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  1. Bro we're playing H2A now, stop playing dead Halo games
  2. They should use that money and try to buy back the original source codes from Bungie. Wouldn't need to "fix" the games if we just use the correct versions of them.
  3. Kinda crazy how literally everyone stopped playing H1 on MCC unless it's social 4s. I understand how much better of an experience it is to LAN Splitscreen NHE; however being able to use a controller with bumpers, playing the game in 60 fps, and actually hearing the game with Headphones, are advantages I genuinely enjoy when playing CE. Check out the charts below, not a single person has reached a 50: (Xbox) Halo 1: Hardcore Doubles Leaderboard (PC) Halo 1: Hardcore Doubles Leaderboard I guess having dedicated neutral servers via ranked and a no spread pistol wasn't enough to keep the population. It's also unfortunate that the OG players have no reliable method of using their S-Type or Duke controllers on a PC or Xbox One.
  4. Fucking amazing. Anyone who is making Halo montages in 2020 should take a look here: https://haloisback.com/haloisback-montage-contest-2020/
  5. Unintended risk/reward exploits that become advanced competitive techniques in a fair, balanced, and skill based metagame.
  6. There's a whole sub group of creatures on MCC that believe 2v2, Radars, Default TS in H3 is the most competitive and sweaty way to play Halo. I think Naded was playing in the "Beast n Bones" challenge. God bless em, but I'll always stick to Hardcore gametypes for H3 Dubs and 4s. However, if you came up in the scene or started following in circa 2012, I understand.
  7. Can't really rock anyone in H2A with there being literally not a single advanced technique to create a skill gap nor a single risk/reward mechanic.
  8. Trust me bro, you DONT want ranked default settings in Halo 2. Unless you enjoy fighting against 4 people with Radar and plasma pistols on huge maps.
  9. Here's another strong submission one by Fuster & Stormy
  10. ICYMI: HiB is hosting what may very well be the final Halo montage contest: Details
  11. The Halo 2 community just ran it's third money tournament on Project Cartographer, this time it was an FFA: https://noobcombo.com/2020/04/05/halo-2-real-ones-project-cartographer-ffa-results-4-5-2020/

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