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  1. I'm actually curious, what's your favorite Halo? I hear you talk up H5 and talk down H3 a lot, which I actually think is justified. I can guess you don't like H1. But which one is your favorite? And I'm with Nick. I'll mess around with H2 a fair amount, H2A occasionally, and I'll still play H5. But I still play H1 most times hoping I get a good match.
  2. I tried playing matchmaking a couple nights ago and was losing my mind trying to hit people. I've heard some people say it felt improved, I don't think it got worse but it definitely hasn't improved for me either.
  3. For H5 we were all on the same network in the open bracket area, during warmup we even had issues with people accidentally joining our station mid-game but I believe they had that figured out by the time the tournament started. I may have gotten first rounded so I wasn't around long enough to see it happen to anybody else... I can't speak for the H3 2v2 but I can't imagine it was different. I beliebe main stage and featured stations were on a separate network though. Technically once things are setup, you wouldn't need to be backing out of lobbies so no need need to scroll through other lobbies.
  4. Sorry to hear things were rough from a stream perspective for H3. I didn't watch a lot of Halo 3 this weekend, but to my understanding talking to others the live event experience was top notch. I was close to the Halo CE setups for most of the weekend and had a blast, thanks to everybody who played some games with me this weekend. Had some close games, and definitely a few devastating losses but hey I had a good time. Hard Way is an animal, I have no idea how he casted so many series back to back. Sandman is still the GOAT and is a magician with a camera. And I'm happy to report, we were easily the most toxic there. It was fun everybody and I'm sorry to those we missed in the community photo.
  5. Not much of a story, also I don't think it was Grim I believe it was David Ellis. I don't remember the exact tweet, but when Neighbor tweeted saying he was leaving 343 he ended the tweet with #ClassicHaloFan. A 343 employee tweeted shortly after (within 24 hours I believe) saying something along the lines of "Careful, it's a small industry" and then a gif of a cartoon lighting a bridge on fire. Same employee later said it wasn't about Neighbor.
  6. I'm like a five minute walk from you once I actually get to my hotel. Trying to get out of the airport now but I'm waiting for a guy I'm splitting a cab with.
  7. I'm down to grab dinner or something tonight if anybody is around. I'd prefer to stay close to the venue since my roommate for the weekend doesn't land until a couple hours after me. I'm supposed to land at 5:30, to my understanding it takes a little while to get to the venue though.
  8. We do have rosters? All rosters that are seeded are in the link below. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kYYR4piLzpYrI5-RCyW72nOge0mEUprnIYQMxqo51K4/edit?usp=drivesdk
  9. Doubt I'll be able to tune in this time, but I can't wait to catch up on some VOD later. Also I appreciate the incredibly detailed equipment list.
  10. We weren't required to provide a roster for CE. So no rosters will technically be confirmed until the day of the tournament. Looking at the Discord, it looks like roster lock was just for seeding. If I'm interpreting it correctly, more teams can technically show up and get a spot but if they had seeding points before, they won't be applied for the tournament.
  11. Based on the UGC Discord, it appears this is the list of teams they have as confirming their roster. Green highlight is confirmed, red highlight is confirmed not going to be there, and not highlighted is unsure. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kYYR4piLzpYrI5-RCyW72nOge0mEUprnIYQMxqo51K4/edit#gid=573635214 Current count is 78 teams going, 4 unconfirmed, 1 not going.
  12. Yeah, when I was beaming on Hang 'em right after never hitting anything on Prisoner I felt things probably weren't going well. Good games anyway I guess? I really hope they can improve customs.
  13. I was wondering if that was you doing commentary, you were great!
  14. I'll post an argument for hitscan, and a proposed solution I have that mitigates my issue with projectile. One thing I don't like in games is hidden information, or even if it's not exactly hidden if it's tough for me to learn not necessarily because it's a hard concept but because you have to guess until you get it right. When you first pick up a game with projectile bullets it's hard to see when they're hitting their target, so it's not necessarily that you're bad at aimining, you just don't know where to aim. Rockets are slow moving, have a trail of smoke, and make a giant explosion, you can easily learn from that and figure out where you should have aimed. This isn't just a more skill or less skill argument, this is entirely a preference thing. One solution for my issue is to make an on hit effect on surfaces o very visibly show when your bullets hit. Halo 3 has this a bit but I think it's hard to see. Halo 1 has bright sparks and I can easily see when shooting down on somebody, or shooting somebody against a wall, why I'm failing to hit them. Assuming we use some sort of hit effect on other surfaces to show when your bullets are hitting, or come up with a different solution I'm fine with projectile. Otherwise I would actually prefer hitscan.

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