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  1. Yes, that Red Hornet. I didn't realise that there were more than the two I had found on the market. It's good to see it at a more sensible price. Edit: I'm still interested in why it's so expensive if you could help me out with that I would be grateful.
  2. Okay so here's the story. I was sifting through someone old toys of mine and found the Red Hornet and was wondering about its price so I googled it. There are two for sale at the time of which I'm making this which are selling for $400-$500 which are mint and in the box. Mine is out of it however and is missing one of the characters which is the pilot. I was wondering why these are so expensive when I only got mine for $30 and how much I would be looking at if I was to sell it. If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it. ~Ol' Fruity

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