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  1. Hey my brother and I are currently looking for 2 dedicated players for AGL 8, We both attended AGL Nashville and I have attended events for halo 2 and unfortunately reach. I have been around competitive halo for quite a while I know what it takes to win. We already purchased a team pass, so if you have a partial team like us and are looking to compete at AGL 8 contact me on twitter or live. gt- Mmazin6 @mmazing_
  2. looks like no more hardlight shield ordnance for me on dispatch..
  3. It'd be great if this would influence Lunchbox to return as well, I can still remember the Halo 2 MLG event where 5k made it out and made a name for themselves, it was so great. Midship Flag on lock.
  4. haha I have had work and havent been able to check this thread to make sure you got to see the results of the RC vs SH series but I am glad to have found this post haha
  5. Columbus always had a good halo showing for MLG, I would love to see an AGL event at the Columbus convention center. Such a cool place.
  6. haha never. It should be a good series, I just think that RC is slightly overrated.. just my opinion, I have checked out some of their scrims and they just don't impress me much. Series could go either way but I wouldn't be shocked at all if SH beats them.
  7. ha, its some wishful thinking I suppose. Can't help but root for the old school, don't know much about regicide, but I would just like to see neighbor bman and aries do well.
  8. Right with ya, I think they will be top 3 this event
  9. I hope that they open up the ffa to all the players eventually, not just the top 24 teams like I believe it is now.
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