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  1. I just dont understand how they dont get that we dont want the Gearbox/Vista versions of these games. It's going on 6 years now...
  2. I solo q and getting matched against to3s is basically a moot match.
  3. Something tells me not many teams will register to play in a 4v4 only event. This Anaheim tournament might be the only major LAN for Reach we get.
  4. Still cant believe I have to hold down a button to talk in matchmaking. At least let me remap it to my controller.
  5. Really tough to do online tournaments for MCC with no way to neutral host custom games, no spectator/observer mode, and no Open API.
  6. I heard the Mythic Playlist is pretty good, anyone have a free copy of this game?
  7. What's the point of having skill ranks when they dont display in the lobby or on Waypoint? What's the point of having that & progression levels if there's no way to see which players are at the top? Why play any other modes when only multiplayer gives you experience points? Why play Hardcore when I can only talk to my teammates when I'm dead? I feel bad for the MKB players honestly, they deserved a better launch, but it seems like the Aim Assist on controllers drove a lot of them away. And having absolutely zero in game tutorials to get them up to speed didn't help either. If 343 indeed uses the Gearbox port again for this version of CE/MCC on PC...I'll have little hope for Halo in 2020.
  8. Have Tashi or Dersky or anyone at 343 hinted at updating the competitive gametypes or nah?
  9. CE on PC and ranked Crossplay with consoles cant come soon enough. Already played enough Reach for one lifetime. Game is boring.

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