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  1. Posting on here and not on there does nothing to fix the root of the problem.
  2. Yeah sure of course, except you know that's not what we're getting for Infinite. It's gonna be another sprint/ability modern shooter with ideas poorly stolen from whatever is popular right now. And people will wonder why the tournament viewership is the lowest of any esport.
  3. Really hard for me to care about a series and content like that when they're playing a game with hitmarkers, three maps, no button Combos, and a BR that practically aims for you...
  4. Yes you're right, I didn't word it properly. The sentiments are still correct though. Reach halved the player population and overall community interactions, and then Halo 4 cut that number by about a third, if not more.
  5. Lord willing your favorite game series wont go to total shit because the developers are only concerned with making their multiplayer as unbalanced, non competitive, and as random as possible. Every single problem with 343/Halo today can be traced back to Bungie intentionally trying to kill the idea of a skill gap in Halo and turning it into more of a cash grab children's party game with each title release.
  6. Yeah people tell me that a lot. Don't worry, life will take you there too one day.
  7. I don't care how much the newer or younger fans love Reach, it is a fact that this game was what killed the franchise and halved the community. Sure NBNSv7 is bearable and the Forge/Custom game options were above H3; but we literally went from over a million concurrent players to less than half of that a couple of months after the game came out. There is no defending it, people who like Halo want to actually play a Halo game, the silent majority proves that people will simply play a different game that does the advanced movement/ability gimmicks better.
  8. The only thing better than this would be an actual fucking tournament for the game.
  9. Anyone else encountering a problem where matchmaking on MCC is literally unplayable? In the middle of my games I go black screen, the game selects a new host, and then it kicks me back out to the main menu. This has been happening to me for months now. I have tried using a different console, tried uninstalling & reinstalling MCC, tried wired & wireless network connection; I have literally moved states and this issue still persists. The ports of CE/H2/H3 are still trash, but now I can't even play ranked or social because of quit bans due to losses in host connection during every single match...
  10. Who says I get games consistently in matchmaking? MCC is the only game I play over the internet where I disconnect from the pre-game lobby before the match starts, or the build crashes while loading the map, and I'm still randomly getting Black-Screen mid game while the "host migrates". These games were never ported properly and this collection is still pretty much complete garbage.

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