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  1. After more play time, I'm growing more partial to Nexus. Im not really digging anything on the Reach's version of The Pit though. And I would not mind swapping out Penance & Creek Team Slayer with objective variants on other maps, forge or otherwise.
  2. I must say I'm having a lot of fun in the Reach Hardcore playlist. The only issue I am consistently having is going black screen and being booted back to the main menu in the middle of a match. Ive tried verifying my local files but the problem persists. I know I sound like a broken record but having a section for multiplayer Leaderboards is a must in my eyes.
  3. I'd like to see the return of the 3sk pistol with bloom only return in the next rotation of hardcore settings.
  4. Alright which of you sweat bags have Discord, a mic, and play in the evenings EST? These little colorful virtual numbers arent gonna increase by themselves.
  5. I kept having an issue in almost each of my games last night while searching Hardcore. I would go black screen for a short amount of time and then spawn back into the game; or I would go black screen and get kicked back out to the main menu. It seems Im losing connection mid match repeatedly. The game counts these as quit losses so it really sucks. Anyone have any advice or solutions for this problem?
  6. When's someone gonna nut up and throw a Halo event with tournaments for every game? (Sans The 4)
  7. Imagine comparing Lockout to fucking Nexus in that manner... And we wonder why everyone left these forums years ago.
  8. Excellent write up by Hard Way, hopefully Tashi and the HCS team dont make the same mistake as last year by not updating the competitive gametype and map rotation. Here are my thoughts: Keep TS Zealot, Countdown, Creek & Sanc. Keep CTF Zealot, Countdown, & Sanc. Nothing wrong with these gametypes whatsoever. Remove TS Penance. Damny & Priz only work in CE. Remove Pit CTF, we just played a better version of this variant for over a year, why would we downgrade AND keep it in rotation? Take out Nexus completely. If we have to have a grey forge map in the rotation, at least give us something fresh after 9 years. Wouldnt mind seeing Lockout Ball remade in Reach's forge mode. Not sure if Team Oddball Pro (or Bomb even?) works in Reach tho. Remove Koth Battle Canyon for literally anything else. I love the idea of including King of the Hill, I just dont feel that Creek is the right map for it. Does Reflection work well in Hardcore environments? I'd rather keep the amount of grey to 2 maps maximum. That's pretty much it, kind of a no brainer that the v7 settings must be updated before the next LAN event.
  9. Still cant believe there is no viable way to run FFA or 1v1 online tournaments in MCC. I dont think anyone at 343 understands how much of a detriment this is to the game and community.
  10. Alright man that one hurt a little bit. Completely unnecessary. Didnt need this today.
  11. So...is the plan for Halo esports right now to wait and hope that one of the HCS Grassroots partners host/organize Halo Reach events?
  12. What are you guys talking about?! H2A is the perfect classic Halo multiplayer experience, everyone I know and see online thinks it's just the best!
  13. MCC on PC really need these five things at launch to succeed and retain the population:: -In game Leaderboards for Multiplayer -In Game Tutorials for new players -Ranked Crossplay Support for PC & Xbox -Dedicated Servers for Custom Games so we can play tournaments on nuetral hosts -Ranked Mixtape Matchmaking
  14. Because 343 are the antithesis of intelligent decision making?
  15. Posting on here and not on there does nothing to fix the root of the problem.
  16. Yeah sure of course, except you know that's not what we're getting for Infinite. It's gonna be another sprint/ability modern shooter with ideas poorly stolen from whatever is popular right now. And people will wonder why the tournament viewership is the lowest of any esport.
  17. Really hard for me to care about a series and content like that when they're playing a game with hitmarkers, three maps, no button Combos, and a BR that practically aims for you...
  18. Yes you're right, I didn't word it properly. The sentiments are still correct though. Reach halved the player population and overall community interactions, and then Halo 4 cut that number by about a third, if not more.
  19. Lord willing your favorite game series wont go to total shit because the developers are only concerned with making their multiplayer as unbalanced, non competitive, and as random as possible. Every single problem with 343/Halo today can be traced back to Bungie intentionally trying to kill the idea of a skill gap in Halo and turning it into more of a cash grab children's party game with each title release.
  20. Yeah people tell me that a lot. Don't worry, life will take you there too one day.
  21. I don't care how much the newer or younger fans love Reach, it is a fact that this game was what killed the franchise and halved the community. Sure NBNSv7 is bearable and the Forge/Custom game options were above H3; but we literally went from over a million concurrent players to less than half of that a couple of months after the game came out. There is no defending it, people who like Halo want to actually play a Halo game, the silent majority proves that people will simply play a different game that does the advanced movement/ability gimmicks better.

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