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  1. Would it be possible to ignore all activity from a user, including reactions to my comments? Tencent is downvoting everything I post and I'm tired of seeing it.
  2. Was it pre-muzzle flash patch? Because that was ridiculous and made it impossible to track targets well without a gold stabilizer.
  3. It's just a gametype... a gametype that happens to fit pretty well within the Halo universe out of the box. The only major change to core gameplay I can imagine is the need for projectile weapons, which most people in here favor anyway. I don't see how it "bastardizes" Halo any more than Invasion, Infection, SWAT, Warzone, etc. Oh, and it happens to be a gametype that has massive popular appeal and is the gametype of choice for streamers. Look at Call of Duty Warzone as an example for how much the gametype can impact a game's player base. It could attract a ton of new players to the game, and those players may dip their toes into the also free Arena multiplayer to practice because trying to quickly improve your gun skills in a BR is frustrating. The one big downside I can see is that it so popular it distracts from the core Arena multiplayer because 343 is putting all of its time and attention on it as it is the money maker. If it doesn't live up to the hype and not that many people are playing it, well... it's just another gametype and we'll still have Arena. It seems to me like a risk worth taking.
  4. I’d rather be on a team of 3 against 14 other teams than a team of 24 against 1 team. When teams get too large, individual impact is reduced too much and the game isn’t as enjoyable for me. That’s a big reason why I’d take some kind of BR of any sort of warzone, even if I don’t like certain other aspects of BRs.
  5. Especially with the FTP announcement, it seems like a BR mode is a real possibility. How do you all see that playing out with Halo's sandbox and does that shed any light on core mechanics? How could a BR in Halo stand out from the rest? For example, I'd have to think that weapons would almost all need to be projectile in a BR on a large map. Especially on mouse and keyboard, it'd be way too easy to shoot across the map with the sniper and other rifles. Maybe this goes against one part of BRs that attract people, but I think not relying on looting as much would be refreshing. You drop in with the default recharging shields and the gunfighter pistol. Recharging shields means no med system. Maybe a lite overshield recharges itself so it is more like a permanent shield upgrade. Loot on the map would be guns, equipment, and power ups. A killed player would just drop their guns and equipment like usual. Ground vehicles like warthogs and mongooses would facilitate map movement. Teams of 3, like in Apex, would be perfect for warthogs. What would Halo's equivalent of the ring be? How would downed players / revives / respawns work?
  6. Another unpopular opinion... oddball is a snoozefest to both play and watch and we were better off without it in HCS. A BR mode will more or less take the place of BTB even if both are in the game because everyone will be playing the BR mode.
  7. Team shot Halo is boring to watch. H5 was fun to watch because of the movement (Shotzzy, Frosty, and Saiyan moving around the map was captivating). I don’t care about most classic weapons being in the game at launch as long as there is a powerful utility weapon to spawn with and a classic sniper rifle.
  8. Even just a multiplayer reveal date would have / would still go a long way. I think the complete silence and lack of transparency on what to expect next fueled the fire more than it needed to be. Much of that fire wasn't positive and led to wild speculation on the date of the build, multiplayer delays, etc. Hopefully that's not a sign of how they'll be receiving feedback and making game updates. I want to see the following... Multiplayer reveal date In depth walkthrough of the campaign demo with an employee (similar to the previous making of video but more focused on the engine and gameplay) Multiplayer gameplay reveal (arena, big team, battle royale) In depth walkthrough of the multiplayer demo with the multiplayer lead or the pro team focused on the multiplayer gameplay decisions Limited multiplayer beta flight (a public beta might be out of the question, but at least get some streamers and pros in on a beta) Am I expecting any of that except (3), no... but I think it'd help.
  9. No I just browsed without an account before this one
  10. I demand an apology from whoever said I was the same person as Toastomgi
  11. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/halo-infinite-multiplayer-teased-by-phil-spencer/1100-6480279/ Esports players being "heavily involved" I assume is the pro team at 343 and not anything bigger. For those thinking that arena multiplayer might be pure classic gameplay, that doesn't sound too hopeful.
  12. Does it make sense to consider 4 heights for jumps that maps would be designed around? 1: standard jump without crouching or clamber 2: crouch jump or clamber 3: clamber or spring (short hop + spring to be more efficient in some cases) 4: spring + clamber or spring + crouch (rare jumps that are not used by many to traverse a map) With this, clamber is not the only option for a jump height. Clamber is an easy option for new players, but it might be the least efficient option for those that know the possibilities. This means that new players can still move around the map well, but better players can do the same things faster and while shooting or throwing grenades.
  13. I think I saw a few mechanics that will help "advanced" mobility. Sprint and slide diagonally (4:14, 5:15) Slide immediately after starting a sprint (4:14, 5:15) Shoot immediately with visible normal reticule while sliding (4:14) Shoot and grapple immediately with visible dot reticule while sprinting (5:41, 5:59) Given that you can shoot with the dot reticule while sprinting, I'm assuming you can shoot with the dot reticule while clambering, but that wasn't shown (5:10)
  14. It will be telling what sort of esports features we have available for online play in the first year. What tick rate will the dedicated servers have? Will there be a match pause feature for disconnects? Will there be a full observer mode with some new tricks?
  15. 60% of people in here defending 343? Are you reading a different thread? I posted a couple times trying to point out some positives because it was so overwhelmingly negative in here. People in here try to paint things so black and white after watching a campaign demo.

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