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  1. With the exception of MCC which had like thirty seconds of Ascension gameplay, and bringing back old multiplayers was supposed to be a selling feature, to my knowledge every other E3 Halo gameplay reveal (I know it's not E3, but it's basically serving the same purpose) was campaign. I guess Halo 5 had the Warzone teaser. I don't think this means too much.
  2. I know not every community saw success, and obviously it's not worth keeping a chain of stores open for Halo kids to get together. But it was the most active my city, and even my province, had been in many years in terms of Halo. Our LANs went from being between me and three friends I grew up with, to having a dozen or so locals who liked getting together at its peak. Then we'd have some stragglers at each one as well. Really unfortunate that these scenes won't get the upcoming Infinite boost either. A new game plus store events promoted at launch could have been big I feel.
  3. I've missed your posts around here. Are you still playing or following Halo at all; or have you basically moved on?
  4. https://twitter.com/aarongreenberg/status/1255942608158744576 I think people are assuming no Halo Infinite due to this Twitter thread. Basically the first tweet says that he's excited for what the partners have to show. And when somebody went to clarify what that means he says this is kind of like pre-E3 hype and specifically mentions partners again. I don't think this necessarily spells doom for a fall release. This is basically a way to guarantee people tune into your marketing twice. This is the first next gen gameplay of anything we're going to see unless Sony drops something early next week, so people will tune in just to see what the graphics are like. Then you get people to tune in a second time when you show off your heavy hitter first party titles. To me it sounds like strategy to advertise twice to your target demographic. I would assume they discuss Halo when they show their other first party titles. If they don't mention it when showing off their other stuff, then I'll be concerned about a fall release date.
  5. I hope this doesn't come across as an attack, but are you sure it didn't spawn? On Rat Race camo spawns every ninety seconds, not at the one or two minute marks like the other 4v4 maps. Perhaps it didn't spawn, but I've never heard of this issue before so it's really unfortunate if it's a new bug, or maybe it's very rare. Another potential explanation, I can't remember when it happens but under certain situations or timer on screen can bug to not show the right times, I think it has something to do with using the guide button if I remember correctly since I was able to recreate this issue at one point. Maybe your timer was bugged and you were late checking for it?
  6. Sounds good, I'll jump on in like thirty minutes then. Jump on whenever and we'll get it done.
  7. I can hop on sometime between 6:00 and 7:00pm EST tonight or tomorrow if you need a hand. Otherwise Friday night I'm completely free if you're wanting to wait.
  8. When you asked what areas is Halo movement lacking in, I was struggling to come up with an answer. I was thinking of a replacement for slide jumps because nobody brought it up earlier so I assumed it was unwanted, turns out I just didn't know the correct term for it. With ways to get higher, and ways to move faster, I agree with you that not much is lacking. The only thing I can think of is in-air control, and it's not necessarily I want it but rather that's the one thing you can't really do. Your double jump or short duration jetpack would be a solution for that. Another option if we only wanted horizontal speed would be a mid-air only "thrust" that takes your current horizontal speed and switches it to whatever direction you're holding the analog stick, I would probably just put it on the jump button and have it only activate in midair; but you could apply the same button logic to either the jetpack or double jump as well "put it on jump, only activate in midair". I can't think of any abilities we really need though. I'll think on it more and maybe come back. As of right now I agree with you we seem pretty set.
  9. Are slide jumps like H5's sprint, slide, jump? I'm fine with losing slide jump if sprint and slide go with it, but assuming those two are in the game I agree with you completely. I'm also a big fan of using explosives to move you, or teammates as a stepping stone. So I'd definitely agree with your list. I always hated spring jumps, but maybe that's just because I suck at them. They've historically created zero issues though in terms of being a "requirement" to play well so I'm fine with them staying in.
  10. This is derailing the conversation a bit, but I do think it's worth keeping in mind what skills we're wanting to test in a Halo game. I used to be of the opinion that we should have no indicators on the map and no timer saying when weapons are coming up. I have since changed my stance and while it increases the skill gap not having that information, I'd rather bring more people up to speed with the game quicker and I don't care that much about seeing who is best at staring at the timer in a Halo game. Do we want an "input heavy" movement system as a skill test in a Halo game? Would we be okay with it if it was only two or three button combos instead of the five or six buttons Halo 5 sometimes required, or do we just want to scrap it completely?
  11. I have to ask, did all of this actually happen in one night? I've seen a lot of the bugs you clipped before, but I don't think I've had that many in one session. Nice clips though regardless, that Prisoner stick was sick.
  12. Glad to hear you're uploading VOD. I try to catch most of the bigger H1 LANs but completely missed this one while I was travelling. If you're planning on streaming more often, I look forward to checking the stream out soon.
  13. I didn't interpret it as "remove split screen" I'm just offering more reasons for why it's important to me. My apologies if I came across differently. You're right, for HCS sanctioned events it's virtually meaningless. Unless HCS wants to switch to split screen like the old days, that combined with observer mode so you can still watch individual screens as a spectator, imagine? Only half kidding, it wouldn't be considered acceptable but I would love it.
  14. Offline accounts yes! It's such a small thing but it makes hosting LANs so much easier. I agree with what you said about the Microsoft tournaments, and I've had a similar experience. I still attend almost all of mine, but we've had multiple where we couldn't form two teams which makes it tough to convince those people to come back next time. A hard push with Infinite would be fantastic. We have been able to have a couple LANs from somebody's house with about half the people coming from people met from my Microsoft store, so it definitely hasn't been a complete failure for me. I know it's a niche use, but split screen has been really important to my local group. When it's somebody new who doesn't know callouts or general flow, you can put them with a better player and have the better player micromanage the newer player (assuming the newer player actually wants to learn, definitely don't do this if the new person just wants to mess around). It's definitely possible to do with multiple screens, but way easier to catch quick glances or point at the screen when you share the same screen.
  15. I can definitely agree with what you said about online being easier than ever, and I think you're probably right in saying it'll be the key to further growth. I know I don't have to tell you this since you probably still attend more Halo LANs than me, and you've definitely attended more total. But I think LAN is so special in Halo, or at least the LAN culture, so it being not as important is a big blow to me. Even though I'm probably just biased because I grew up playing split screen. Maybe newer players don't see it as very important at all.

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