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  1. I feel like they are going to try and compromise and make some sort of DMR thats a 4sk tbh.
  2. Haven't been on here in a while. Who am i seein in orlando boiz?
  3. Same here. My first tournament was a event that Virginia Tech had during the halo 2 days. It was when shockwave still went/lived there. Im from the area and saw people such as ghandi, shockwave, and karma. I miss being able to have local places like this throw tournaments and just going and playing. To me, tournaments are about showing whos the best and who is all talk. With the past halos i grinded GRINDED to be the best that i could and with halo 5 i can barley play for an hour because of settings and maps. If i go to another event and h5 is being played its to see old friends, not play because the heart just isnt there anymore. If MLG picked us back up, let us test new game types, and just gave a better experience you can bet your ass id be grinding and wanting to play again. Until then, ill just sit in the corner and play h2 on mcc even if it takes 7982309234092834 years to find one match.
  4. oh trust me dude ive been around for a LONG TIME. I want this honestly more than anything in the world. As much as a i hate what im about to type, I just dont see it happening. I would seriously give ANYTHING to have that back. With all the pros that work there, how has no one asked them "what made halo successful in the past, and what can we do to bring that back?" I mean i guess at the end of the day its all about sales to them. If the game sells ITS GOLD BEST HALO WOO HALO. But damn man, what ever happened to putting love and effort into something. Don't even get me started on MCC...........
  5. It really makes me sad just how out of touch they are. Mikwen tweeted that they had NO IDEA IT WAS THE PRO CONSENSUS. Thats actual so obsurd.
  6. No post event drama? Surprising tbh. Really hope 343/ESL pays attention to everyone talking. If hecz can't do it, I believe we are super boned.
  7. Alright boys my flight just landed. I. Hate. Full. Flights. What did I miss so far?
  8. Thanks for the Thank you for the new signature cyren. Can't stop laughing.
  9. "Why are you retiring?" "HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE BALLOONS MAN?" Homeboy let the community down
  10. I really wish some of the obnoxious gamer tags I see online were on the stream for FFA. "AND POOPDICK420 WITH THE NINJA OH MYY"
  11. If I remember correctly movement was increased from stock.
  12. https://twitter.com/cylical/status/845711401842827264 Just got my tags ordered. Someone let me know if they want a set!
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