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  1. That good old corporate stonewalling. I suspect we “might” get another 343 visitor as infinite draws closer to release. You know around that funny time all the major design decisions are already final, so our feedback will basically be pointless. Can’t wait.
  2. I’ll never forget the time leading up to h5 release, we had a ton of 343 members in here. Discussing actual gameplay mechanics, defending their design decisions and making the case on why we should buy the game. Although I disagreed with what they were saying, I enjoyed that little time of developer interaction. It felt like a small step forward. Then mysteriously the very day H5 launched, all the 343 members $uddenly disappeared. I’m almo$t 4 year$ into my inve$tigation, I’m $ure I’ll come up with an an$wer $oon....
  3. I have no idea why but the h2a sniper is leaps and bounds easier to use than the h2c counterpart. I can no scope players all day in H2a and can barely manage it in h2c. Also I can guarantee I’ve never ever missed a sniper shot on a h2a elite, they’re almost impossible to miss. Absolute massive player model.
  4. It honestly sucks to be a h2 fan right now. You’re stuck playing a broken H2 or ditching the platform altogether and play h2v. H2v seems like a major upgrade but it shouldn’t have to come down to this. We had a opportunity to put all H2 players in one place and although MCC is now a somewhat functional game I’m still salty that H2 is even in a worse state now then before the patch. Most halo players are completely unaware at how broken H2 on mcc is and 343 refuses to address it. Just sucks, this game was originally supposed to be only H2. Funny how things work out.
  5. Sorry for the multiple post but I want to state that I respect what the people are doing over at h2v, I have no personal issues with them at all but I have played and know people who have played against them. I know the tendency of little elite niche groups to grow a big head and think they’re the best who ever touched the sticks, the Xbc group for example. I just want to keep things in perspective, thanks to 343 H2 is dying or is already a dead game. Frankly even CEs competitive scene is much larger then h2 at the moment. So let’s keep it real.
  6. I would agree to this. I think it’s a much better way to put it.
  7. CE isn’t comparable because unfortunately CE wasnt an online game on release. H2 had the opportunity to have an initial large player pool that srunk overtime. Meaning that they were many “strong players” who played against other “strong players” for years online who have no interest in playing H2v. The same can’t be said for CE, there’s no comparable outlet. I could literally link you video proof of the players beating members of project cartographer in h2 but I hate getting into those debates and refuse to go down this e-pen measuring contest. You’ve made the extraordinary claim, so I think it’s more appropriate for you to prove that they’re no strong players on mcc or that the players who stopped playing halo weren’t ever good to begin with. I’ll concede that they’re more skilled players on h2v then MCC, I hop on from time to time and it’s a wasteland of tumbless players. It’s part of the reason I don’t play as much but to say that they’re NO skilled players on MCC at all is baffling to me.
  8. I didn’t say they can run circles around the h2v kids, I said most players in general. They are for all intents and purposes “strong players”. They can easily compete on the h2v people level, no doubt in my mind at all. Like I said it’s strange to claim to be the best of a niche port that most halo players haven’t heard of. It sort of reminds me of the xbc era of h2, where similar statements of superiority was made. A ton of h2 xbc players were exposed when mcc launched. It’s really hard to truly gauge your skill or really improve in a 30 player or so pool. I’d rather see how I stack up with the larger player base of xbl. There’s a absolute crap ton of highly skilled players who strictly do matchmaking social or have no interest in the competitive scene and speed run. It just how it goes in online games. You don’t know what you don’t know.
  9. H2 social is pretty brutal solo because of the MMR matchmaking. The stronger player you are the worse the teammates get, it gets to the point where you regularly drop 30/40 kills in a slayer and still lose. But it’s even worse when you grab another decent player, because you just steam roll everyone and it gets boring real quick. So I can’t even imagine running a team of four in social h2, major yawns. That statement that all the strong players are on project cartographer is extremely questionable, I know several people who can run circles around most h2 players and they don’t like the idea of a modded h2 on pc with that small of player pool. Not calling out those dedicated players, I’ve matched most of them in MCC over the years and they are skilled but they’re not the best. Maybe a more accurate description is “project cartographer has the highest density of establisehd h2 players”. I don’t know I just find it weird to claim to be the best on basically a modded pc port.
  10. Bruh MCC H2 still has fall damage, it was better before the patch tbh. I’ve already brought the shot registration issues, framrate bugs, and wacky spawns to postums but just got ignored. Most og H2 players just simply gave up. However, the real reason mcc players don’t dabble to much in H2, is that most players simply don’t enjoy getting slapped in H2. I’ve seen streams of H3 players complaining about getting 4’d across the map in midship. In their mind the gun shouldn’t be able to be that effective from base to base and that it hampers map movement. And they believe that the button combos are cheap and broken. H2 is a much more demanding game then h3, and they have no real reason to learn a completely different game when the game that they’re already skilled at is still relevant.
  11. Still not clear on why we’re not using the og H3 for tournament play. OG H3 is backwards compatible and is still the best version of H3. No need to bother 343 with patches to make the game more like the game that literally already exist and works with the xboxone online and on lan. Pros can continue to scrim in customs online, it’ll still be host based like the MCC version so there’s no difference. The only thing you can’t do is play the mlg playlist because of the population. But I honestly believe that if events used og H3, more players will just simply go back to that version and populate the playlist. The only negative I can think of is the 30fps which just takes some time to get used to. There’s so many things that are just objectively better in the og version that it’s shocking to me that we’re not using it.
  12. I feel the last few pages were an elaborate plot by beast and ice to get the evolved customs back together. Nice try guys...
  13. New aiming settings are pretty smooth. Just have to fix the shot registration next.
  14. Shockwave did have better placings overall. But Karma remained undefeated in 1v1’s in H2 and actual won a H3 event unlike shockwave. In terms of raw skill he was above wave. We can’t only rely on placings.
  15. Frosty, Heinz, and shockwav3 over karma? Heinz over fearitself? Heinz over neighbor? Yikes

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