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  1. Stellur tweeted about it a day or two ago I believe.. But then again many people watch Netflix so doesn't mean too much lol
  2. I think they both do which is why they maybe shouldn't be a duo, along with their similar play styles. When they're on fire, they're hard to beat. But as we've seen, when they go flat it's hard for them to get out of it. I just think Ninj is a little more positive and less emotional.
  3. I'd really like to see NInja stick with/be the face of an org, as he's one of the most popular streamers and can have great content. I'd like to see a team of Ninja / Stellur / Victory X / Commonly, though that isn't looking likely. I think Spartan has some great talent, but when he tilts, he tilts hard and it has an impact on the rest of the team.
  4. Stu

    Hip-Hop Thread

    As for TLOP - I was kinda under whelmed. Felt like it didn't have any direction, with some lackluster lyricism and corny lines. A lot of filler as well. Though there were definitely some great tracks. My favorites were Ultralight Beam, Father Stretch My Hands (minus the corny bars), FML, Waves (minus Chris Brown), and NMPLA.
  5. There definitely needs to be some changes to make it more competitive. Radar off, and autos need to be removed. I would love to see competitive community forge maps implemented into the map rotation, and new gametypes in assault and oddball. I would also like to see an attempt/test to remove sprint and spartan abilities, and possibly a Pistol or BR only start. I've played a handful of customs like this, which I had a lot of fun with and thought it was competitive. I think introducing solid forge maps to fit no sprint/spartan ability settings would help too because a lot of maps in the rotation now are focused on clambering/abilities. Oh and I think sniping should be fixed, but that's not a quick setting on/off fix.
  6. Couldn't agree more, SR definitely has to go and maybe AR too. Would make things a lot more competitive and improve the skill gap.
  7. Yeah that's why I said kinda lol. But I know what you're saying and agree, content/support is crucial. Imagine if we had a game right now that could drive itself solely because it's great and very competitive combined with YouTube, streams, community support etc. and didn't have the drop off from Reach, H4, and the disaster that was MCC. Could speculate all day though about what it could have been.
  8. Regarding the latest Hecz video about the Halo scene... He's kinda wrong. He doesn't have the greatest knowledge about Halo. I don't think it is solely 100 percent on the players to gain momentum in the eSports scene with fans/players content (though it is for sure a factor). It definitely starts with the game itself and 343i. Halo 2 was so successful with limited YouTube content and basically no streams back then (besides tournament content) because it was a great competitive game. The scene has obviously fell off because of Reach and H4.
  9. Yup, along with better maps, game types, settings, and no breakout.
  10. I feel for Optic man.. that sucks. That's what you get with lame online tournaments tho. Other team should have been patient and tried to replay the games.
  11. Pretty sure my squad got top 64, we unfortunately lost to Optic 2-1 Stuboy Q, xSchatzy, Siege, Original Sin
  12. I liked this dude, keep up the good work.
  13. I agree with OPs point about 343 controlling these gametypes/settings that we play. I feel like they need to make changes and add things in sooner rather than later, and we as a community need to be trying out different settings to see if things can be improved upon. Is anybody testing out competitive settings at all? Such as no sprint, no thruster, BR start, no radar, no AR start, etc.? I feel like when forge releases, maps could be created to suit better settings. We need better maps and gametypes IMO, the maps we have now are dismal aside from Truth/Coliseum, but I would love to see some great forge maps included in the rotation along with the addition of oddball, maybe koth. Breakout should be removed from competitive rotation and be left as a playlist only.
  14. Stu

    Hip-Hop Thread

    listen to my homies makin cool music and stuff
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