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  1. I think they’ll add a BR mode next year and that will revitalize a shrinking population post-launch. After that, I think they’ll have a hard time sustaining that surge.
  2. Didn’t the same team win before and after AR starts? CLG / Optic. To me that says it didn’t make much of a difference in the results.
  3. From https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/halo-top-25: Bravo – Former Halo Pro Coach, and Commentator Elamite – Former Halo Pro, and Commentator Goldenboy – Halo Commentator (Also a Global Icon and National Treasure) Clutch – Former Halo Pro, and Commentator Walshy – Former Halo Pro, and Commentator Goofy – Former Halo Pro, and Commentator Mikwen – Former Halo Pro Gaskin – Halo Commentator Heinz – Former Halo Pro. Of those people, Bravo, Elamite, and Clutch all seem pretty surprised or dismayed on Twitter, which means at least one of the other judges put Ogre 1 significantly lower than 11th place. I don't know how that is possible from anyone who knows Halo. I'm not sure about Goldenboy and Gaskin, but the list of judges and the process that 343 put together seemed fine, so how was this the result?
  4. With run and sprint being similar, it’s so much easier to back smack sprinters with active camo. Never thought about it but much more satisfying with camo.
  5. Changing the ranked settings would not make him happier. He doesn’t think mixing the two keeps competitive integrity. I think ranked should match HCS though.
  6. I think when you joined the insider program means more than anything else in receiving an invite. I got an invite and I’ve only participated in one flight a long time ago.
  7. It seems like a BR dilemma is spacing the map out enough to let fights happen without a quarter of the lobby trying to 3rd party, but still keeping the game interesting when you're in the space between fights. Having lots of loot and constant upgrades to run around and look for probably helps the spacing and timing while not letting the player feel like they are in a void with nothing to do. The RNG also helps players without as much skill do well if they get lucky with loot, which attracts new players. I have no idea what I'm talking about though.
  8. Team skins on day one. http://aka.ms/EsportsEcoJune
  9. Say what you will about Shyway, but I thought this was a decent video with some info I didn’t catch. He’s one of the few on YouTube putting out content like it.
  10. To say that there is zero classic feel and 343 never listens to any feedback is clearly wrong based on what we’ve seen and been told. Is it a “pure” classic Halo? Of course not and it never was going to be, but it’s honestly looking like a better mix than I was expecting. We’ll see how the game plays and what the arena settings are like and can judge the competitive merit then, but I expect it to be better than the constant hyperbole on this forum suggests. The biggest change we should be worried about is how quickly 343 can update the game and settings post-launch given how long it took for H5 to be refined.
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