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  1. Not like there was much doubt at this point, but the BR and magnum answers pretty much solidifies a burst weapon as the utility weapon.
  2. Many games have classes that revolve around recon or information gathering. What are some power ups that might work in Halo that focus more on gathering info for your team than aggression / defense? Think radar as a power up, but not as boring. I don't dare say the "p*** vision" words here, but a one time scan that briefly exposes enemy positions as a power up might be interesting and a counter power up to active camo similar to plasma pistol on a map acting as a counter to overshield.
  3. I think it's more likely that whoever in Xbox marketing put that page together does not have full visibility of Halo's release timeline and just needed to say something to note that Halo is not a launch game. 10 seconds of thought probably went into it.
  4. This is an entertaining thread with big name Halo and CoD pros and even Puckett, regardless of your own opinion
  5. I agree - I don't really think it's interesting evidence.
  6. https://www.xbox.com/en-US/consoles/xbox-series-x Way at the bottom in small text with the asterisks
  7. He’s not playing it for fun, he’s playing it for the big exposure opportunity
  8. Snipedown is in a Bud Light event and one of the games they're going to play is H3. If you want to watch him destroy big name streamers in Halo, now's the time.
  9. Staten is a manager now. These additions probably have no effect on gameplay or story and are purely to manage teams through the release of the game. He said it himself in his tweet. He is there to help ship the game and empower the team. It's not a good sign at all, even for the campaign, as it just highlights current mismanagement and probably puts the release date later in 2021.
  10. It could be momentum in any direction. Hold right for a second and then crouch would slide right. Allowing more freedom than that is basically a thrust (holding right and then thrusting back left).
  11. I'd rather see slide be purely momentum-based and not tied to sprint at all. A player needs to be full pressing forward for a short amount of time and then crouch button engages a slide. Sprint could just be an animation that kicks in at that same point in time if you do not slide and the player would keep the normal reticule while "sprinting". Maybe I'm not considering something with that which would feel broken though, since I haven't really experimented with it.
  12. I think you are actually saying something similar to what the video proposes at one point. His example in H5 is the sprint slide to aggressively push but then use thrust to back off after finishing the kill. The additional mobility of being able to very quickly push and then back out without getting punished for the hyper aggressive play changes the formula. He then goes on to talk about how these options in H5 reward individual, hyper aggressive plays and the team that capitalized most on this was Splyce in their prime. Remember that Splyce didn't even need to practice 4v4 Halo to be the world champions. While there is definitely a lot of skill involved with these sorts of plays, it's not the team-based decision making that people know competitive Halo for. He then goes on to posit that Infinite might not have the additional mobility options to be able to aggressively push and then bail out without getting punished for extending out of position from your team. You can sprint slide to finish off the kill, but without the thrust back the enemy team would clean you up anyway. Maybe this gets back to more traditional decision-making and takes away some of the individual aggression that more than likely paid off in H5. It's a lot to "take away" from a very specific type of encounter. I would have liked to see a wider range of scenarios.
  13. Speaking of no sprint playlists... H5 Mythic playlist is back for those with the game installed still
  14. Would it be possible to ignore all activity from a user, including reactions to my comments? Tencent is downvoting everything I post and I'm tired of seeing it.
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