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  1. Feel free to check my channel out. I have about 170 videos, and make 2 to 3 video's a week. This covers montages, commentaries, live reaction's, and other stuff. All Halo related of coarse. I'll post one video below, and check out everyone else's channels. Always ready to help support a fellow Halo player! My Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/IZejikI Halo 5 Beta Montage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsEZbKiCb50
  2. Agreed. Everyone really needs to make a push to get sprint out now. If we don't take this opportunity were gonna be stuck with sprint for good.
  3. Ok good so it's not just me.. well maybe that's not good. But at least I know I'm not crazy. LOL!
  4. So I have this really strange problem in the Master Chief Collection, Or more like Halo 2 Anniversary control's. I swapped the triggers since they now give this incredible option so I can finally play lefty bumper jumper, and a problem has kinda surfaced. Dual wielding won't work in Halo 2 Anniversary. What I mean by that is when I pick up the secondary gun, instead of the player shooting the gun like he should. He just drops it, and throws a grenade. It's strange. Cause it doesn't happen in Halo 2 Classic, Halo 3, Or Halo 2 Anniversary Campaign. Also just got done playing a Halo 2 Anniversary Rumble Pit match, and notice the Banshee wouldn't shoot for me either with the triggers swapped. The reason it won't shoot is because the controls for the Banshee do not flip. Boost stays on the left trigger which is what I use to shoot. And the right trigger just does nothing since the boost, and shooting don't flip. I know these are nowhere near the biggest problems with the game right now, but I figured I would just get it out there, and see if anyone else has the same problem.
  5. Going straight to Rumble. Love the chaos that happens in FFA, and gotta stick with the tradition of getting that 50 in a FFA playlist first.
  6. Sorry I didn't know. It just popped into my head one day. I did figure someone else had to have the idea at some point. Just didn't really have the time to look at the time.
  7. To be fare I did say maybe not.... LOL. I won't lie there are some pretty horrific maps out there. Some of those maps from Team Slayer in Reach make me wanna throw a grunt into a canyon.
  8. Something like that would be great. This is the constructive ideas I like to see as responses. It would be awesome to bring in the map winner to 343i to explain why he chose to make the map the way he did, and perhaps help with the development process of making it. Or maybe at least play some part in the theme of it. Also I figured this post would get a lot of hate. Just nice to see someone make a decent response.
  9. Hey everyone. I kinda have an idea I think is pretty good. Maybe not, but hear me out. What if we took the best forge maps made by the community. Let's just use Simplex , and Nexus as examples. 343i holds a poll for the community to vote for there favorite forge maps from past Halo's. They choose Simplex, and Nexus. They then take these maps, and completely remaster them into true Multiplayer maps. So Simplex is now a Covenant theme map. While Nexus is now a UNSC themed map. Then they just throw in Sandbox as an old school forge map, and release them all in a Forge Dlc special. Preferably I think this type of pack should be free. But would you be willing to pay for something like this? Please let me know what you all think. Also I will have the video of me talking about it below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeSt7t4Zcno&list=PLOEtzuN_l54T_t2RgfS2WhTgVvsLpvHZn
  10. Burial Mounds was the greatest team snipers map ever.
  11. Looks pretty sweet. I know I will never see burial mounds remade. But this will fill my emptiness just fine.
  12. Thank You! I actually watch all of those guys. I just never really care. I just like throwing stuff together for something to do or its the 70 hours a week I work.... lol. Even tho I do understand the importance of it. One of my favorite montages being Lethul and Formals Avengers Dualtage. But I must emit. I hate editing in montages for the most part. I just like being able to see what I am watching. But I plan on getting better at it in the future. Even tho I will probably end up getting someone else to edit future montages. I am just more of the type of guy to get the clips, and game plays.
  13. Thanks! You can never go wrong with Zelda music.
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