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  1. Swap Reach and Halo 3, and drop Halo 2 a level and you'd have my list. I feel like all of the games are very playable though, other than Halo 4 which I strongly dislike.
  2. I've always held this opinion, but I can almost guarantee you some 343 staff read this site. It's the largest competitive community that gathers at one place, it's a community they have directly marketed to for their last 3.5ish major titles (taking over Reach, 4, MCC, and 5). They don't necessarily interact, but they're definitely reading.
  3. And the Halo 5 split screen video was taken down. New video uploaded showing them playing Halo 3 Zanzibar split screen.
  4. Halo 5 split screen shown at the 42 second mark. Except top screen is playing a team game on Coliseum, and bottom screen is playing Rig FFA. Wasn't there going to be a Halo show kind of like this at one point? Cool for Gears to get it, they have some great personalities.
  5. On the contrary! If the half of my sandbox you're referring to is the Niche Weapons, I think you're underestimating them greatly. Stun from the Plasma Rifle has already been shown to be quite effective in CE. The Sentinel Beam is like a more challenging but fair Plasma Pistol, and can be used in almost all ranges. The version of the Grenade Launcher I mentioned is almost exactly the stats of the original version from Reach, and is very much a popular and loved weapon. The Concussion Rifle basically makes your movement options skyrocket, and also can be a huge deterrent for your enemies. Oh yeah, I'm a big fan of H1, the PR I'm fine with. Pretty much only the weapons I mentioned were ones I was nervous about. Specifically shotgun, sentinel beam, and concussion rifle although I'll get more into sentinel beam and concussion rifle below and how I think my mind has changed a bit. Grenade launcher and PR is cool. In fact it seems the PR gets a small buff if there's no spread. The strength of the Shotgun in CE can be measured by players who, bluntest way to put it, play like bitches. You may not have found evidence in your run of searching for it, but it is a very real thing that happens. If you can't trust my word, at least acknowledge the scenarios I gave to Hard Way, for they are highly possible. I agree that when it happens, it's frustrating. And in theory it sucks. I just don't see it happening often when I play so it's tough for me to say we should nerf something when no matter what level I play at it seems nobody plays like that because it's not an effective strategy. I've played social MCC which is incredibly low level, I've played with locals who know the basics of the game but they're not phenomenal by any stretch, I played against some phenomenal players at UGC St Louis, nobody played the way you're describing. In fact, at the low-mid level play I was describing most of them think the shotgun is underpowered. Does somebody camp occasionally and get a free kill? For sure, but it's just as frustrating when somebody camps a corner and gets a free backsmack, or they put you one or two shots down before you can turn around. CE actually has a longer time between rockets than my own suggestion. Every other version of the Rocket Launchers have much faster times. Okay this works for me. I played Halo 1 for a long time yesterday so when you said one second I thought that felt really fast, I knew Halo 1 was slow but I didn't know if it was actually slower, I'm sure it feels like an eternity when I'm about to die after missing a rocket. Let's get this out of the way; Halo is not an arena shooter. It is a hybrid of many different branches of shooter mechanics, one of them being predictable recoil. The other suggestions you give are more obtuse to designing an already powerful weapon. I believe a completely consistent vertical jump after a bullet is fired would be the way to balance the gun. After all, the most popular version of the Sniper Rifle has this same rule, albeit not as prevalent. Fair enough, I don't like recoil in my arena-esque shooters then. Descoping the weapon is obtuse, I can agree with that, but I would still prefer that over considerable recoil, or at least in my head I would prefer it. I feel a sniper can be incredibly hard to use without needing recoil, so I don't see a problem with rewarding two body shots the same as a headshot, I want this thing to be original Halo 1 hard though. Camouflage is meant to be an aggressive Power Up, and I want to nullify players who use it to, as I said before, play like bitches. Audio has become much more meaningful in the gaming world, and not having it on is a bigger problem. I wouldn't make it where you need headphones to hear player's footsteps, but if you have to play with the audio down, you're accepting that you won't play completely aware already. Let me throw out a theoretical. What's the difference between a guy sitting in a corner fully cloaked with a sniper, and a guy wiggling back and forth in a corner fully cloaked with a sniper? I feel you're just adding an unnecessary execution tax to the game. In terms of not playing aggressive, both situations I suggested are annoying. In terms of somebody