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  1. What do you mean? New multiplayer launches tomorrow, they even have a Ninja skin and a BR mode to go with Blood Gulch. Weird that they skipped playable elites in favor of getting Iron Man in the game, but I respect it.
  2. I'm with you. Where I'm kind of at now is that I'm pretty sure I like a certain "flow" of PVP FPS multiplayer and as long as that flow is in tact I have a good time. Not that other games can't still be good having a different flow, it's just not necessarily my thing. For me; as long as I have to move frequently, have "interesting" encounters, preferably equal starts, and hopefully some way to make sure I can get kills effectively then I usually have a good time. Halo 1, Halo 5, Gears, Diabotical, Duke Nukem 3D, Valorant, even Call of Duty Warzone to some extent (yeah yeah, random battle royale nonsense is in there, everything else is in tact though although there's definitely some droughts of no interesting encounters at all) all meet that description and I've had fun with all of them in recent memory. I don't even care about the "skill gap" much anymore, I just want the game to flow well. Games like Battlefield and Star Wars Battlefront offer a different type of experience that's just as valid, but usually I get bored quicker with them so I only play them rarely. Where will Halo Infinite lie? I'm not really sure, but even if it has all these abilities I don't see why I couldn't enjoy it as much as Halo 5 unless those few "rules" I have are broken, in which case I'll laugh at it with some friends as we play it for one or two nights and move back to the other games we were enjoying.
  3. What's a commando? I see one more little icon on the platform by all the metal squares on the wall (a little bit up and left of the center of the image). Is that a commando, and what does that do?
  4. Is that supposed to be camo in the bottom middle of the map in front of the generator looking thing?
  5. I mean, we're at a standstill then. I can't prove without a shadow of a doubt that I'm right other than speak about my and others experiences, and you strongly disagree and think we're not really understanding in game issues. We notice them in other Halos, but either H1's is more subtle or we're blind to it. I think you have to understand where some of these others are coming from though. Earlier you claimed "Nade tricks bruh stfu you can do just as much as those in other games". There's like one in Halo 2, they're technically possible in Halo 5 but they're very rare to see and are used almost exclusively for just getting a weapon away from the opposing team, and unless somebody can correct me they're not possible in any other Halo. So by definition technically you "can" do them in other games. But you can't do them in all, and you'll almost never see them in other games, in fact I bet most pros don't even have consistent setups to nade weapons to themselves in Halo 5 because it's almost a non-factor. Kind of like how almost every fighting game out there have infinite combos or 100% combos, but for the most part they're effectively not in the game since they get so little use (with some games definitely being exceptions to the rule). The point is. Aphex makes a point about nade tricks, you may not like nade tricks in which case you could take that angle to argue with him. Instead, you decided to just state something that's basically wrong. So you don't seem to have much experience with the franchise, and you have admitted that you have little experience with Halo 1. So you're wrong about nade tricks, and then you state that Halo 1 has issues registering shots. Why would anybody believe anything you have to say regarding how Halo 1 shoots when you claim you don't play it and you also don't really understand other mechanics of the game? I don't mind trying to re-interpret unpopular opinions because I have some myself. But despite the numerous times I've stuck up for Halo 5 or Halo Reach on this forum I have never once received the backlash you have received on your posts. If you're just baiting, that's fine it's whatever. I was able to write my post about the nuance of competitive Halo culture and how certain values were decided on years ago, a post I've thought about for a while. But if you're honestly thinking people here just don't like outside opinions, you're wrong.
  6. In MCC, inconsistent nonsense plays a part I 100% agree. Playing on LAN though, legit missing. I would feel confident in it because if I line up my shot and strafe in the same direction the other person is moving, I don't think I've ever had an instant where one or two bullets hit and the rest missed.
  7. People have mentioned the difference in "average bullets to kill" before. Time to kill can be an effective measure as well. Do you not think this is a good way to measure difficulty, and if not how you would you measure difficulty? I do think the level of the player you're playing against can change this metric, for example I think if I get matched against platinums in Halo 5 I'll land a lot more perfect kills than if I matched against Frosty. But in my experience, I miss a lot more in Halo 1 than I miss in any other Halo game despite the fact that I have to shoot more often to get a kill in other Halos.
