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  1. On the note of aiming being bad post update, has anyone noticed whenever postums comments on the aiming, he only compares it to the 360/Xbox versions of the games? I haven't seen one person complain about the aiming and compare it to the original games, it's always in relation to MCC pre-update.
  2. This was obviously going to be a problem as soon as 343 mentioned rolling lobbies.
  3. You couldn't be more wrong. 343 went as far as to hire a prominent Halo Custom Edition modder to implement the fixes he made for the PC release in MCC. Sure a lot of them don't know the specifics, but they';ve hired on someone who sure as hell does.
  4. Yeah, something is up with H2 hit detection for sure. It's very jarring coming back to insider after playing project cartographer. That wasn't an issue on retail MCC.
  5. I believe that was Phil Spencer responding to a tweet about Halo 6 being on PC.
  6. Well I've lurked long enough, time to make an account in light of the good news! I remember discovering MLG H3 events almost a decade ago and locking myself in my room the entire weekend just to watch, today was a healthy dose of nostalgia to say the least. I can't wait to attend an event for the first time, HWC Seattle is going to be insane. I'll be bringing a couple buddies along for the ride as well, all aboard the hype train!
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