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  1. "it rubs me the wrong way" how old are you? the guys played halo at the top for years, what more do you want? you sound like a very immature fanboi venting online.
  2. props to whatever idiot was talking shit about Ola for online play after they smoked pretty much everyone
  3. wow this site looks very top tier now. nice work @CyReN @Joseph
  4. not sure i fully understand why Pistola is doubted, he has the most unique/unorthodox playstyle in halo surely he's an asset to any team?
  5. was kinda hoping that 343 would get their shit together after worlds, but it seems like they're going in the same direction. guarantee at the end of this we still have terrible settings in an average game. really wish 343 would see the writing on the wall and actually listen to the people paid to play the game.
  6. Rostermania should be a blast. Any thoughts? I'd love to see some teams like this Snakebite Royal 2 Saiyan Pistola Snipedown Mikwen Lethul Frosty Spartan Penguin Bubu Trippey I'm not sure what teams could form that would actually compete with Splyce though while the meta is what it is.
  7. It's really cool seeing names on that list still competing and winning to this day. I never realized how many events Pistola had won, Snipedown too. Crazy.
  8. Neptune was definitely a stand out player imo. Whether or not he deserves to be on a top 3 team yet is debatable, give it another tournament, if he performs like that again I could see him getting picked up by REC. For whom I'm not sure though. As for nV i just want to see Ola and Frosty teaming. I've wanted that for so long lmao.
  9. the only problem with OpTic dropping Lethul is that he would grind for revenge. He always gets his revenge, like the RyaNoob curse only stronger.
  10. for the record i do think that the top 3 teams should stick it out for one more event. there are improvements they all could make. but i do think the team that could improve the most outside of splyce is nV.
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