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  1. here are the results, as promised: https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/7wdezg/halo_mega_survey_2_results_are_in/ Thank you all for responding and for the help in getting this out there!
  2. Responses are now closed! I'll post the results here in a few days, but this may take a little longer than last time due to a much larger increase in responses. So I hope this answers this question. I have a much MUCH larger response count to view this time, so it will take longer.
  3. In a month from the post date. People may have been able to see the results before, but I'm keeping that disabled until the month is up. I posted this a few posts up, but perhaps it isn't visible enough...
  4. I seem to have left that out by mistake. My apologies... I've put a new question in regarding that.
  5. Yes, I reposted it on /r/halo. I also posted it to forgehub, and I may be getting support on twitter soon. Also, forgot to mention this earlier, but this will be up for a month; I'll post the results here.
  6. This will only take 6 minutes of your time to complete. It is anonymous. (Results come out in a month from the posting date.) Link to the Survey About a year ago, I made a survey on the /r/halo subreddit to determine the interests and concerns of the Halo community. Now, a year later, I have improved upon the survey; that is, fixed troubling questions that were criticised last time, removed those that were superfluous, and added some to answer questions that I felt were left unanswered. Upon further reflection, I realised it would be better to gather data from more sources than just the subreddit; as a result, I am posting the same survey here, so that all viewpoints are covered. Hopefully, through the gathering of data, I will be able to make some sort of comparison between the first survey and the last, and see whether attitudes of the Halo community have changed over the last year's events. Please answer truthfully, and again, to cover all bases, share it with any Halo fans that you know. Thank you for taking the time to complete this!
  7. Hello. Been playing Halo for a long time, back in the Custom Edition days. Stopped for a bit, started again, stopped even longer, and only gotten back into it recently. I've been looking for a forum with a lot of discourse and discussion on Halo, and I think I found the right place. Just wondering if there was a place I could read the rules on posting content, as I can't seem to find it at the moment?

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