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  1. Sacrificing shorter search times to become a shifty, unkillable, rubberband man in MM? I like it.
  2. He doesn't even play anymore.... Probably got tired of my chain grabs on FD
  3. Is this something they have addressed at all? I know we are for sure getting a custom game browser this year and I believe Dersky said they are looking into adding an experience based progression system as well. However I have not seen Postums or anyone from 343 respond to Team Beyond's requests for an Open API & Observer Mode in MCC.
  4. I feel this. I keep matching team of threes in HC. I understand it may be by design, but damn it never feels right not having a fighting chance.
  5. Because people like playing with a full screen to themselves if their teammate's POV is directly to their left or right. That would be my guess.
  6. Str8 Sick has a won both FFA and 4v4 LAN tournaments before.
  7. Not sure if Fricken has an account on here. But I implore anyone that enjoys H2 content to check out the tapes on his channel.
  8. We need like little highlight videos for these LANs.
  9. Besides MLG Orlando '07, what other FFA majors have you won?
  10. Sup. Looking for a to3 for the 4v4 tournament in March. Have H3 MLG LAN experience; will pay my own way to the event. Better than your current 4th. DM me.
  11. Such an underrated event. One of the very few MLG tournaments that actually made every team play in a properly seeded open bracket like how the FGC does it. I always thought the idea that AMs almost never getting the chance to play pro teams because they didn't get byes to the "championship bracket" was archaic and really hurt our scene. Yes it doesn't make sense to have Final Boss play the 256th ranked team in round 1 of a tournament, but the old MLG format really made it impossible for amateurs to get LAN experience against top 8 caliber teams. Especially considering at that time there were no more 1v1, 2v2, or FFA brackets being ran. I remember specifically there was a point in 2009 when XiT Woundz didn't win a single series for two consecutive tournaments but still kept their pro seed because of prior accumulated points. Even though it was painfully obvious those players were washed and didn't deserved to be ranked 14th and skip open bracket play.

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