions launching you in the air as well since it effects your ability to move? 2. I forgot about brute weapons to be honest, you're right that it fits better with brute than promethean. 3. Allow me to change my previous statement. It's not that I want several variations, but if 343 is going to make them anyway I don't see the harm in making some of them absolutely crazy. I definitely don't want all of them in play at once. But I think there would be cool custom game potential if nothing else if every weapon had crazy variants.
  6. Due to the CE version of plasma weapons slowing you down, I think we should stick with that because of the consistency even if most people don't remember the hit stun. However we have promethean weapons that don't have a hit effect. Do you feel strongly about plasma weapons being "knock back" weapons, or could promethean weapons take that role and plasma weapons get a "hit stun" effect? If 343 has several variations of a weapon similar to H5 where we not only had UNSC, covenant, and promethean version of each weapon, but had like six different versions of the DMR, or sniper, or whatever. I personally don't see anything wrong with saying "This version of this weapon has this added property". Maybe make the default version really plain, and the modded versions have the extra effects?
  7. It's not HCS, but if you want to watch some Halo LAN streams this weekend. CE LAN in Ontario Canada: https://www.twitch.tv/hurley_lives CE/H2 LAN in Northern California: https://www.twitch.tv/norcalhalo
  8. When you say weapon sandbox, are you specifically thinking the balance between autos and precision weapons or are you thinking everything? Between the easy snipers, boltshot, SAW, ability to start with a plasma pistol, binary rifle in general, I have plenty of issues with the Halo 4 sandbox. I barely remember autos in the game though. If the precision rifles were harder to use in Halo 4, do you think the autos would become overpowered?
  9. I can agree with this. I think people find a skill level they find most fun, and then they don't care to move beyond that. I have friends whose favorite way to play Halo is blasting ARs and chucking nades any random direction. They know that pulling out their pistol will make them better, they know that I'm happy to explain spawns, but the part they enjoy about Halo is the audio/visual feedback and the crazy stories of eight people storming into a small room and hoping for the best. To apply it to myself. I like playing swat but I find the campy nature of swat is boring. I can get ranked at a level where people will always push but have decent aim, and I'm fine with never moving past that level. It means I'm bad, but it means the I can enjoy the cutthroat swat gameplay without the camping, and I'm fine with that. We all know we're bad, but the next stage of improving means the game no longer has the part that appeals to us most.
  10. If you remove the X part, you could still cancel your melee early if you shot too soon. I may not have made that clear enough in my original post. Double shot I agree couldn't really be changed to be easier without ruining the double shot. I feel the cool part of landing a BXR is hitting the shot after the melee lunge has taken place. Not the button press inbetween the melee and shot, which is why I feel like the X could be removed. If instead of BXR let's say it's BYYR, would that be better? I don't want to get ridiculous and say "What if it was BYXYYXBR", but I'm curious what the sweet spot is for how many buttons for a button combo before it's too much. My suggestions changed three button combos to two, is changing three button combos to four better or is that too much and three is the perfect sweet spot?
  11. I'm just throwing out a hypothetical. If Halo Infinite played like your dream version of Halo 2, but the changes I mentioned were included, would you think it's better, about the same, or worse? For me, if Halo 1 made the changes I mentioned I think it would be for the better. I don't feel strongly enough about it to think Halo 1 is broken or anything, but I do think removing those extra button pushes make the game accessible to more people without lowering the skill gap in a meaningful way. I feel Halo 2 wouldn't be worse either (with the exception of the double shot) but I'm not nearly as familiar with Halo 2 to have a solid opinion either way.
