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  1. My hopes is that the open world stuff exists mostly as an additional way to play with the sandbox. Kind of like when H3 was released and a lot of people used forge for silly things just to play with Halo systems. Putting a ton of fusion coils together and making them blow up, I think you could put a mongoose on Guardian, stuff like that. I'm hoping there's still some linear missions with big setpieces as well, and then in between missions if I want to just play with the different items I have an open world to do stuff in. Don't get me wrong, this is coming from somebody who doesn't even have a hand in the fight. I usually only play Halo campaigns co-op, and the usual people I play with aren't going to wait for co-op to play the campaign so there's a decent chance I'll never get around to it.
  2. Somebody teach me something. How many projectile vs hitscan weapons are there in something like Quake 3? I've played like one multiplayer session each of Doom, Quake World, CPMA, and Diabotical; and then a bunch of Duke 3D which has its own weird weaponry. I thought most weapons other than rockets, grenade launchers, and nail guns were hitscan? Rockets are one of the primary weapons. But in terms of the "trinity" of guns I hear people talk about, aren't 2/3rds of them hit scan?
  3. Yo this is actually an awesome story. What was the tournament format and how did you do?
  4. I'm with you. I'm not sure if Halo Infinite will be that far down my list or who knows maybe I'll grow to like it way more, and I think default H4 is significantly worse than every other Halo. But the rough standings of your list at the current moment I agree with. H1, H2, and H5 are definitely my top three with maybe some wiggle room for Halo Infinite to squeeze in and be on equal footing of H2 or H5 depending on how the game pans out.
  5. Reduce the bullet magnetism and this could be sick. My one issue with the sidekick, and I've mentioned it here before so I don't mean to always repeat myself, but my hand hurts spamming the thing. Like I can't keep up with it. So honestly the sidekick being removed was a huge win for me.
  6. I'll definitely give it a shot. Slow kill time of the BR definitely worries me. Since my last complaint about the commando though I've kind of eased up on the weapon, once my hands stopped hurting from spamming the sidekick two days after the flight ended my bitter thoughts were less intense. If the commando and mangler can actually compete with the BR like it sounds like they want it to, and it lets me occasionally melt people I think I could have some fun with this game. Definitely has me interested to try these settings, where if settings were similar to social I wasn't that keen to try it again.
  7. Predictions and/or hopes for the settings? I think BR starts, maybe sidekick secondary, and no radar. Then standard two frags and no equipment. Gametypes would be strongholds, flag, and slayer for sure. Wouldn't surprise me if there was one or two other gametypes thrown in.
  8. I've been thinking about this and I don't really have a better solution. Let's assume every button in Infinite must be there, I definitely wouldn't put something else on the D-pad. For what we have right now. We have switch grenades, ping, "map ping" to see weapon spawns, and a fourth button that I don't really remember what it does right now, maybe drop weapon? I don't necessarily hate ping being on D-pad, in Warzone on a PS4 I can claw with my left hand to try to hit it quickly which isn't a good option for most people but it doesn't feel "as" bad for me. Another thing I do frequently in Warzone is open my full map and just ping what I like from there while I'm in cover. Not sure if that would be useful enough in Halo though. Somebody else mentioned shooting somebody maybe pings them automatically? I'm not sure if I like that system but if you wanted to include a ping system I think making it an active part of combat makes more sense. I'm not sure if shooting them is best, but maybe zooming in on them? I don't know. Leaving a "passive" ping such as "look this way" or "this weapon dropped here" as up on the D-pad is probably fine I think. It wouldn't surprise me if the ping system was brought in to be useful in campaign and there wasn't really a reason to take it out for multiplayer. As for other non-combat options on D-pad. Dropping a weapon was always something I thought made sense, maybe it'll actually be bad for gameplay in the long term but I doubt it'll do any major damage. I think setting "favorite" weapons and allowing a direct ping to the nearest version of that would be cool especially in forge maps assuming they get added into social playlists later. Power weapons already get highlighted, but instead of doing the map ping to get all weapon box locations, if I could hit a button and it just directs me to the nearest utility weapon that would be nice.
  9. Yeah pings weren't half as useful as I was hoping. Up on the d-pad is tough to hit without standing out in the open. I also found them hard to notice. Like somebody would tell me "enemy on ping" or something like that and I had troubles finding the ping, almost felt like it blended in.