coming around a corner and meeting a camo-shotgun wielding player around the corner, it would be just as annoying no matter which camo version we have. Depending how strong you're theoretical camo is, it would definitely let you move across the map more effectively though when opponents are not close by, but I feel some of the series current strong camos already allow for that. Since we're on the subject as well, how loud would you make footsteps? Let's say I'm P2 on Midship and I'm standing against the wall, how far away are you suggesting people are before I can hear them? Are they within P2? Is it a sphere surrounding me and I can hear them around the ramps, P3, and P1? Maybe a foot or two outside of P2? As I mentioned before, the Sentinel Beam is a challenging but fair Plasma Pistol. This also goes for the "Noob Combo" method, as you can drain a player of their shields and easily switch to your utility to finish them off. The added range also makes it useful as a sentry from afar, or to give a visible mark for your team where you last saw the enemy. So the sentinel beam could melt your shields effectively, but you're probably not going to kill with the sentinel beam. It would be great to combat overshield with my current interpretation of what you mean. If so, I can see how that would be useful, I assume it's not an instant shield drop right? It would suck to get crossmapped by a constant beam when you have overshield and immediately lose it. The Concussion Rifle would need certain maps to accommodate it, yes. Its strength lies more on where you can send yourself, or your enemy, which is something Halo hasn't tried doing seriously. It can definitely open its own window of meta, and being nervous about it is expected. I'm not really into fall damage myself, rather I think the punishment of falling down to lower floors is enough. When I was lanning Halo 1 yesterday, somebody hit me with a rocket when I had OS top cat on Damnation and while it didn't kill me, it knocked me off and on to the sniper perch and the fall damage killed me. I thought it was cool so fall damage was on my mind. I was initially imagining the concussion rifle on Wizard/Warlock/Warlord which made me baffled why you would ever pick it up, but more thoughts on some of the cool moments that could be created have changed my mind. I guess I'll sum up my thoughts on the matter as it's something that I would maybe end up ripping out after trying it, but the concept sounds cool and I would love to see it included to see to see how it plays. I'm sure there would be at least one map where it would be fun to use, and if nothing else I'm sure there could be awesome jump maps with it.
  6. In terms of "competitive" weapon sandbox, I think I would be happy with what you posted with the exeption of the sniper which I'll detail a little firther below. I would change some things though. One criticism of your sandbox you proposed from the way you described it is that I feel half of your sandbox wouldn't get used. Not necessarily the end of the world, as long as the good weapons are worth grabbing and are fun I don't care that much. I'm with Hard Way that the shotgun needs to be better. I went back and watched a couple games of Halo 1 picked at random and I don't see this supreme strength you see. If you wish to give less ammo in the gun and less ammo to reload with, I'd be fine with that. If you want to make it not kill no shield opponents at distance I could accept that as well. But I feel if I'm right in front of the guy I should get an instant kill. Curiosity, does anybody know how long you have to wait to shoot a zecond rocket in other Halos? A second doesn't feel that long to me. I like the way the sniper works now, and I hate recoil in arena shooters. If our goal is to encourage aiming for the head more than we already do I'd rather search for a different solution. Incredibly slow rate of fire maybe? I'd even rather force you to desope between shots rather than force a recoil. Camo being at its strongest when moving is weird to me. I feel it's counter intuitive. I also don't like rewarding keeping your audio cranked. I think I get where you're coming from, you don't want somebody sitting there doing nothing with camo just so they remain hidden. I can't necessarily suggest a better solution, but I think I'd rather keep camo as is. I'm confused how the sentinel beam works. If it's weak is it really a suppressive force? I understand it virtually blocks somebody from walking around a corner if they see it unless they want to take damage. But why would I be scared if my utility weapon can down the weak weapon? Finally the concussion rifle. I'm kind of iffy. Depending on the map I feel it would be incredibly useless or way too good. For movement potential, I'm imagining it only really benefits vertical maps (Prisoner, Damnation, Countdown, etc.). But as somebody who likes narrow walkways on maps, and wants fall damage back in Halo. I'm nervous it would primarily be used for blasting somebody off a walkway which I'm not sure I'd be down for. Limiting the ammo could be one way to help prevent this. Or maybe this niche weapon acts more like a power weapon on some maps?