  8. What's up everybody? Been a little while. Hope you're all staying healthy and safe. I'm going to argue kind of in favor of Reamis' point, and then kind of dismantle it after. I think there's a little nuance in what we're talking about that I feel gets skipped over in these conversations. I do think Reamis has a point about skill being subjective. If you asked me "What's harder, ice skating or running?" I would say that ice skating is harder. But if you asked me "Does Usian Bolt running the 100 yard dash feel more impressive than the last few speed skating events at the Olympics" my answer would be yes. Running at such a high level is amazing, and if you told me "I think Shotzzy moving around maps in Halo 5 is impressive" I would be inclined to agree with you. I also think it's okay to have different ideas for what skills you find important. I think it's okay to say something like "I value team shot skill more than individual shooting ability in a Halo game" and if you say that and therefore like Halo 3 more than Halo 1, or at least think it's harder, I think that makes logical sense. Same thing about thinking "Holding a position and trying to take over a held position is more interesting than being forced to move around the map" or whatever else. So in that sense, I think Reamis has a point in saying skill is subjective. Although some of his understandings of the pistol seem to be mistaken from the bits I've skimmed As mentioned previously though I think there's more nuance to the conversation. Specifically, this is a competitive community and starting way back in the day MLG and competitive players helped define the skillset we as a community find valuable (although it did take a while and there definitely wasn't always a consensus); and for the most part this same logic was applied in games moving forward. The community had the ability to do plasma pistol starts or whatever other map starting weapons were, everyone eventually agreed that a utility weapon was more fun and still had a wide (if not wider) skill gap. The competitive community came to a consensus that static weapon spawns is better than dynamic. And the competitive community agreed, or at least used to agree, that a wide shooting skillgap is important. I don't think the NBA should switch to using ice rinks instead of basketball courts for games just because I think ice skating is harder. I think they have a defined skillset that people who watch and play appreciate and there's no need to change it. Even if team shot was a more important skill than individual shooting abililty, we as a community agreed years ago that we value individual shooting ability and for me and many other people we would still like to see that be valued since we initially came together due to the fact that we all agreed the game played better that way years ago. Or that we think being forced to move around the maps for weapons is more interesting. Or that aggressively controlling spawns is more interesting. Or whatever it was that drew you to competitive Halo gameplay.
  9. I can see why you would think Toxicity. It's based on CPM3A though. I always thought Decidia was completely original design until somebody told me it was based on this map.
  10. Not only that, think of the environment they're in. Back at an MLG event, finally Reach is gone, haven't seen a bunch of your friends in months, the developers are there and are showing potential interest in your scene. You think that for the first time, even if things are rough right now, that the developers will work closely with the competitive community. I don't blame them for just having a good time at an MLG event again. It used to be a problem in games journalism when publishers would throw huge parties with open bars in San Francisco to play the latest build of their game. It wasn't necessarily buying favor, I mean a journalist talking good about a game only because you get a few free drinks? However, all of those sites were aware that games become a lot more fun with friends around and general good vibes. Usually the final reviewer wasn't allowed to attend those events to make sure they were a blank slate when the game came out. 343 basically threw a journalist preview party for a bunch of competitive players who aren't trained for it or have experience attending something like that.
  11. Hate it. Don't mind slim models or different colors. But I hate the upgrades introduced this gen. I always liked the simplicity of consoles. My friends and I all get the same experience. If you jump in mid-generation you get things cheaper at the expense of experiencing things later. Get out of here with the better experiences though for upgrading. The further division is one of the reasons I bought a PC since consoles started introducing the same stuff I didn't like about PC, which is funny since I just argued how frustrating I find PCs. Consoles definitely aren't as extreme, but I do find the gap annoying.
  12. Fair enough if you've had good experiences. For me, H5 PC has a weird blue flicker on Coliseum where my friends have it run perfectly fine. I've bought games before that had poor optimization (Rise of the Triad 2013) that I never thought to look up beforehand and had it chug. In terms of my friends, one can run Horizon's port perfectly fine while the other has issues, meanwhile me on PS4 has no issues and never even had to question it. Even consoles can have an MCC, but in my experience playing PC I've had far more troubleshooting work for that than I ever had on a console. I strongly agree with what you said at the end though. If you are comfortable learning the ins and outs of PCs and are willing to dedicate the time, there's not really a reason to own an Xbox especially with all of the exclusives coming to PC. Don't get me wrong, I think to a nerdy crowd like maybe the general audience of a competitive video game forum it could make a lot of sense. But to the people who buy between zero and two games a year (like most console owners) it makes almost no sense to invest that much time into building a PC.
  13. People are underestimating how annoying PCs are. Buying a console is guaranteeing "I can play every game on this box without issue for the next several years". Meanwhile on PC, certain games don't work or have bugs if you have a one part over another, despite the fact that your part may be technically better.
  14. I ordered pizza last night that I didn't finish and had a couple slices of that for breakfast. Watched Alien and Aliens for the first time last night while eating it, those are some fantastic movies. --- I feel for everybody sticking through Halo right now. Like it feels everyone has been holding on for dear life to make it to Infinite and now who knows how much longer it'll take. At this point my local Halo community is completely dead again. I'm not trolling when I say it's easier to get Quake games in with locals than it is to get people online to play Halo.
  15. That is wild, I had no idea. It's so weird that they have so many customization options and at the end of the day they don't even represent the fill picture. Like if the minimum deadzone they'd allow is 5%, then just don't let people reduce it to 0. Even then, I don't know why you wouldn't let people completely remove it. Thanks for sharing.
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