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  1. I can see why you would think Toxicity. It's based on CPM3A though. I always thought Decidia was completely original design until somebody told me it was based on this map.
  2. Not only that, think of the environment they're in. Back at an MLG event, finally Reach is gone, haven't seen a bunch of your friends in months, the developers are there and are showing potential interest in your scene. You think that for the first time, even if things are rough right now, that the developers will work closely with the competitive community. I don't blame them for just having a good time at an MLG event again. It used to be a problem in games journalism when publishers would throw huge parties with open bars in San Francisco to play the latest build of their game. It wasn't necessarily buying favor, I mean a journalist talking good about a game only because you get a few free drinks? However, all of those sites were aware that games become a lot more fun with friends around and general good vibes. Usually the final reviewer wasn't allowed to attend those events to make sure they were a blank slate when the game came out. 343 basically threw a journalist preview party for a bunch of competitive players who aren't trained for it or have experience attending something like that.
  3. Hate it. Don't mind slim models or different colors. But I hate the upgrades introduced this gen. I always liked the simplicity of consoles. My friends and I all get the same experience. If you jump in mid-generation you get things cheaper at the expense of experiencing things later. Get out of here with the better experiences though for upgrading. The further division is one of the reasons I bought a PC since consoles started introducing the same stuff I didn't like about PC, which is funny since I just argued how frustrating I find PCs. Consoles definitely aren't as extreme, but I do find the gap annoying.
  4. Fair enough if you've had good experiences. For me, H5 PC has a weird blue flicker on Coliseum where my friends have it run perfectly fine. I've bought games before that had poor optimization (Rise of the Triad 2013) that I never thought to look up beforehand and had it chug. In terms of my friends, one can run Horizon's port perfectly fine while the other has issues, meanwhile me on PS4 has no issues and never even had to question it. Even consoles can have an MCC, but in my experience playing PC I've had far more troubleshooting work for that than I ever had on a console. I strongly agree with what you said at the end though. If you are comfortable learning the ins and outs of PCs and are willing to dedicate the time, there's not really a reason to own an Xbox especially with all of the exclusives coming to PC. Don't get me wrong, I think to a nerdy crowd like maybe the general audience of a competitive video game forum it could make a lot of sense. But to the people who buy between zero and two games a year (like most console owners) it makes almost no sense to invest that much time into building a PC.
  5. People are underestimating how annoying PCs are. Buying a console is guaranteeing "I can play every game on this box without issue for the next several years". Meanwhile on PC, certain games don't work or have bugs if you have a one part over another, despite the fact that your part may be technically better.
  6. I ordered pizza last night that I didn't finish and had a couple slices of that for breakfast. Watched Alien and Aliens for the first time last night while eating it, those are some fantastic movies. --- I feel for everybody sticking through Halo right now. Like it feels everyone has been holding on for dear life to make it to Infinite and now who knows how much longer it'll take. At this point my local Halo community is completely dead again. I'm not trolling when I say it's easier to get Quake games in with locals than it is to get people online to play Halo.
  7. That is wild, I had no idea. It's so weird that they have so many customization options and at the end of the day they don't even represent the fill picture. Like if the minimum deadzone they'd allow is 5%, then just don't let people reduce it to 0. Even then, I don't know why you wouldn't let people completely remove it. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Shoutout to Animal Talking, really cool podcast. I'm with you about a lot of things you mention. I'm still very anti-MCC as a Halo 1 fan, the shooting still isn't right and to my knowledge the last person to submit a ticket got a response saying it was already fixed, after that I stopped paying attention to MCC completely. You're correct though, the amount of extra stuff that's been added seems to be giving them general favor. In terms of Halo 5, I agree it's top three for me. Halo 1 is my favorite, but Halo 2 and Halo 5 are neck and neck for my second favorite at least in terms of the competitive settings. This is what I'm thinking. I don't want to get into console war debates, but I think it's fair to say on day one Halo Infinite was THE game you would buy with the Series X. If I had to guess, there's a serious issue with this game where it would do so much brand damage for it to release, it's better to push people to your competitors during a console launch than actually release it. If it was a normal Halo release, fine a delay could mean a few months or even a few weeks. But for a console to launch without a Halo game that you've hyped up for years? I could be wrong and maybe Microsoft doesn't actually care that much about Series X sales or perhaps they're sitting on some other game they'll announce as a launch title that'll be as big of a deal as Halo, or maybe they looked at the PS5 launch lineup and thought they looked kind of meh as well and figured they could afford the delay without hurting holiday sales too much. They're also pushing game pass quite heavily and seem to think that'll be their main revenue for the future. So I don't want to say it's a for sure doomed thing, but this isn't a normal delay either.
