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  1. Just joined a MM match with a friend, on different teams.
  2. Haven't been able to get into a MM with a party, and it wont join us.
  3. The game is still broke.. tried to join H2A MM as a party of three and got these results. End of the video is the party leader backing out and the party getting broken up: xboxdvr.com/video.php?uid=2541987111106302&gamertag=The%20Unseeen&vid=38c346f7-0d60-4aaf-ae1f-015066d3604b
  4. Game will release digitally at 12:01AM EST http://i.imgur.com/MeOaO9n.png
  5. I just hosted a 12 person LAN in Raleigh NC.. so hopefully it stays strong here.

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