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  1. Are you using modern or classic aiming? I think it auto updated everybody to modern, maybe try switching back if you haven't yet? Otherwise I have no idea.
  2. FaceIt is the company I believe, Ignite is just what the event is being called. FaceIt runs pretty large Counterstrike events to my understanding. In terms of how active the UK scene is, it's a bit tough to say. EuropaHalo (HCS Grassroots partner, has been running online EU tournaments for a few years now) said that they're pretty confident they'll sell out the H5 2v2 bracket that's running that weekend as well at FaceIt Ignite, so it seems like H5 2v2 stuff is still pretty popular. But in terms of the H3 scene, I'm sure some regulars will show up like Jimbo, but otherwise I'm not sure. I know at least one NA team is getting flights paid for by 343 based on online qualifying tournaments, Tox will probably take that spot.
  3. August 17th-18th there's also an H3 UK event. FaceIt Ignite
  4. I'm finally going to Beach LAN this year! I'm stoked.
  5. The montage was super sick. Well done! Dub and quad shots in a montage still look awesome to me, I don't know if I'll ever get over it.
  6. I already have two trips planned between August and September. Unless something ridiculous happens, there's virtually no way I can make it.
  7. You're describing what my dream was when they announced the grassroots program.
  8. Kind of? They hosted the channel once, they've put it in waypoint updates before, and I believe they have tweeted the stream as well. Josh Holmes personally donated some prizing one year when he worked at 343, but to my understanding that was him and not 343 itself.
  9. This is the best news I've heard all week. When do you think you'll find out for sure?
  10. Two ranked playlists, one is Invasion with vanilla settings, one is MLG V7 settings including no sprint and zero bloom. Social stuff is set to TU settings which is 85% bloom.
  11. I'm a little mixed on strongsiding. I like when as much of the skill somehow effects aiming or looking where you're going. Like I enjoy moving around waterfalls on Damnation while fighting somebody top snipe or snipe perch. Moving around those platforms while looking where you're going is easy, looking away to engage in a fight makes movement harder. Strongsiding takes away your ability to look where you're going tying movement to aim in a sense, which I like. However the long kill times and fairly easy maps to navigate in H3 makes me not like it as much. Add some narrow catwalks or gaps you have to junp across or else you fall to your death and I would like it a little more.
  12. Great, now I just want to play more Dusk. That game was so sick.
  13. I feel kind of weird with grassroots. To me, a tournament with $50k prizing is not grassroots. I've pitched this before, but I wouldn't mind seeing Halo take an FGC approach. Have local tournaments (Microsoft store tournaments), regional tournaments (grassroots), and major tournaments (HCS events). While stream quality is important, I feel the live event experience should always be the best way to spectate an event, and it seems like Dreamhack messed up in this aspect unless you were also interested in some of their offerings outside of Halo.
  14. I ran some tests on OG, MCC, and NHE recently comparing spread at close range and long range. I only did five kills at long range (roughly across Hang 'em High, it wasn't consistent by any means). In original, it was 3, 3, 4, 4, 5 so four bullets lost to spread. In MCC it was 3, 3, 5, 6, 7 so nine bullets lost to spread. I can run more tests tonight and make the distance more consistent (top open to red pistol maybe?) But right now I would say the sample size isn't large enough to know for sure.
  15. I feel that when playing with a team, having the color change would be almost useless other than somebody potentially second guessing themselves, it would be really cool in social. Giving a longer respawn time to certain weapons, or by killing in a certain way is interesting. I know the victim of the posession technically isn't killed immediately, and they get a lot of information to communicate, but knocking out a player for up to 25 seconds (assuming objective is 10s respawn) is incredibly valuable.

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