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  1. I want to buy the xbox series S and i jst want to know for the people that have played Infinite on it. Does Halo infinite run smoothly on the Xbox Series? and can you get 120 FPS whilst playing on 1080p?
  2. As an nV fan, this feels weird consdiering in CoD, GOW and Halo they've always been our main rival. I don't know what to do with myself. Feels weird being a fan of Optic
  3. i haven't used teambeyond net in a very long time. Where is the thread where people discuss roster changes/rumours and other stuff? I want to know what the new rosters are rumoured to be
  4. What deadzone settings should I use for halo reach? And what aim assist type do I use? Playing halo reach for the first time ever
  5. haven't been on this forum in a long time. When does Halo Reach come to MCC on xbox one?
  6. there's no face cams this event? Also why does the main stage look like a side station?
  7. guys what happened to stellur? Did he retire? I haven't been paying attention to Halo for like 2yrs now, so i have no idea what's happened.
  8. can someone tell UGC to put increase the volume of the crowd mics? I can barely hear the crowd.
  9. Well the General Splyce Manager recently followed Frosty, Abezy, Classic and Aqua. Those 4 along Jurd would have mad potential as a 5 man team. If Frosty could translate his God like H5 skill into BO4 then Abezy, Jurd and Frosty would be an absolutely fucking nasty SMG trio. Once Frosty gets the hang of it Splyce should be a nasty team. Hopefully, this roster happens
  10. first time back on this thread in months lol. What happened to Lunchbox? Does he still compete?
  11. crazy to think we once had CLG, C9, OpTic, Luminosity, Liquid, EG and now nV. Now we're basically just left with Splyce and RNG. I think it's safe to say 343 and ESL completely killed off the interest for the Halo scene.
  12. nV had a pretty decent fan base in Halo as well. A lot of people always cheered for them at events. Truly sucks to seem them go, they're the sole reason why i got ivested in H5
  13. damn i really dont know who to support now that nV is gone.
  14. oooh that's rough. Every year the viewership for champs just keeps going down. 2016 - over 100k watched CLG/ALG 2017 - 75k ish watched Optic/EnVy 2018 - 30k ish watched Splyce/TOX
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