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  1. Doubt you’ll get much push back for calling the Witcher 3 the best game this gen. Game is incredible, I’ve been playing it for three years straight. Meanwhile in halo land, it’s been 5 years and we still don’t have a clue of what type of game we’re getting this fall. I think it’s fair to say that the advanced movement trend is completely dead and hero shooters has been dominated by overwatch. Honestly I think a h5 v2 after all this time will make 343 look incompetent.
  2. I’m trying my hardest to not stat check all of these first lieutenant AR kids. I swear Halo is the only series where the low skilled players think they should have a greater voice then the series veterans. Or that the lower skilled players don’t realize that they’re not very skilled at the game. Super toxic I know but it’s infuriating watching a honest to god level 4 (I brought the game on steam yesterday) lecture to you about halo game mechanics.
  3. Yo wth is up with these post of people defending bloom and requesting AR starts on reach of all games. I feel like I got transported back to 2011, feels terrible. It's like the Halo community game mechanic comprehension just took a collective nose dive. Why do I have to explain why Auto starts in BTB is an awful idea that not even the likes of Bungie dared to implement? Why is bloom still a debate in 2019? We're so f'd as a series.
  4. Anything higher then 1.2 is fishy to me. I’d like to give the sniper some agency and have at least 1 shot to drop a enemy player with perfect aim. Snipers being caught out in the open or not paying attention should be punished, period. There shouldn’t be any “duels” between a rifle player and a sniper.
  5. It’s like a 1.6. Pretty atrocious if you ask me, even with the no bloom it still took forever to drop people. Average time was around 2 seconds plus, depending on aim. Snipers could easily squeeze out 2-3 shots by the time you dropped them. Extremely nauseating in high level play.
  6. Isn't the COD series 60fps in multiplayer? I'm not sure, it's been a while since I've played. But it still doesn't make any sense because H4 was still struggling to hit even 30fps. It literally took another console launch before they could reliably hit a constant 60fps on decade old games.
  7. It's funny watching 343 realize that they can't trick/dismiss PC players as easily as they can console players. PC players on average are lot more knowledgeable and expect only the very best, so that crap won't fly. Also that pro team comment was an absolute joke, there's no such thing as a PC Halo pro. So how would the "console" pro players know what RAW mouse input is supposed to feel like?
  8. Wait infinite is still launching on og Xbox ones? Holy smokes..what in the world is MS doing? Why would you release a 2020 next gen game on a nearly a decade old console and erase peoples reason to buy your new one? I literally don’t have to give MS any additional money to play infinite 😂. I already have game pass, so I’ll be able to play it day one on my dusty old Xbone in fall 2020. Hope they make up that 500 million dollar budget, not looking hot so far.
  9. CoD was just as big in 2007-2010 if not more so. This topic has been discussed to death, halo sales dropped because the game suck now.
  10. Are you sure about that? - Halo 3 sales 11.87 million - Halo 5 sales 5 million
  11. Not saying that but it was the easiest gun to no scope in the series at the time. No scoping was notoriously difficult in CE, H2 and reasonably difficult in H3. People did complain about the ease of use in Reach.
  12. Reach sniper had brain dead easy no scoping but nothing like the guns later in the series. Reach was the beginning of the end for the sniper rifle in halo, it officially became a joke with that disgusting toaster with barrel in H4. Yeah, 343 had several easy fixes in h5, they could've buff the fire rate of the pistol, make it a 4 shot with dropped bullet mag, or increase the ammo to 15 shots. All the BR really needed as a AA and Bullet mag nerf but no they decided to give it spread. This is the company we're dealing with, we need to keep it simple and clean. The less moving pieces the better.
  13. I didn't mention the CE Pistol at all in that post, so I don't know where this hypocrite stuff is coming from. I just felt that the DMR in its current form is redundant, the sniper is the ultimate long range weapon. Why have a weaker/easier version of the same weapon role? Just having the DMR in the game forces the developers to make the sniper easier to use to justify its existence. I don't think it's a coincidence that every Halo game with the DMR also has a ridiculously noob friendly sniper rifle. I just want to get rid of clutter in the sandbox. Mark my words if Halo infinite features the BR, DMR, Pistol, Carbine, and Light Rifle again the sandbox will continue to be a hot mess. It'll be another discussion on what weapon should be the primary for tournaments with 343 spending thousands of hours tweaking the primaries with multiple title updates pleasing no one.
  14. The autos fill the no scope niche already. Can’t imagine the frustration of using a precision weapon without a scope. Doesn’t make sense. Just let go of the BR my friend.
  15. I'm personally not a fan of the DMR's scope it steps too much on the Snipers territory. Revamp the DMR to a 2x scope and get rid of the BR.
  16. That would be beyond clunky. Just rip the band aid off, take out sprint and up the movement speed. So many years of development and money wasted tinkering with a mechanic that just doesn’t work.
  17. H3 autos weren't that bad... However, starting with one is where the problems started to happen.
  18. It's this total destruction machine. When you see Chief coming down of orbit, hitting the ground, and you know, doing all that stuff, we want to bring that to the gameplay itself." — Tim Longo on Spartan abilities. Dude just described ground pound. Glad he’s gone.
  19. Absolutely not. I want the entertainment, I want people asking for gamertags to check stats, I want the streamed 1v1 challenges, I want blood..
  20. That’s the beauty of tying mechanics to weapons and not base player traits. If it sucks just remove the weapon/item, I forgot radar jammer was a thing until I was watching og h3 multiplayer footage. Imagine if it was tied.......oh shit that’s right camo in reach.

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