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  1. Reasons I smurf: 1) There isn't a social playlist I like ever since Team Skirmish was removed 2) Players these days would rather quit a game than try to mount a comeback 3) 1 loss seems to set you back 4+ wins 4) People don't betray me for the power weapons 5) I can watch Netflix while I play 6) Clips
  2. @@Infinity Can you go into more detail about the changes you'd like to see? I'd like to know what 'glory' looks like in Halo 5.
  3. I'm fine with the amount of medals, but I desperately want multi-kill medals to appear first. Perfection, reversal etc.. medals should still follow the immediate kill, but disappear quickly if you've just gotten the next multi-kill medal.
  4. When captains are being interviewed together for pre-game interviews, please don’t ask what their game plan is to stop the enemy team. What are they supposed to say? They’re obviously not going to give their actual strategy cause the opposing team is literally standing right there. That question should be asked behind the scenes where the announcers can relay that information while the game is going on; that way the enemy team doesn’t hear, but the viewers do. Maybe you’ll get more in-depth answers than just, ‘We’ll do our best to not let Royal 2 get the sniper’.
  5. Strongside is my least favorite because all he does is say what he’s seeing on screen. I’ve never once heard anything about spawns, rotations, setups, where/why they should push something, etc.. in real time. T2 on the other hand is great at this. As a scrub, part of why I watch the pros is to see what they’re doing, but the other part is to find out why they’re doing it. So unless the commentary has an actual analysis aspect to it, I’d rather just hear a listen-in.
  6. Hi. I'm still sorta new here but isn't asking for + rep a sure-fire way to NOT get + rep?
  7. That’s fair. I’m just of the position that they aren’t the real numbers simply based off of the scenarios that would play out if they released the info. If those are the real numbers for unique viewers, then the Halo community can tip their hat to 343 and say ‘well done’. If those aren’t the real numbers, then 343 now has to explain why they lead everyone to believe those were the real numbers. We, the halo community, now assume they were just trying to save face in light of the laughing stock that was Worlds 2017 (balloons, over-flow room, etc..) and rip them for it. So, are they keeping the info a secret because they don’t want a pat on the back, or because they don’t want the community to call them on another one of their blunders? One scenario seems more likely than the other to me.
  8. Hello all. Long time lurker and first post. Question.... Has anyone else ever called in a CoD Mortar Strike scorestreak in H5? Cause I'm pretty sure I called one in last night.... http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Maverik%20MH/video/42930554
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