  9. I feel like open world games provide a different type of experience than linear games. If I want an incredibly tight experience, linear I believe is the only way to go. But in an open world game you find your joy elsewhere. You make the world interesting to explore. You make movement fun. You create an environment that's fun to play around in. I kind of disagree with some of the examples in SpitFlame's post. Not that he doesn't suggest some good open world games (although I've never played Baldur's Gate or Witcher 3), but I don't think a lot of them necessarily are counterpoints to Synapse's claims other than the "one square kilometer copy-pasted 300 times with minor changes" and "Interesting environments and aesthetics" which I feel there's many open world games that fit that description. Anyway, I'd say open world games do other things that simply wouldn't be possible in a linear game, or I don't think would be as interesting. I never really liked combat in Zelda games, but I loved discovering new parts of the world or new enemies. The exploration and figuring out how to conquer everything you come across was fun, even if grinding through shrines in the case of Breath of the Wild wasn't that enjoyable for me. Fallout New Vegas and probably Witcher 3 I'd put in this same camp as well. In a game like Spiderman or Assassin's Creed, I'd say moving around the world is so enjoyable and I don't think it would be as fun in a linear game. Forza Horizon would be another example. Racing around a track has some appeal to me, but not as much as just cruising whatever roads I like, or randomly driving off a cliff, or doing whatever I wanted. Spiderman had some linear moments and those were great, but if I couldn't swing around the city I would have been disappointed. As for the environment being fun to play in. I mean that's basically Grand Theft Auto's whole shtick right? I don't think anybody has ever thought the gunplay in Grand Theft Auto was exciting. Stealing a car, getting a high wanted level, breaking into a military base to steal a plane, then getting shot out of the air could be a level in a linear game or it could just be part of the open world for you to play in.
  10. @Knighty Knight @Trespa5s @Wonderboy Great job today guys. I had a really good time watching. Production looked slick as well. One piece of positive feedback about something specific, and I'm sorry to say I only caught about a series and a half so I'm not sure if this was common over the stream or just a one time thing I happened to notice. But I love witty banter. Definitely don't force it if it's not coming. But there was a few moments that made me laugh and I really appreciate those. I understand the major HCS events need to be professional a lot of times. One of my hopes for non-major tournaments though was that they would be fun and more light hearted, kind of bring out the fun that competitive Halo should theoretically have. You guys brought the fun today. I really enjoyed it.
  11. I'd happily discuss Boyo mechanics for the next hundred pages instead of discussing sprint or the quality of Halo 3 for the millionth time. For the artifact, how many times do you want it spawning in a game? I don't know if I'd want things on the map potentially getting tweaked every couple minutes, and I don't know if I'd like five or six orbital bombardments happening throughout a match assuming we're talking about small team games (BTB, Warzone, or campaign is whatever). However a one time pickup halfway through the game that has the potential to wipe a team that's coming off spawn, or that has the potential to tweak one thing on the map that will then last throughout the rest of the match I think could be interesting at least for social but maybe even competitive depending on what it does or how effective the orbital strike is. This isn't the most creative thought, but imagine the artifact spawns on a map like Coliseum and you can spawn a bridge across the middle of the map. Once the bridge is in place though, it's there for the rest of the map. If the score was 2-1 and the losing team had the artifact, they could potentially grab two quick flag caps by spawning the bridge. However if they fail to setup correctly after spawning the bridge, the winning team may be able to shut it down and use the bridge themselves. Or if the game was 2-2, no team wants to activate the bridge until they're in control, but trying to defend the artifact to make sure the other team doesn't take it and activate the bridge for themselves I think could be exciting. Also it may help deal with stalemates. If halfway through the match is too quick, maybe make it spawn if the match goes into overtime, or when there's two minutes left. As for the Token, it almost reminds me of one of the kill streaks in Uncharted 3. Uncharted handled it a little different, if you earned the streak and used it, you would teleport to a random place on the map. I feel like this would be used similarly for the exit nodes, you wouldn't necessarily use it for strategy but rather to stay alive. Like I guess if you grabbed flag you could cut out part of your flag route by using it. But in something like slayer or oddball, I feel you'd use it to clean up a player, or just to get away from a fight if you were about to die. However your second idea with the token intrigues me, a portal that could be moved I think has potential. I'm not sure if I'd like it in flag, I feel it could be used to cheese a final flag cap in a tied game. You could kind of cheese it in slayer or oddball or whatever but it's not like one point generally separates a win in those gametypes. Where putting the portal in the enemy's base just to grab flag and run through it straight into your base if both teams need one cap to win seems lame. I know if both teams need three flags to win that portal is now active for both teams, but it's the final cap that would worry me.
  12. On disc maps, Prisoner and Chill Out. Only map I'm not a fan of is Derelict but maybe that's just because I suck. Pris and Chilly I could play for hours. Downrush is amazing as well if we want to bring new maps into the discussion.
  13. I know there was leaks, and some insiders saying the leaks were true. I definitely didn't expect an official announcement to come from the Halo account today though regarding this.
  14. I'm with you. I saw a tweet a little while back that resonated with me saying something along the lines of "People don't play Halo now expecting to have a good experience, they expect to have a nostalgic experience". That's kind of how I feel after seeing some people's criticisms. Where I'm at with Halo is that I don't want the core strategy of the multiplayer to be "get in a power position and wait for the enemy to push". As long as the multiplayer gives me incentive to move frequently and I have a utility weapon that works well, I think there's a good possibility that I'll at least think it's okay. I don't really care about the game including this or that weapon, or how my favorite weapons from previous games work now. As long as the "flow" of the game is okay it's cool. As for campaign, give me a few cool battles and some funny looking aliens to kill and I'm down, whatever.
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