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  1. Overscan is a behaviour in certain television sets, in which part of the input picture is shown outside of the visible bounds of the screen. It exists because cathode-ray tube (CRT) television sets from the 1930s through to the early 2000s were highly variable in how the video image was positioned within the borders of the screen. It then became common practice to have video signals have black edges around the picture, which the television was meant to discard in this way.
  2. Dastroyed's center channel audio isnt working.. meaning his gunshots are not coming through.
  3. Almost like the main stage stream is just the raw feed, with no overlays as well.
  4. Can confirm the external non gameplay shots looked 100%, gameplay only impacted
  5. Main stream looks like it has a film.. almost looks like the original xbox 480p quality.. its not awful, but its not crispy 1080p. Almost like the sharpness or contrast is maxed out.
  6. Or he comes in with a detailed 5 paragraph explanation that 343 never reached out to him and what he would have done in 2018 for Halo.. this is the darkest timeline.
  7. TL/DW - Maniac and Ace ate coldstone before a scrim vs CLG and felt like trash, and then got destroyed by CLG in the scrim.
  8. ryanoob explaining the audio issues the other pros are talking about.
  9. Its not that I am entitled, I just want to keep the scene we have now rolling on this surge. I am not MAD by any means that we are getting what we are getting, I just want more Being greedy I suppose.
  10. I mean, the most important Halo tournament to date, and you have the top 4 seeds on stream once? Also, Optic, who could pull in huge numbers overall for the stream, are on once as well, and its on a Friday night vs prime time Saturday. I am hype for Regionals, but more should have been done to get more teams on stream. Start at 3pm vs 5pm on Friday. Play until 10pm on Saturday.
  11. so... is Lethul flying back with EG too! That will be a fun plane ride for the EG boys
  12. @@Mikwen curious to see if any of the pro teams have been approached by the EU teams to scrim. I am curious because I think Epsilon should seriously consider staying in the USA till worlds to scrim teams (obviously returning for the EMEA finals). I feel like the investment would be worth it, with imo a top 6 position more likely with the grind in the USA.
  13. Please add me to the Chat: TheUnseeen
  14. My gamertag - the unseeen I live in Apex, and I have a group of about 8-12 pretty good players. Looking for local LANs.
  15. Just backed out a matchmaking game into a custom game, and started it up.. sigh I just want this game to work.
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