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  1. Hello, is it possible to start a new thread with a quote from another thread. The "Reply to 1 quoted post(s) Clear" box in the bottom right hand corner is disabled for new posts. This box should act as a Que for quotes (always active when you quote) this way it could be possible to quote in a new post. Thanks
  2. Hello, Is it possible for Team Beyond to make it possible to start a new thread with a quote from another thread. Before I attempt to do it the old fashion way to quote someone, I was hoping it could be done easily through multi-quote. Thanks.
  3. Sorry, if I was not clear. I was referring to multiplayer, and the original Halo's secret sauce they used to balance and design the game. Imagine a piece of paper with a line down the center to create a list. Mindless fun on the left side, and competitive fun on the right. Everything in bold in your quote is competitive fun, and that is by design. The intent of the black mark left from your gun on the wall was not ment for people to write u suck on the wall--mindless fun or fun call it what you want, but for the sake of explanation I will call it fun. What people do for fun in the game is up to them. Did I ever jam up the entrance to the teleport on Blood Gulch? Yes, and I had fun. Did I do it again? No. Now, the man cannon in Narrows is mindless fun. Did I have fun doing three-sixtys in the air? Yes. Did I do it again and again like a little kid. Yes, because the game designer designed it to be so much fun. For them to create such a great experience fall damage which is competitive fun had to be removed. Just the other day four people finished me off in fortnight, and they all started to dance on my loot--that is what I call mindless fun game design.
  4. Another good point. Here are some of the reasons why it seems like the majority of the younger Halo community dislikes Halo 1, yet the older generation loves it. -All subsequent Halo games after the first launched with official online support through Xbox live. -Halo 2 to 5 is packed with mindless fun to keep kids/adults interested for a while. Mindless fun is when you buy a kid a toy and they end up playing with the box and packaging instead. That is why you see warning signs on packaging. You will sometimes see adults pop the bubble wrap because they want to have some mindless fun too. Three years ago I finally played Halo three on the Master Chief Collection to find out why my son loves Halo 3 so much. Well I must admit I was having mindless fun driving the Behemoth on the sand level. All I wanted to do was drive this slow vehicle with a bunch of people on it. Then I played Narrows on Halo 3. All I was doing through the whole game was launch myself from the man cannon, and try to shoot people in the air. All the dancing in video games (emotes) is all mindless fun, and it sells. Unfortunately, the first Halo has no mindless fun. Just competitive fun.
  5. I must admit there was a point in time I really didn't like Halo 1's multiplayer. You must understand I was truly unstoppable in Goldeneye on the N64 (sorry I had to toot my horn) with my ultimate strategy: grab the body armor before every battle then run up on my opponent with the RC-P90. Halo 1's multiplayer comes out and people at game stop are telling me it is like Goldeneye but more fun. Even Electronic Gaming Monthly was raving how great multiplayer is. Too make a long story short, I thought the Assault Rifle was as strong as the RC-P90--nope. And, you guessed it my strategy did not work; therefore, I really didn't like it. What kept me interested in the game was the shield recharging after getting hit, and they give you a shield to go on top of your shield--hence the name over-shield. The potential to use strategy to become unstoppable is there, and all I have to do is figure it out. Eventually, someone tells me you have to use the pistol. I quickly learn the pistol is the equalizer in the game designed to give you a chance to change the momentum in the game. Adjusting to the pistol was not a problem because I had to master the PP7 in Goldeneye 64 to get the Goldengun--opps I just tooted my horn again. So, Supermelee brings up a good point on people not liking the game at first. You also have to remember that Halo 1 multiplayer out the box is in Battle Royal mode where you start with a plasma pistol; a melee and you have to find better weapons on the map. I am sure other people had this experience of not liking Halo 1's multiplayer 100% until later on.
  6. Naw, trust me, you will be back in the spring (two months away) when you hear how great it is on Xbox one and better on Xbox one x.
  7. The Halo Paradox The roots of Halo is Halo 1, but everyone knows it by Halo CE. Major League Gaming used Halo 1 to start and extend the life of a possible Halo Esport. Halo CE was the first video game to get over 1 million players to sign up online and to compete on Lan for a prize which was a Plasma TV. I think it was EGM magazine that stated in its video game rumors section that the sequel to Halo's multiplayer would be the same as the original but with online functionality from Xbox Live; EGM also coined the phrase Halo 1.5 that created the long lines for the release of Halo 2. The Master Chief Collection gave us all a chance to play the original Halo with out a tunnel program or Lan on a game console. 343 Industries made it possible when posts online for years said it was never going to happen. My suggestion to you is to realize the Battle Rifle in Halo 2 (4 shots to score) and the Pistol in Halo 1 (3-5 shots to score) on a programming level is the same thing. When (not if) 343 Industries finishes work on the multiplayer issues for Halo 1 in the Master Chief Collection it will be Major League Gaming at home.
  8. Hey XLEX. Applo and I deserve a pat on the back for reading this post without you warning us "a long read coming up". [flash=] Wow, It took you five hours to read this. It took me one month and seven days, regardless we made it to give some good feedback. To be continued...
  9. Hello, the people here seem cool.

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