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  1. So, how many of you forum-goers skateboard, or take an interest in the skate lifestyle? Who are some of your favorite skate boarders? Do you rep any certain brand of style? (Crooks, Hundreds, Blvd, Vans, ...etcetera) I've been skating for a while now - around five years. Skating is something that has grown upon me as both a hobby and lifestyle. It provided me with an efficient way to escape from the usual issues that teenagers ran into, while also giving me a chance to build new friendships with people who have the same interests as I do. So, feel free to discuss anything regarding skating in this thread. Cheers!
  2. Yea, it'll fill up throughout the day. Some players sign up at the last minute.
  3. There's another GameBattles FFA today at 4:30 PM PST/7:30 PM EST. Here's the link for those who want to sign up: http://gamebattles.majorleaguegaming.com/xboxone/halo-5-guardians/tournament/free-for-all-08-04 It's five credits to enter. ($7.50 for ten credits)
  5. No hitmarkers whatsoever, for weapons or nades.
  6. You made some good points. The throwback game play in the background was nice to see as well.
  7. Absolutely not. Radar should be removed as soon as possible.
  8. Bump because shit needs to change before more players drop the game or move on.
  9. We're definitely making progress. Spectator passes for the HWC NA Regional Finals are sold out.
  10. Singles ladder - currently has 1000+ teams. Doubles ladder - currently has 850+ teams. Team ladder - currently has 500+ teams. Upcoming tournaments: Variant: 2v2 CTF/SH/Slayer tournament (Premium Only) Date: 2/9/2016 Prize: $300.00 for 1st. $100.00 for 2sd. Variant: 2v2 CTF/SH/Slayer tournament (Premium Only) Date: 2/11/2016 Prize: $300.00 for 1st. $100.00 for 2sd. Previous tournaments have included multiple game variants for 1v1s, 2v2s, 3v3s, and 4v4s. I've noticed that there aren't as many teams as there should be for how active the competitive scene has been in H5. This post is to encourage players to create teams and to play matches across the ladders! These tournaments offer some really nice payouts with a very low entry fee. Premium tournaments are free to enter, if you have a premium membership. Premium tournaments usually offer higher payouts across the top placings. Edit: I will periodically update this w/ new tournament information.
  11. That's hysterical because upon even putting in minimal effort to promote themselves - they usually get bashed for it.
  12. Please read: I am creating this thread to shine a little extra light onto Halo 5's theater mode, which in most aspects could use some major improvements. I'm aware that some issues that I mention are already known flaws, but I'm putting effort into this thread in hopes that the theater mode can be patched up. Alright, so I just started up my ElGato and hopped on Halo 5. I was previously aware that certain features of the theater mode were malfunctioning - and that was enough to keep me away. I've allowed a few months to pass without diving into theater. While I thought certain things would be patched, it seems like the fire spread. And I'm not the only player who has noticed this. A copious amount of players throughout the world shared their worries regarding the new theater mode via HaloWaypoint, Youtube, Reddit, the Xbox forums, and well... in plenty of ways over the internet. Machinima directors, montage editors, Youtube personalities and n00bs without thumbs recognize that this theater mode is a straight down-grade. I love this game. The theater mode has abundant potential to be a perfect tool for players. I mean, merely glancing at past theater modes from Halo and then comparing and contrasting them to H5's theater can spark a thought similar to, "how did this happen?" Of course, there are things to consider such as dedicated servers and the Xbox One's capacity to record game play and such through the Xbox DVR - but does that excuse how neglected the theater mode obviously is? Excuse me if I'm ranting, but let me get onto the specifics. Known Issues in H5 Theater: Films from previous dates or previous builds of Halo 5 can not be viewed under any circumstances. The films will either be entitled (gametype on map) or (date by m/d/y). Films will be missing their descriptions. (Whether or not the film is a custom game or not, the date, ext.) On certain occasions, attempting to view a film can glitch you back to the main menu or the campaign menu. Zooming with the free-flying cam either works or doesn't - (maybe depending on positioning?) On occasion, when you fast forward during a film from a player's perspective - it will change the player whom you're spectating. Incorrect gamertag/service ID/armor shown on a player when fast-forwarding or rewinding. (Rarely at the start of film). Player's cursor and shot are not synced. Inability to record directly from theater. (Replaced by Xbox DVR?) Movement with the free-flying cam is bugged. Stutters at random and at times is uncontrollable. Films won't load in recent films or bookmarked films. Unable to remove or add bookmarked films. (Slow, occurs at random.) Animations and sounds are buggy. (Sometimes assasinations don't even play out, gun sounds are absent, and other player animations aren't shown - while in the original game play they do.) In Breakout ONLY, when the round ends and the player you're viewing is holding the flag, the POV automatically switches to another player at the beginning of the next round. When viewing a player who gets killed by a forerunner weapon, (body must disentegrate) - their POV automatically switches to another player - and upon you spawning back in, you can toggle through the players to get back to that player's POV. Incorrect crosshairs or weapon are shown. (Rare, more often when viewing Warzone). Toggling through players is messy. It should go through all of red team, then all of blue team - or vice versa. Issues may be spawned from client to server activity. I know there are things to consider such as Xbox Cloud and dedicated servers, but I still don't believe that theater mode should be left in the state that it is currently in. Has anyone else ran into any issue that I didn't post? Does anyone know if 343 plans to put any more work into theater mode? ~ sincerely, a guy who wants to use theater mode
  13. Can anyone send this to 343 staff? Or get this post recognized. The theatre is still, after the Infinity Armor update - broken.
  14. Does anyone know what's in store for the future of Halo 5 after this season of HCS ends? Will there be another season, another tournament? Plenty of people are wondering.
  15. No way? Arena Breakout is quite ridiculous, I believe it shouldn't be in HCS - but regular Breakout would be nice to see. And the fact that people voted that the radar should be toggled on is beyond me...

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