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  1. I have constant nightmares about 1-shot camo guys getting away from me because I'm playing online. Its not even because I can't see them. Actually finishing the kill is the hard part to me in H5.
  2. Josh Menke will never acknowledge that latency and connection speeds have an effect on win percentages, even though every casual/pro player I've talked to feels the exact opposite. This game is unbearable online because the aim literally feels different depending on what server it is. Don't even get me started on how broken the melee system is online.
  3. The halo 4 sniper was probably the worst in the whole series for me. Much like halo 4 itself.
  4. I would love if Neighbor came back to play. He definitely still has the talent, and I think people still don't realize how good he was back in late 2009-2010. ... I will settle for streaming though.
  5. Here is my proposal for a team to counter splyce: Saiyan Walshy Ogre 1 Ogre 2
  6. I basically agree with you about Royal 2's playstyle, but I just feel like dropping Royal 2 is a cardinal sin akin to dropping Ola in H3. It doesn't seem like the better option.
  7. Saiyan is amazing no doubt, but why Royal 2? Im just curious about the reason because he consistently has the highest K/D on the team with a TON of damage.
  8. I agree with this. The streamers all stopped streaming so I can't bring myself to care about scrim results. I watched every Optic/TOX scrim for months when frosty was still streaming.
  9. When you get power weapons in H5 its such a massive snowball-y advantage that putting two snipers on one map in this game is not really doable for competitive play. I loved double sniper maps in the past like Sanctuary, The Pit, ect....but power weapons are so effective that I'm not sure it would even work. I would loved to be proven wrong on this. Imagine Royal 2 and Frosty both with full ammo snipers. Thats such an overwhelming advantage right there
  10. I would still put all my money on TOX for worlds... but only if they change their name to Final Boss (kappa)
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