  7. I definitely think the right move would be making it one shot if it was a sniper followed by a reload. I can't imagine my rage if I'm just draining bullets into a guy who's getting healed every half a second by a far away bullet. I would maybe put a tiny delay on the shield recharging, like 1/100th of a second longer than the minimum time to place your next shot. Basically I would want to kill in the same amount of bullets assuming I'm hitting shots, but if the enemy backs down or I miss let them regain a bit of shields. I feel it adds complexity, but may help remove some of the frustration of a short-term healing effect.. Also give the recipient a glow while this effect is going on so the other player knows it's happening. I'm kind of mixed on the corrosive ability existing on the same gun as the healing ability. I always liked screwing over a teammate when messing up with a weapon, so I may be biased in this thinking, but I'd prefer that if you hit an enemy that they would get the healing property. Having some type of corrosion weapon would be cool though and I think it would be fun to play with. But if I don't give a corrosive weapon the ability to kill, how do I convince people it's worth picking up? At least with the healing side effect you have a couple use cases, just corrosion though is tough. Maybe this healing/corrosion gun needs to be the exception to my rule. Do you have an idea to make a corrosion weapon that doesn't kill worth picking up? The only way I can think of is attaching it to our supposed healing gun, or attaching it to something that kills which kind of defeats the purpose of "this gun doesn't kill" 1) Okay this makes more sense for when it would be useful. I'm not sure how familiar you are with Team Fortress 2, but the medic's range for healing is roughly the shotgun range in Halo if you were trying to tickle your opponent. I was thinking you meant that range in which case I would prefer if the game made you jump in there instead of shying away from the fight. My biggest issue with your idea is a mixture of low risk and too much variance in how much healing power you have left. Maybe we can come up with a compromise, or maybe my next idea will be way too complex. I'll throw out some random numbers here but stay with me. Let's say you get four charges of this gun. Every charge is roughly 1.5 shields of regenerated shields and it'll take four seconds to fully emit. Once you pull the trigger the beam starts and you lose one charge, you can only turn it off by YYing or hitting the reload button to cancel it or waiting for the duration to expire. If anybody touches that beam, they begin getting their shield back at this accelerated rate, aim assist on for teammates and opponents. Numbers can be tweaked, but how about that? I'm nervous I'm nerfing the weapon too much and making it virtually useless. 2) The part you have a problem with is the part I like. It would be stupidly difficult, there's different variables that could mess with your timing (is there a second opponent turning the corner that can help get the last shot? Is a nade thrown?), and trying to keep aim on your teammate while he's strafing around so you can save him at the perfect time would be stupid hard... But I love it and think the thought process behind "Do I heal him at half shield or hopefully hit when he's one shot" is interesting. I could be over-confident in my version, perhaps nobody would pick it up because hoping to nail that shot and actually save a game from it could be too ludicrous. This is unrelated, but if it's a gun you pick up, I definitely think the time to switch weapons needs to be fast. If it takes 1.5 seconds to pull out the healing gun, your teammate could already be dead; and walking around with a healing gun out at all times just in case kind of sucks. EDIT: It's worth pointing out, I can't think of a shooter with a corrosive ability, or a game with regenerating health that also has a healing ability. If you guys have examples of games like that, and they function well, I'd love to hear some examples. I have no frame of reference for any of this so I'm just guessing. Maybe these things are issues that have been solved in other games that I can't think of, and I'm just treading old ground.
