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  1. Shoutouts to a Real One. At the end of the day, it is easier and more convenient to remain ignorant. We see this this in every aspect of life, including Halo.
  2. Would kill to have a long term reason to play ranked. It would be nice to at least know which playlists are temporary and which are more permanent.
  3. Because pretty much every single H3/HCS pro player is terrified of getting embarrassed in CE or H2 by people who know how to play those games. Since they take considerably more amount of skill to become proficient at than any Halo games that have come after, the accessibility is narrowed. Also there are virtually no orgs nor any ex pros that support H2C at all. And the lack of real prize money is a big factor. What exactly and specifically makes you say Halo 2 hasn't aged well? Is it because when you watch high level matches you don't actually know what's going on? The Anniversary maps in both CEA and H2A are some of the biggest eye sores in the entire series. Not fun to look at, even less to play considering all of the skill jumps and technical gameplay elements are gone. This mod looks so freaking sick. I hope I can someday play this on PC. Facts. The brown Foundry maps in H3 MLG variants are just as dull and unappealing as the grey in competitive Reach. You've earned a new sub my friend.
  4. Have you ever tried playing from the top of it?
  5. Give me a goddamn Spectator mode with an actual in game progression leveling system and leader boards for ranked.
  6. Yup. CE & H2 players are literally about to get a port, of a port, of a port of games that released over a decade ago...
  7. Just give me a Spectator mode and in game multiplayer leader boards/progression ranks for the love of God.
  8. Too bad you can't cancel any of your moves in that game and chain things together, basically just play like a floatier H4.
  9. Don't know if Mister Person has a TB account but I thought this video was dope.
  10. I wonder if this 4 man pro team will have as little impact on the next big Halo game as the last four man pro team working in 343 did. Can't wait to hear this line for the sixth time; "The pistol and movement in this game are just like Halo 1!"
  11. Of course they add H2 Hardcore back into ranked matchmaking and the population booms. I've literally found more games in 3 days than I have in 3 months. Look at MCC Feedback post on Waypoint and it's just full of kids upset that Arena gametypes and maps aren't in ranked anymore,,, This community deserves nothing.
  12. I wonder if we'll ever see ranked CE 4v4 on MCC?
  13. My friend where I'm from we call that the Xbox Live experience brought to you by Microsoft.

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