  10. I agree with most of your statement that people like hard games still. This part though I half disagree with. Sure there will always technically be room for a game from any genre to exist and "succeed" in terms of making some money (assuming the budget is small enough) and being able to find players (maybe through custom games/servers only, but games regardless). But I don't think every genre is meant to last, and some things may disappear to make room for newer things that did the things we like better. We still have sidescrolling beat 'em ups occasionally (Scott Pilgrim, Streets of Rage 4, the new TMNT game, the new Battletoads) but they're all indie games now and while people like them I don't think anybody is willing to drop $60 for those games like we used to with games like Double Dragon or River City Ransom. Instead, the genre evolved to give us games like Dynasty Warriors or Bayonetta or Devil May Cry. Games that are still about beating down a ton of enemies, but they have a lot more depth and look flashier. I think the thing arena shooters struggle with the most, and RTS as well, is that the general "thing" 90% of the playerbase would play for ended up being taken by other games and amplified. I think when shooters were first starting, the "feeling" you had was always intense. Lots of guns, super fast player speed, the game itself was overwhelming. I think this worked for a long time. Eventually though some people got significantly better, started playing smarter, and it wasn't just "hold forward with any gun and shoot". The intensity probably existed still for higher level players because they have a lot of things they're thinking about, but lower level players just saw themselves getting picked off repeatedly and not really understanding what's happening so they moved on. I think the casual crowd moved on to large scale games. Battlefield and the like. Lots of action, lots of explosions, lots of intensity. The crowd who wanted the competitive intensity but didn't want to learn the game for 1000 hours before feeling the competitive intensity moved on to one life tactical shooters. Still very hard at a high level, but when learning at a low level it's still really intense since you get one life per round. Unlike say Halo where when you're first starting you're just trying to find weapons and trying not to die 25 times in six minutes. For RTS, I think something similar happened but with MOBAs. The macro is hard and in my experience pretty boring until you're good with it (maybe? I never actually got good at it), so a game was built that was virtually just micro. Instead of building an army with five units that all have a specialized attack, you have one unit with five different attacks. Instead of planning a flank with 100 units and some clunky UI, you work with a team to do that for you. Instead of needing to constantly push out all your new units the game spawns them and pushes them up for you. So sure, Diabotical and Starcraft Brood War Remake can both exist, have a playerbase, and make money. But I'm not sure if either genre is going to magically explode once a developer makes the right game. Unless they can harness why people are really playing these other genres and reimagine their own. Like what Battle Royale games did.
  11. I agree with you. Part of my bitterness is that I can't spam the sidekick at full speed without my hand hurting and that's one of the main weapons I have to use right now. But I said before the game is "functional" from a gameplay perspective. We have a local shooter Discord where I live, filled with people who love winning in all types of games. Apex, CS, Valorant, Fortnite, whatever. There is a dedicated Halo channel and the only thing people talk about in it is how cool the skewer feels, or how much fun the AR is to use. I asked them about getting BXB'd figuring they'd be frustrated with it, and nobody even knew what I was talking about. This is what most people expect out of Halo. They want a game with funny looking alien weapons that make big explosions and they want to hold forward, even people who are ultra competitive in other games want Halo to be their fun eff around type game. I can almost guarantee this will be a very popular "fiesta" game which really fits the mold of what most of these people want to do in a Halo game. It'll be fine. I'm not sure if there's space for me in this Halo game, specifically if the sidekick is the primary weapon (I doubt it will be), but this game is definitely ticking a lot of boxes for a lot of people.
  12. Quoting myself just to give updates on my original thoughts. My "playing once or twice a month" is starting to get reduced to just "if my locals want to LAN I'll definitely show up and play". Maybe the competitive settings will appeal to me more, but after playing with more weapons I'm starting to like them less and less and I'm not sure what I would be happy spawning with. The commando bloom feels way more exaggerated than what the reticule makes it look like. Even at close range I was missing bullets when the enemy seemed to be fully in my reticule. Not really the end of the world now that I understand that, but I don't really like fighting recoil on controller either. As for the sidekick, my hand has been aching since yesterday from spamming the sidekick. This isn't even a "game quality" thing for me at this point, my hands can't keep up with spamming the trigger that fast and I have no interest in buying a controller with trigger stops to alleviate the issue. The BR kills pretty slow. While a lot of the current competition I've played against hasn't ran that often, I think I dislike Halo 3 more than most people and part of that is with the BR. Maybe it's more an issue with spread but I don't know, top players seem to suggest that spread isn't as big of a deal as I think it is so maybe a slow killing BR is the only explanation. At the time of writing the first post; my hand wasn't hurting from the sidekick, I barely used the BR by happenstance, and I felt like I hadn't figured out the commando yet due to missing a lot of kills. Now, my hand hurts, the BR shoots slow, and I feel like I've figured out the commando and now that I "get it" I don't really like it. As of right now, this game is about Halo 3 levels in terms of enjoyment and for me that isn't a passing grade. I played a game of Splitgate right before making this post in case I was just being hard on a new game. Just social stuff, which is all I've played in Infinite so far, and I was less frustrated in Splitgate although somebody portaling behind me is definitely tilting when I can't turn around fast enough on a controller. Maybe high level Splitgate is annoying, I don't know, but low level was pretty enjoyable since my hands don't hurt trying to shoot the guns and I feel decently strong off spawn.
  13. They may ask to remove all BRs, or just ask for AR and sidekick buffs. Imagine making that AR even better at range?
  14. Well don't I look foolish. Thanks to you both for the extra clarification.
  15. I'm not trying to argue hundredths of a second here. But I just want to make sure I'm following the conversation. Are you comparing H5's BR to H3's, or Halo Infinite's to H3? I thought H3's BR kill time was like 1.59, but again I don't really care about hundredths of a second. In the latest Infinite flight the BR kill time was 1.34. If you're talking about H5 then disregard this.
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