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  1. Thank you so much everyone for your feedback on my last post, anymore please send my way!
  2. Hey guys, Columbus was such an awesome event and hope everyone who attended and played had a great time! I am looking to get way more involved with Halo in the near future and as an interviewer wanted to know what sort of questions you would like to hear on broadcast, whether it is specific to a player, team or an analysis type of question, would love to hear what the community would want to know!
  3. So hyped for the NA Regionals Finals in Columbus this weekend! Good luck to everyone participating and good luck to the Halo Broadcast Fam!
  4. Hi guys; just wanted to say super excited to be a part of the EU halo part of the halo world champs! Any feedback you guys have for me please let me know, as I’m always willing to learn and do halo proud.

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