  8. How would you balance it so it's better to use the healing gun compared to just helping shoot, while at the same time not being strong enough where it's frustrating to fight against? I'm imagining this beam is fairly close range in nature, but maybe you're imagining something that could heal across the map. In other games I've played with a healing mechanic, there's no regenerating health, so a healer is powerful as the one thing to keep your team fresh. Is there many examples of an extra regenerating mechanic in a game with regenerating health? Halo 3 and either Reach or Halo 4 (maybe both?) are the only ones that come to my mind. I feel like having two pistols on an opponent would be just as useful as having one person have virtually infinite health. Unless regenerating health is almost a guaranteed 1v2 win (kind of a 2v2), and a solid challenge for a 1v3, but in that case it would probably be too frustrating to fight against within a 4v4 game. Also how would counterplay with power weapons work? I'm assuming you're still a one shot kill for rockets/sniper/shotgun from an appropriate range? I'm not necessarily opposed to some sort of "heal teammate" mechanic but I don't know if a gradual charge is the route I would take. How about a grenade, make it like a splinter nade almost where it explodes on impact, if you hit something other than a person then it immediately disintegrates. Upon hitting somebody though they immediately get their shields back, no charge time needed. You wouldn't be able to nade heal yourself unless you chuck it in the air and have it land on you. I think some form of sniper could work for this as well. You still get a healing property, if you have an angle on a teammate you can immediately heal them but if you hit an enemy you would heal the enemy instead. If it was nades there could be nerd spots on the map where you could heal somebody from far away by setting up properly which might be cool. Also you can control how many battles the healing will effect easily, you get one nade or one sniper shot then you'll effect the outcome of one battle, compared to a gun that offers regenerating health which is a little more vague. Maybe my idea would be too niche to really be useful, I don't know. Or maybe it would be more frustrating when a sniper shot comes out of nowhere and now you're fighting a guy with with full health after you brought him to one shot.
  9. If people genuinely want a clean discussion I would suggest changing the way you post and maybe people would take you more seriously. Don't just say it'll be different this time, spend the next month cleaning up your act and then maybe consider having a conference call. And no I'm not saying either side is perfect, but I can generally notice when the conversation falls apart and fault is almost always from the same side.
  10. I have original copies of the game, MCC, and NHE. I can run tests if somebody gives me some specifics of what they want to know. I did a bullet spread test already, with no influence of aim assist or bullet magnetism, the spread seems roughly the same when comparing MCC and original. From top blue and close to open ramp, shooting to the wall behind red shotguns, zoomed in, all bullets remained within the reticule. Most of them stayed roughly centered with a little variance, one or two bullets of a clip on average would be a little further away from the center mass but still within the zoomed in reticule. I didn't test NHE, and I didn't test unzoomed reticule. I may need a little time to run through them all since I have plans for the rest of the day. But I can probably have them done for tomorrow. I'm not testing variable networking, everything will be split screen, and I'm not testing movement since I don't think I could be consistent enough.
  11. There's an old post by one of the pro team members floating around that discussed a few things they had direct influence on. This included descope, spawn influence, strpngholds as a gametype, weapon balance, flag juggeling, and moving with the scoreboard up. I doubt the pro team will have influence over a spartan ability or weapon being in the game. But it seems some of the smaller things, as well as launch settings and balance, are heavily influenced by pro team.
  12. Is your 50 in Halo 1 or is it in another Halo? I'm level 24 and haven't found a game in months. Being able to find that many games is the real accomplishment.
  13. I know XLAN is better, is PC that much better than MCC if I can't get XLAN working? I have a fair amount of people I can LAN with. The issue is none of them are incredibly talented, even with training mode turned on they won't random me on Hang 'em. Definitely planning on playing with them anyway, but I need to figure out XLAN or PC.
  14. This was just last year, featured plenty of people that most people would consider at least decent and probably even better, and they played slayer to 100. If you like short slayer games, that's fine. If you especially prefer short slayer games in MCC due to the quitting culture, that's fine too. But I feel it's unfair to say slayer above 50 is bad. --- Side note, I registered for Beach LAN last night. Looking forward to getting beaten by players that probably aren't even decent.

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