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  1. Bro I haven't been excited for a Halo game since 2007.
  2. Tried my best to grind the MLG FFA playlist, I really gave it a solid effort. But fuck does it feel so boring and shallow. I don't find it entertaining to watch nor play. Spawning with sticky nades in the floatiest classic Halo game with the longest TTK makes for a really dull experience. Makes you think maybe there was a reason why we didn't have H3 FFA tournaments from 08-10 (sans a few AM only brackets here and there). Halo 2 Midship really is the uncontested king of Free for All in Halo.
  3. Walking backward is a fine counter strategy to a BXR. If you dont have the space, time, or accuracy to get 4 headshots off before your opponent has the time to get close and lunge than maybe consider developing your awareness so players aren't sneaking up close and killing you for free? And you can do something called a mid clip BXR (RRBX) which allows you to insta kill a player without a full BR clip. You're being punished in the game because you lose map control and you lost the neutral game; stop blaming a single button combo out of 20. Bleed through has absolutely no relevancy here. That all sounds well and nice, but that's not reality is it? CE and H2 are played a certain way and 343 will never, ever include button combos in Halo. So this is all just silly when we have a plethora of modern controllers that have paddles, extra buttons, remapping, etc. Being able to Claw on an OG S type or Duke controller was a skillset all on its own that added to what separates good players from lesser players. I didn't claw for years and still destroyed most kids in H2 with button combos. Being able to aim with the analog stick AND input the commands for a combo is what makes the game so special. I personally play with an Elite controller with paddles and some remapping so I can sweep my reticule when I RRX on MCC or Project Cartographer. Ya'll boys got any better arguments?
  4. And I'll take anyone up on that debate. I've said this many times before but if you get BXR'd (Assuming there's 8 decent players on a competitive map); you didn't lose the interaction because of as cheap gimmick, you lost map control and were out spaced. The BXR is just just the method your opponent chose to kill you with. You could just as easily have gotten stuck, get assassinated, double melee'd, RRBX'd, etc, etc. If you mess up the inputs you are punished by being stuck in a reload animation and force yourself into an un-actionable state. If you think someone is gonna BXR you, just hold back and start shooting or throw a damn grenade. There are counters and option for everything that can be done in H2.
  5. You might be thinking of Kurtiz. Also I find it funny how button combos work almost flawlessly in CE and H2 but ever since ~07 they have been considered taboo, easy to perform, having no drawback, etc, etc. Just seems so silly to me if you've ever watched and paid attention to high level play of those two games.
  6. I think my open and public unrelenting disgust for Reach has gotten me barred from the playtest flight sessions; however I am interested to see if MLG v7 settings will be utilized at all, shit even no bloom, no sprint in a ranked environment (not that Arena garbage) is something I can put some competitive hours into.
  7. Ranked has become so boring now. I can no longer find games in H2 Hardcore, H3 MLG 2v2, nor CE Doubles. I'm fortunate to get games in H3 Hardcore because I'm in the low 30ies but even then sometimes the search times will take forever. And I refuse to search H3 Arena because well...something about 4v4 with radars on, slow movement speed, kids playing as Dinos, low damage output, and equipment items on some of the worst maps Bungie ever produced does not feel like the competitive experience I'm looking for in classic Halo games. We desperately need PC cross-play as well as some form of experience based progression system.
  8. Just curious. Would love to see one of them. Also I'm not defending Mint Blitz's content. He uploads a lot of H5, H2A and just a lot of bot farming I dont find too entertaining.
  9. Have you yourself ever edited a montage before? Also shoutouts to Aussie Halo. They're having a H2 & H3 LAN tournament coming up.
  10. Lord willing, we'll see at least one official Halo LAN tournament that includes CE, H2, and H3 before Infinite is released.

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