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  1. With the way that this forge world has to offer. some people may agree with me others might not but.... we could actually remake a better Oasis map from reach days. i would love to see someone do that actually
  2. im actually surprised no one has started something like this or maybe i havent seen it. I dont know if im the only one that enjoys this but i love looking at the rosters that get formed for events. so far the ones i know of are: Optic Halo - Flamesword, Snip3down, IGotUrPistola, Ace *No Team Name* - 2gre, Heinz, Snakebite, Royal 2 Iso Pro - Prototype, Str8 Sick, Aries Caries, (4th) Iso Warp - KnightyKnight, Shield, Saintly, Matic
  3. Buckness do u have windows 7? i have a feeling it has issues with windows 7. and i know they have that windows 7 fix thing and i have ran it but it still doesnt fix it.
  4. i guess its not cause heres a update. i uninstalled everything once again and reinstalled everything. still crashing during games. i even tried installing the latest microsoft visual C++ and that didnt even work. im all out of options
  5. i uninstalled everything. games for windows live marketplace, halo 2 vista everything and fresh installed everything. didnt fix it. its a brand new copy of halo 2 as well
  6. Buckness, i have the same issue. same error but instead for me. it will randomly crash during playing or when the game ends and goes back to the lobby. it crashes. idk how to fix it. i tried uninstalling everything and reinstalling from scratch and didnt work. if anyone knows how to fix it i would appreciate a answer. I know its not my computer cause i have a Core i7 windows 7 with a Nvidia Geforce GTX 770 and 16 GB of ram. i even tried running it on a lower capability and even backtracking on drivers. nothing still works
  7. Hello all, I am currently a F/A looking for a competitive team. My playstyle is equivalent to a Filler Role. I can slay, snipe, support or do objective basically do anything to get that win. I have some lan and event experience under my belt. If you want to run, you can either FR/Send me us message on XBL @ GT: Insomniaborg (you can also tweet @ me) @Insomnia_MLG
  8. would u prefer that i enter scrims progress on here when i do them? instead of a new thread. (for example my scrim post)
  9. Let me know in the forum post i did if you guys would like me to do more of these. As long as someone streams it i can continue to do them if you guys want me to
  10. Let me know if you guys think i should do these more. Thanks Guys!
  11. Game 9: Simplex TS Roy 18 Kills - 11 Deaths (+7) Mikwen 16 Kills - 13 Deaths (+3)
  12. Game 8: Dispatch CTF Ace goes Huge 42 kills 33 deaths 19 Assists (+9) Enable goes Huge 40 Kills 28 Deaths 24 Assists (+12) FS +3
  13. Game 7: Haven TS Enable 17 kills 10 deaths 7 Assists(+7) Dersky 14 kills 8 deaths 11 Assists(+6)
  14. Game 6 Station 9 Ext RyaNoob goes 18 kills 10 deaths (+8) Roy dropped 10 assists
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