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  1. Same; downloaded it the other day and been having tons of fun!
  2. I hope we get playable Elites AND playable Brutes in Infinite Those Spartan legs in the gameplay reveal look awfully THICK
  3. I really hope that the Custom Game Browser gets some QoL features for tournaments; specifically for CE and H2. Neutral hosted lobbies for custom game series is such a game changer.
  4. Well boys, some days ya just wake up and choose violence!
  5. You guys got any of those Mountain Dew or Butterfinger codes?
  6. You idiots still playing this broken ass game? Send ya boy an invite...it's lonely in these ranked lists
  7. Would gladly give someone an HTPNJ through Microsoft Teams for one of those Beach Life nameplates man
  8. The replies to this tweet make me weep for our franchise
  9. Anyone playing in the Blue Team FFA tournaments? The Reach brackets ran pretty well.
  10. ICYMI: Last weekend we had a CE 4v4 double elim tournament for charity organized by Pucket & Zyos on MCC Bracket & Team List Player VODs Social Posts
  11. Halo 1 didn't get any love? McDick's BeachLAN, Dman's Virginia Beach LAN, UGC St. Louis, UGC Atlantic City, GT Halo's 24hr CE LAN, and Puckett's Winter Wonder LAN would like to have a word with you.
  12. Still pretty salty Halo 2 received no tournaments, no LANs, no events, no support, no recognition, no funding, no Grassroots partnerships, no recognition, etc from any person or party at 343i and HCS. Literally the only game in the series that was not acknowledged nor shown any spotlight these past couple of years when our scene clearly needed it the most. Last official event was an Open event in late 2007 in Canada FFS. They literally made pros play Fiesta and Grifball for thousands of dollars before even speaking of Halo 2. And let's not forgot the $200K+ they threw to whiney Twitch PC babies who quit Reach a month after it was ported. I'll never forgive them for that.
  13. They still haven't shown a single second of multiplayer footage yet? What have ya'll been talking about for 600 pages?!
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