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  1. Pretty much my exact thoughts on him. I love him on the desk he always brings a lot of passion.
  2. He’s been killing his daily streams recently and seems to be doing really well. While it’s not mutually exclusive leaving for a weekend can also really hurt your stream when you could be growing it. If he’d rather stream then go compete in an H3 tourney then good for him.
  3. Not your fault lol. I should have mentioned why originally.
  4. I worded that badly, it’s not that I think they should be. The rules for NOLA had the top 7 from worlds (as long as they retain 2 members I believe) qualifying. The 8th slot was based on points. Rec,Tox, Splyce, and Renegades qualified on word placement. The other 4 were points based. Triffecta had the least amount of points at the cut off so I figure it would be them who get bumped. Page four https://s3.amazonaws.com/mlg-gamebattles-production/assets/arenacp/files/1527802023/2018%20Halo%20NOLA%20Open%20Rules.pdf
  5. Splyce got in based on their words placement not points. I think it would be Trifecta that is moved to open.
  6. https://twitter.com/luxgamingclan/status/1016525477962571776?s=21 Related reddit thead where I’m talking to the lux ceo: https://www.reddit.com/r/CompetitiveHalo/comments/8xjjz3/grandfather_rule/ Starts off about Splyce and online play gets interesting when he mentions Ryan’s team.
  7. That is heartbreaking for infused. If they play like that, however, I 100% think they'll beat oxygen and make it out of pools.
  8. It's so great having you with the constant communication. Issues get resolved quickly and if things happen you always explain why.
  9. I'm so hyped for this. Fantastic venue, MLG is back, the competition looks so high, LET'S GO.
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