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  1. Who says I get games consistently in matchmaking? MCC is the only game I play over the internet where I disconnect from the pre-game lobby before the match starts, or the build crashes while loading the map, and I'm still randomly getting Black-Screen mid game while the "host migrates". These games were never ported properly and this collection is still pretty much complete garbage.
  2. It doesn't matter if I'm playing on host in customs, or off host in custom games. Doesn't matter if I'm playing on a Dedicated server where I ping 12, or a Dedi server where I ping 400; there is something fundamentally wrong with how precision weapons work in MCC.
  3. I dont see why any competitive Halo player would feel the need to have party modes like Snipers, Swat, BtB, or H4 ranked. *insert joke about H3 Radar Dubs ranked here*
  4. After reading numerous posts by people attempting to seriously convince others that Power Weapons don't belong in Halo's multiplayer...I think it's safe to say this place isn't much better.
  5. Every ability, whether armor or spartan based has been implemented to reduce Halo's skill gap. This dates back all the way to the easy as hell to use and gameplay halting equipment in H3.
  6. I haven't seen a quadtage that dope in a few years. Excellent work Blackhawk.
  7. 15 year old girl beat a top SmUsh pro in bracket, shitstorm online ensues. Both players retire.
  8. You ever played Halo on the internet from 2004 to 2013 by any chance? If not, I can see where you're coming from.
  9. You can still trade in CE, happens to me in about 40% of my pistol fights.
  10. Been putting slightly more effort (including opponents POVs and such) into what I've been uploading:
  11. It's actually worse, they make these decisions while sober during the work day...
  12. Alright, I legit spat my drink out. Take my +1
  13. It's almost like, they live in a bubble with no actual sense of the reality our community is in. Crazy how pigeon-holing yourself within the most common demonstrator of Halo fans will do that to a person.
  14. If you don't like how the core mechanics, features, and gameplay functions in Halo...then maybe the game isn't for you? I'll never understand why or how people on these forums and above want to change the core aspects of Halo instead of just....playing a different game that does what you want in an FPS but better. I have a piece of advice, if all you do is whine and complain that you're losing to the things that you're supposed to lose to like power weapons and such; go find a game that doesn't include them. Because this is part of what Halo is.
  15. CE is actually trash why do you think no one watches or plays it?
  16. Once we have a Custom Games Browser than I'm fine with removing it. But as it stands right now they have no desire to gives us ranked H2 FFA or 2v2 so this is what we got. No doubt MLG 4v4 is objectively the best way to play H2, but yeah no one at any rank can find a game; unless we're arranging teams to search together.
  17. See the problem is you're using sound logic and deductive reasoning to make educated decisions and we all know that shit doesn't fly here.
  18. You and I both know that this isn't going to happen. At best we'll get one or two dedicated server lobbies in the Custom Games Browser for MLG 4v4 CE and H2. It would be amazing if we could somehow get neutral starting spawns in 4s and starting grenades in Backwash. Just...anything really.

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