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  1. Great montage loved the "Conerd - My Step Daughter" part xD
  2. Gamertag: Kourages I be down to run some games
  3. Your Name: Kourages Winner: Kourages Round Number: 2 Score: 2-0 (Best of Game)
  4. Your Name: Kourages Winner: Kourages Round Number: 1 Score: 2-0 (Best of 3)
  5. Sup I'm interested in taking a position as a fourth member of the team my GT will be down below with more information Gamertag: Kourages Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada Qualities: 1. High Confidence 2. I can adapt to any situation in game including high pressure situations 3. I got excellent reaction time and amazing hand eye coordination 4. I make mistakes but I learn from them if you give me time 5. Callouts are something you don't need to worry about from me since I callout every chance I get from my position to the enemies position 6. I'm patient, and calm in game and out Cons: 1. Need to fix my idea of switching my buttons to much 2. I ask alot of questions about stupid things 3. I get discourage when the moral of the team or my teammates give up Contact Information: Skype: adeadlygeneration Twitter: @kourages Youtube: youtube.com/Kourages
  6. Hungry: Absolutely Dedicated: 100% Smart: That's for you to decide Responsible: Mistakes and loses to me mean that I can improve Mature: No bed times for me Gamertag: Kourages msg me or I will msg you
  7. Gamertag: Kourages Skype: adeadlygeneration Customs/MM: Both Region: NA Country: Canada State/Province: Ontario
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