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  1. We did mod the game to not have sprint and they banned your account if the gametype was in your fileshare
  2. It's also because almost no one aims their beatdown lunges.
  3. You can YY or Quick Switch in CE, H2, and H3; the technique is useful, practical, and seen often at high levels in all three games.
  4. And people gave me shit for telling folks to stop taking a 2015 kid's word as gospel.
  5. We're really about to have a Top 25 list with only one member of Carbon on it...
  6. Well done, I'm proud of you son. MCC players get the saltiest when losing bad in H2C. I get called a cheater and button glitch abuser anytime I search social to do some challenges Lol
  7. Did they address assassination animations yet?
  8. Hard to put a guy in the top 25 all time when he never won a 4v4 national championship. On top of that he retired super early after MLG Dallas 2006; although Zyos has competed in a couple of modern CE tournaments online and on LAN, only being proficient at one-two titles as well as the short length of his career really hurts his legacy. 2 WCG wins and 1 National MLG win, all in CE 1v1 from pre-2005 are impressive and warrant placement in Halo's Hall of Fame but not necessarily in a Top 25 all time list. Similar cases can be made against players like Killer N and Saiyan. Both are 4v4 MLG National Champions, however neither player was able to make an impact once they left teams Domination and Final Boss respectively. Literally all of Killer N's event wins came in 2004, it is quite outstanding that he and his team FFA were able to topple the Ogres and team StK in two consecutive events in 2004 before joining the Ogres to form Team Domination and not lose another 4v4 series that year. However, one really strong year should not guarantee you a spot in the top 25 all time. Also, to Zyos' credit, he was on the best 4v4 squad (TDT) in an era that seemed to have prioritized individual gamemodes over team based tournament play. There literally was no 4v4 national or world championship in 2002 and 2003 for him or Darkman to win.
  9. Hope these orgs are able to help the Halo pro scene create better and more consistent content in the future.
  10. Wish these H2A/H5 kids would give CE or H2 a chance
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