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  1. There's no reason it can't be in current gen and next gen. Next gen can also release in 2021 and the game in 2020.
  2. The game is gonna be on the windows store, that's the only tragedy here
  3. So who's excited for that new xbox game Gea... uhm, shadow of the tomb ra... oh, wait a second, CRACKD... shit, hold on I know... F O R Z A
  4. I wouldn't say shitty, is getting carried by the third party games tho, the exclusives are meh
  5. They engine seems lighter, made for either big scale stuff (next warzone/BR) or better optimization for toasters (old pcs) also no sprint in teaser MC has a new AI thing too so hopefully cortana is scraped from the game
  6. the reason MCC H3 plays like shit is because the OG H3 was shit, I know that's something hard to process when you have your nostalgia goggles on but is time you all stop being so delusional
  7. They are not announcing anything about MCC at the E3 stage, maybe at the xbox event thingy or something else but not tomorrow
  8. so Anthem is another lobby simulator with no open world and boring loot like destiny
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