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  1. There's zero chance even 343 knows exactly what their launch playlists are yet. It doesn't make any sense for that info to even be leakable at this point.
  2. The H5 aiming settings felt like a last effort to let players sort out their aiming troubles by letting them tune a bunch of values they didn't understand very well. The fact that aiming was not consistent in H5 from game to game due to factors seemingly unrelated to moving a reticule around the screen was a red flag that settings were never going to improve things much in the best case, and in the worst case they'd confuse players into making things worse for themselves. It's one thing to read a description of a setting and understand basically what it does and it's another to understand how that translates to the feel of the game and how it fits your personal preferences. The changes are so subtle it's way too easy to headcase, have a couple good games, have a couple bad games, and misinterpret the result of the changes. I don't mind those settings existing somewhere deep in the menus, but I doubt they had much of a positive impact in the end and were treated like a fix to a problem that couldn't be fixed with settings.
  3. I wish there was a way to play this mod on Xbox. Imagine if all the values you are tweaking could apply to a custom game in the custom games browser and there was cross-play. Aiming almost looks a little too frustrating for a controller, but maybe it feels better in practice.
  4. The only bad thing about this playlist is the weapons. Love the movement and maps, especially given they are community made.
  5. What are your realistic expectations on when we'll see gameplay videos of Infinite and when insider flighting will begin? I know they've talked about Infinite going through a similar flighting process as MCC and I know the release is scheduled for 2020 holidays. Halo 5 beta was about a year before release, but of course Infinite flighting is going to be different.
  6. Take a promethean weapon like the light rifle and let it shoot a temporary, small light platform that you could jump off of, and then the platform disappears.
  7. I'll hop on the Reach hate train. Reach made me quit playing Halo until MCC came out. The movement speed, jump height, and reticle bloom were unbearable. It felt like they did everything they could to slow down the game. I lasted a few weeks, but was long gone before any major title updates could come out. H5 at least felt something like a hybrid arena shooter that I could enjoy. Reach was totally unrecognizable to me.
  8. Does this make the assembled pro team Clutch, Mikwen, and Heinz so far?
  9. I agree with this 100%. We don't need dozens of weapons in the sandbox. Otherwise we'll just end up with a lot of duplication. DMR and BR can fill the same role as a primary. We don't need a long scope on the DMR and I'd prefer single shot over burst. I do think it's important for the utility weapon to look and feel powerful. It should have a fast perfect TTK with a longer average TTK because it shouldn't be easy to use to balance the fast TTK. Despite Halo 3's issues, I think projectile based weapons is part of that recipe. So building off what you said, I'd want low bullet magnetism but still plenty of aim assist with a red reticule. Guns should have some sort of tracer rounds and impact effects so it's obvious that they are projectile based and if you're missing, where your shots are going and what they are hitting. If people have to guess why they are missing in-game, they're going to blame the game and not how they're using the guns. I think this helps both competitive and casual big team play. No lasering people across big team battle maps with hitscan utility weapons with long RRR.
  10. Can someone clue me in on why the Buccaneers would tweet that? It seems super random unless Ryanoob lives in Tampa Bay.
  11. If developers can't be trusted to make good decisions with more information, then the game isn't going to be good either way. I think more information on how the game plays at varying levels would help good developers make good decisions.
  12. A lot of the people working on the game are not actually very skilled at the game. You might have some diamond level players, but I bet there's only a small handful actively playing Infinite that push into Onyx and Champion. This makes for some very lopsided play tests with a huge range of skill. I wouldn't trust a pro team to make fundamental gameplay decisions that shape the entire game, but I would want them actively playing Infinite during development and giving feedback so the developers can see how the game plays at a high level.
  13. A 30 second finals intro is all we need, just to send off H5 with the Goldenboy touch.
  14. 2 casters would be crazy unless there is zero budget. All 10 people in that tweet are not casters. Lottie is a host. Clutch is an analyst at the desk. Gaskin does interviews. Wonderboy is an observer. Let's say 5-6 casters rotating through. Maybe there will even be a Bravo stream...

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