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  1. Maybe their roles weren't seen as necessary and they were 'let go'
  2. Smurfing is about ego and those who tell themselves otherwise need to do some self reflecting while practicing moon breathing with a local guru
  3. Also halo online Literally has 10x the viewers on twitch right now after summit stopped playing
  4. Summit doing the lords work. Playing halo, saying how much he loves halo, how if it was on pc he would be the best because he loves it, how if halo 6 is classic and on pc then he's in. Good shit
  5. St8 won first game against NV and have been up all second game
  6. Anyone watching contra's stream? Really hoping they get it together against apmh and crew
  7. But also I've spent a lot of years on forums where everyone is attacked for everything so if he was sincere and not snarky then my apologies
  8. Could have been said without calling shit meaningless. As if my question was ridiculous. Wouldn't be weird at all to have a side stream like the bravo stream for at least the final game. I haven't watched these for a while and asked a legitimate question and receive a snarky answer
  9. ok dude they're just fun to see. Jesus christ did your favourite super important team just lose or something?
  10. I ventured into hcs again finally. Sick of teammates quitting in it. First game, coli slayer, up by 14. Teammate quits and we lose.
  11. They're probably just going to reduce the distance the pistol is accurate from
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