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  1. Moving on to the Franchise Team full time to work more directly on universe and brand creative, so largely story/universe/canon stuff across the franchise. I released my last regularly-panned/hosted Community Update, Spotlight and Social Stream within the past couple weeks, and the DH ATL preview and recap blogs were pretty much my last direct Community Team contributions before fully swapping over.
  2. Not sure if this had been posted here or not, but here's our recap that went live just after the event: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/hcs-finals-2018-recap It's been an honor and blast to write our esports creative content the past couple years, getting to know - and help share - some of the awesome stories in the scene that make every event so intriguing. I'll definitely miss serving as the series' primary penman going forward, and thanks to anyone here who ever took the time to read any of my esports-focused bits <3
  3. Having a ton of fun at the venue here watching this all go down. Fantasy's double and Roy's sticky were incredible. Also, shout out the folks who manage to celebrate one thing without shitting on another. Real MVPs right there. <3
  4. If you see me around the floor (having snuck out from backstage), say hi! Will likely be in black HCS hoodie with Alabama lanyard for creds.
  5. Stoked for DH ATL in what is setting up to be a proper send-off for top-level H5 play. Has been an incredible ride! Hope to see you guys there supporting it in person! <3
  6. Big congrats to TOX! They finally notch the win their label has deserved. Roll on ATL. Thanks for being part of it all, guys. <3
  7. That's awesome to hear and appreciate you taking the time to read them! <3
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