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  1. Such an underrated event. One of the very few MLG tournaments that actually made every team play in a properly seeded open bracket like how the FGC does it. I always thought the idea that AMs almost never getting the chance to play pro teams because they didn't get byes to the "championship bracket" was archaic and really hurt our scene. Yes it doesn't make sense to have Final Boss play the 256th ranked team in round 1 of a tournament, but the old MLG format really made it impossible for amateurs to get LAN experience against top 8 caliber teams. Especially considering at that time there were no more 1v1, 2v2, or FFA brackets being ran. I remember specifically there was a point in 2009 when XiT Woundz didn't win a single series for two consecutive tournaments but still kept their pro seed because of prior accumulated points. Even though it was painfully obvious those players were washed and didn't deserved to be ranked 14th and skip open bracket play.
  2. What rank are you? I'm a 21 and cannot find games unless I search with a partner. Yup, this has been my CE and H2 MCC experience.
  3. Was this on LAN? Was this this on splitscreen NHE? If this was on something TB hosted on MCC then that's a pretty laughable judgement to make. Now don't get me wrong, I'd be hard pressed to bet against RoyBox in any series of classic Halo. Those two are top 7 Halo GOATs in my book. But if you truly think that simply learning "random spawns / nade spots" is what separates good H1 players from bots...then you really haven't been paying attention.
  4. The better players play 4s on Project Cartographer now. H2 on MCC is still a buggy nightmare and nonviable for competitive play or scrims. Especially since there is still no way to neutral host custom games or play MLG gametypes on dedicated servers unlike H2PC. There's literally zero 4v4 H2 customs on MCC since the August update, but Dersky/Postums don't seem to really care.
  5. That sounds like a great idea, but I'll be pretty let down if it just ends up being these same H3 pros attempting to play CE or H2. Not saying it wouldn't be very entertaining, however there are groups of players and teams out there (specifically for Halo 2) that would honestly 11-0 pretty much all of these top UGC teams right now. The only players I could see even standing a chance against the Project Cartographer squads are guys who actually competed and placed in '07 (Roy, Lunchbox, Pistola, *Snipedown, Neighbor, etc) On the flip side I couldn't even fathom trying to make these H3/H5 pros play CE 2v2. Sure the games would be close if they are just playing eachother in exhibition matches because no one would know what they're doing. But if you put literally any of these players against a couple of Horsemen or Nippers, it's going to be 50 - 0 or 50 - 5 every single game. I guess 4v4 would be more manageable. An invitational is a great idea, but you run the risk of robbing viewers the chance to see actual high level gameplay of CE/H2 if the goal is to take kids who mainly play H3 or later Halo titles out of their element.
  6. Halo 2 Classic also plays 1000 times better. Unless you're afraid of button combos and dealing with the reality of varying skill levels.
  7. Homie, put me on a team with either Legend/McDick and I'll look like a Nipper too. There's levels to this game that outclass everything that has come after it. The fact is, Tulegit, arguably a top 10 Halo player of all time; and Ryanoob, one of the best players to do it post 2010 got spanked and went 0-2 (IIRC) at the last Beach LAN. Your favorite H3 pro player doesn't play CE or H2 because they don't want to get embarrassed in the two most difficult Halo games.
  8. Just out space Bair and dont jump, it's not hard.
  9. Yeah there was a recent tweet I believe from Dersky or someone at 343 mentioning it as well as the custom game browser and other little additions as their MCC goals for 2019.
  10. These people are really gonna add in a custom game browser and exp progression system before a spectator mode?
  11. Can't wait to see some of you nerds next week
  12. Anyone have a link to the Gilkey video/clip where he's screaming across the room during a tournament?
  13. So uhhhh, any more classic Halo tournaments either online or LAN coming up besides UGC St. Louis?

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