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  1. Tech giant or not, I guess the amount of people who produced the original code of CE/2/3 that work currently at 343 is close to 0. Must be a nightmare to dig up code that was burried uncommented for so many years ! and also we have to figure out how does the team affected to the task looks like : Ideal view : "let's put our most dedicated die-hard fans of OG trilogy with many years of experience working on previous titles on this!!" HR/business view : "ok guys we need to renew a bit our dev teams because most of them left company... So we have a dozen of fresh graduate, let them make their first steps through the MCC fixing, that'll make a good school and when they will join the main dev team for H6 they'll be lot more valuable. By the way, fans will be happy we are working on this!" And we don't know how large that fixing team is... And to have now to make it work also on the one X must not help, as they have to create some separate code for that at some point, making testing, delivery and maintenance more complex. IMHO Setting any date now would not make sense
  2. Yep same here with twitch app on TV Looks better on mixer on the xbox but stream hangs like every 5 seconds for one second

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