  12. I'm going to make a slight detour on the button combo debate, let's say we're remaking Halo 1 and 2, we want to keep button combos in but we're thinking of implementing them as an actual feature. Do we really need some of those extra buttons? Halo 1. Instead of BLB, would it be okay as BB. Instead of XXY, what about XY or maybe even just automatically initiate it when you switch weapons, so just Y. I don't know, in Halo 1 I feel the cool part is that you have to aim two melees in a row and avoid a grenade, not that you have a trigger pull in the middle although that does help with clarity for why a grenade is coming out. For backpack reload, the cool part is that you don't have to leave the action not that you hit reload twice before switching weapons. Also for backpack reload, there's not really any "meaningful depth" since you basically want to initiate a backpack reload every time you switch weapons so I either feel we need to make it harder, initiate some sort of penalty for messing it up, or something otherwise I feel we might as well make it automatic or close to it For Halo 2, I feel the BXB and BXR have the same issue as backpack reload. They're easy to execute (not necessarily easy to kill with, but the button combo itself is easy to do) so do we really need the X button in there? I'm thinking melee speed is increased if you chain melees together when you're short bullets in a clip, shooting immediately cancels a melee if you have a full clip. I don't think you can make the double shot easier without ruining the double shot. Like just pulling the trigger twice quickly to shoot twice quickly is not hard compared to the power you get, also you would never fail it so the penalty for messing up would go away. -- Maybe I'm crazy. I'm not trying to debate whether all of the button combos are good or bad yet, I want to jump in on that later. But I want to pose the question: For most of the button combos we've seen so far, can we remove some of the button pushes and still have it be cool or does removing the "extra" button pushes make the button combos worse?
  13. First of all, great post. Your post reminded me of a book I started reading once called "Theory of Fun for Game Design" and I was wondering if you read it? The conclusion reached in that book, or at least from the parts I read, is similar to what you posted or kind of explains what you posted. The theory was that people find "fun" when they see patterns in things. Using tic tac toe as an example, when you first play it you see lots of patterns and strategies quickly, the game is fun for a short while. Then you realize the game is always the same and there's not too many strategies, the patterns become routine, and the game becomes boring. That book changed the way I look at things I enjoy or find fun, and I feel a lot of things you mentioned could potentially be explained by the idea that "people find fun in patterns". I never played Titanfall, so I don't want to act like I know the actual reasons, but what if the game didn't have enough depth to carry forward a long lifespan? You play the game, learn the new movement, enjoy calling down titans, there's lots to learn and you're rapidly seeing new things, everything is great. But then games start feeling the same, it feels like there's little counterplay, and you slowly grow bored and move on to something else. Rainbow Six Siege when you first play it feels like you're just dying instantly, it almost feels random. But you slowly learn the different operators, different angles and strategies for taking a bomb site, and the game slowly gets better and better as you learn more. For music. A catchy pop song you can immediately get the melody, you understand the tone of the song, you get the rhythm. Everybody enjoys a catchy pop song but you may grow tired and move on to another song quickly. Orchestral music is tough to understand at first, certain elements are hidden or seemingly drowned out by other parts of the orchestra. But as you listen to it you catch the flutes in the background, it slowly dawns on you the rhythm of the song, and as you recognize more parts by listening to it you appreciate it more and more. I could say the same thing about art and the ratios you mentioned. I believe I've described pretty well what I mean though. So yeah. Have you read the book? Does the idea I pitch sound like it makes sense and could potentially apply to what you described or do you think there's a different reason for what you're describing?
  14. Despite the conclusion I come to for multiplayer, this thing sounds really fun for campaign. For multiplayer specifically. I'd be nervous about something having virtually no counter. If you get knocked out of scope it sounds like you have a great weapon to immediately fight back. I assume due to the one shot kill nature you're imagining this as a power weapon? Do you think this would be the one power weapon on the map if so? I'm trying to think of how it would play out on different maps. Like on Pit I guess it would replace the sniper, a flank on the sniper player wouldn't be nearly as effective so maybe just one clip for the gun, he can get a couple kills but it won't be useful for very long. I don't know. How are you imagining it?
