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  1. It’s pretty obvious. Halo 5 pistol was good, and at least some semblance of radar was needed due to flying around the map (IIRC radar was only active when sprinting and using AA). Infinite pistol is garbage, and the BR (while IMO needing tweaks) is still the best precision option in the game. You can’t fly around the map anymore with your default movement settings, so no radar is acceptable.
  2. They’ve made the BR way too easy at long range and way too shit at close range. I legitimately worry that BR starts really wouldn’t be that fun for these reasons Your earlier fix (h3 spread, quicker TTK, etc) is perfect for the competitive and casual communities. But 343 implementing something like that and fixing the weapon is a long shot IMO.
  3. 343 hires people who hate halo, he should change his tune
  4. Eh. Just wait for all the posts saying how great it is, just like people now are saying behemoth plays great with AR/Pistol.
  5. Agree 100%. Waste of time unless close range
  6. Wanted to share my thoughts. I’m actually enjoying playing for the most part, but there are so many annoyances and cons that I know if this is how the game launches, my enjoyment wouldn’t last long (but hey at least that would give me more time to play forza horizon 5). Without diving into all the details, some cons off the top of my head are moving HUD stuff to bottom right (harder to see, way too cluttered), outline system, battlepass and progression, physics/player collision, friendly fire, menus, aiming (just add modern aim wtf), a lot of seemingly useless new weapons (maybe I just need to get used to them?), the weapons I enjoyed in h5 gone or butchered (pistol, BR, light rifle, carbine, DMR), AR is OP, sidekick is shit, BR recoil, BR ttk is too long, BR seems to only do well at long range, scoping with snipe is clunky.. wow that list got long lol. At the end of the day, halo is only as good as its starting precision weapon, and as of now both the sidekick and BR aren’t doing it for me, and as far as I can tell those are the two only options (I guess commando but meh). I legitimately don’t know if I’d enjoy BR starts in the current state. Not that the OP AR and weak as fuck sidekick starts are good either. I feel like my enjoyment is more just coming from playing the new halo and seeing that there’s potential.
  7. They’ll add modern aim 6-12 months after launch
  8. r/halo top post: halo infinite pvp is unbearable on controller 343 post flight: feedback on aiming is overly positive
  9. So much stuff is post launch. Tough to be optimistic about this game. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/technical-preview-outcomes
  10. The opportunity was so good I had to remember my password so I could login ha. I would have commented years ago, but that was a time when NavG was still in his prime with top quality replies raking in countless +rep per comment. It was too daunting.
  11. That was just his primary reply. I’m sure an alt reply will follow.
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