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  1. It's awesome that footage which does actual justice to the mlg era exists. Beyond outrageous montage clips. Just plays on plays and broadcasts of the whole arena, priceless.
  2. I usually find matches in hce pretty easily. The hardcore playlists I'll try for like 3-5 minutes and then give up and try h3 arena or ce dubs.
  3. CoD was just faster and easier to get kills on. I knew a lot of players who had greater success, liked the "real world" setting, and stuck around because of that, moreso than differences in features.
  4. Oby, gotta say I like what you're putting down.
  5. Anyone out there still the type to play with new players and bring them up to speed? pqrklife Also, are there any Philly area LANs or Philly-based players on here?
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