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  1. MLG Orlando Feb. 16-18 Thank you for taking time to consider me as your new Halo 5 coach! I am very excited for the 2018 Season. Since Halo 2 I have played competitively attending many LAN’s, MLG Dallas Halo 4, and recently many of the Microsoft Tournaments. I have coached at MLG Columbus Halo Reach and HCS Denver Halo 5. I also coached at a local 2v2 tournament for Halo 5. My goal for this upcoming event is to develop great relationships with my team and do our very best to prepare for MLG Orlando. I see my role as facilitating and making sure we have team call outs, opening plays, in game set ups for best use of the power weapons and power ups. As your coach I would watch everyone play over Mixer to coach as we practice working together for the event. I will also make everyone notes from our practices and scrims so everyone is up to date on the latest things we have learned as a team together. Coach - J Lo Halo If you are interested and would like to learn more please CLICK HERE or copy and past this link: https://goo.gl/forms/4mmSAQdZxQThfsVA2 GT: J Lo Halo Twitter: @JLobeck24

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