  15. There was some accusations about cheating in King of Kong but nothing confirmed. Years later the "antagonist" of King of Kong, Billy Mitchell, had enough evidence stacked against him so his scores were officially removed, but apparently almost every player has thought he cheated for years or at least the one player I talked to claimed that. I still need to see Ready Player One, I didn't catch it in theaters and it quickly disappeared off my radar.
  16. Not sure if I'll have time tonight, but I'll get some original H2 footage just in case. I believe I can get it pre and post patch as well.
  17. You liked The Wizard? If documentaries count, I liked King of Kong. I remember liking Scott Pilgrim bit it's been a number of years since I've seen it, not about a specific game or brand but it's kind of like a video game love letter.
  18. Guilty Haha I've never seen that before but that's honestly a perfect video of Halo science experiments.
  19. I just ran more tests. My guess is that it's more of a bullet magnetism issue than it is a spread issue. Within red reticule range you get enough bullet magnetism to guarantee a hit assuming your reticule is perfectly on the opponent (sniper zoomed 10x and trained on your opponent). If your reticule is off even a little bit (red reticule does not mean you're on your opponent), or you're outside red reticule range, the bullet magnetism is no longer guaranteed. If my theory is correct, in IcePrincess' video her reticule wasn't placed perfectly so it's not a guaranteed hit, really she was getting hits she shouldn't have gotten, not missing shots she should have hit. Kind of like Halo 5 when you take a sweep shot and the bullet magnetism makes the shot connect anyway, it doesn't happen every time but occasionally you get rewarded with a bullet that shouldn't land. In my video, I made sure I was trained right on them, and I didn't miss a bullet. I just ran a new test to fifty kills, from a slightly further distance than IcePrincess' closest kill where she missed and I didn't miss a single bullet. I also tried some kills from just inside red reticule range and didn't miss a bullet, and some from just outside of red reiticule range and missed the occasional bullet. I'm going to try zoomed in with red reticule range next and see what happens.
  20. I generally try not to respond to you, I've learned my lesson after many interactions. But I figure I owe you this one. Mr X said "I am also aware that there is random spread at the longest of ranges so in that regard it is random but that only effects gunfights at very long ranges". He acknowledges that at long ranges the gun isn't perfectly accurate. You respond to this post with the following "You can be 15 feet away and the bullets still miss. On someone STANDING STILL. LOL." I made videos showing ten kills at long range with bullets missing, which is what Mr X described. In those same videos there's videos of close range kills without a single bullet missing, which is the opposite of what you described. Now you make a post saying that video shows "EXACTLY what [you] said". The video literally shows what Mr X was saying, and directly goes against what you said, I think you're mad that you're wrong and I reacted appropriately.
  21. Your post inspired me, I was tired of the debate also. Myself and the people I play with regularly are a bunch of bad kids, so I don't know if I'd be able to say for sure, it feels the same to me though. When we first switched I didn't tell anybody about the change to zero spread and nobody noticed. I can't remember who it was, I believe it was during a Virginia LAN or one of Meg's LANs, but one of the great players was against the change at first until he lanned it without anybody telling him and he didn't notice the difference apparently. That's way better than rendering the whole thing in Vegas like I was doing. Downloading it now and I'll definitely be using that in the future. Thanks for the advice!
  22. Alright my computer said it would take an hour to splice the videos together, so I just uploaded them separately. I have the videos in the first spoiler, some stats in the second spoiler, and a conclusion in the third spoiler.
  23. Alrighty, these are the two posts I'm mostly paying attention to mainly because I feel like it's the basis of the argument. Mr X claims that bullets will miss at long range due to random spread, Beast is saying they'll miss at close range as well. I'm not going to do any nerdy setups. Simply split screen games of Hang 'em, five kills at close range, and five kills at long range. I will zoom in 10x with a sniper to make sure I'm on the head, switch to the pistol and shoot. I will shoot three bullets then pause and slowly shoot remaining bullets. I will do original, MCC, and for fun I'll throw NHE in there as well.
  24. Working it out now. Original, NHE, and MCC tests in split screen.

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