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  1. Gotta love how the only real features the community wants are things we have already had in past versions of the games or what has been available on PC for CE, H2, H:O for years. We literally just want modes and features back that have been stripped away over the last 13 years.
  2. If you would have told me in 2012 that they're adding in game ranks to H4 but people would complain because they have to get a 25 to earn a cool lil skin I would have said yeah you're goddamn right because when you create, support and only foster a culture of entitled babies in your community this is the response you're going to get. If you have a genuine problem with the ranked playlist incentives I hope whatever device you play Halo on explodes.
  3. This game not even out yet, wtf ya'll even talk about in here?!
  4. Makes some fucking banger montages tho
  5. Still can't find a single ranked game of CE or H2 and social is just SBMM on the worst maps possible; this collection is fucking trash.
  6. This is one of my favorite speech's in this absolutely excellent series. Top 3 Spiers moments.
  7. I love all CE maps equally except Dere. All my homies hate Dere.
  8. You guys were getting games back then?! I dont think I was able to load into my first match in MCC until mid 2015 no foolies.
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