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  1. That's good to know, still a risky change imo. Let's see how it plays out. EDIT Tbf that player with os is obviously a bot. A real player would've strafed the corner to hide the trail.
  2. The problem is that there's no indication that the player has an os before it's too late. In the older titles I can see a guy with OS and plan accordingly, now it's just a guessing game. I can't imagine that being fun in any way. Hopefully that's something they change fairly quickly based on feedback.
  3. Who tf was playing in that video? Can't tell if the BR has low aim assist or if that's the players first time playing a FPS. Storing OS/Camo in your backpack can and will be abused by skilled players, not sure how I feel about that. Other than that it looks better then H5, noticing the lack of thrust which imo is worst than sprint ever was.
  4. Ehh. I rather feel like I’m struggling to outwit a coalition of alien races that had humanity on its knees. Feeling all “SuPeR SoIdEr” always killed the drama for me. I can’t take anything that happens in the story seriously because the game is telling me that I’m unstoppable but somehow we’re always losing. Something doesn’t add up fam....
  5. Wait...the Knights have shields?? This is something I can't "prove" but I know it's true...If Halo wasn't funded by Microsoft the franchise would've been cancelled years ago.
  6. Browsing social media is mad confusing. A disturbing amount of halo players on twitter/reddit talk about how much they love halo and constantly make jabs on players who prefer the classic games, while ignoring the fact that the Halo franchise is a laughing stock in the industry and the multiplayer is a complete ghost town. I hopped on H5 for the hell of it and the population is so low I couldn't find a game. Like what are we praising here? Gaming is bigger than ever and what's left of the halo community is still riding a game from the bush administration (Halo 3). I've got to give some sympathy to 343 here. If you would browse twitter one can be lead to believe that the community is content with the state of the franchise. Every criticism is shot down by sycophantic players who clearly aren't actively playing the game. I imagine that this is how they feel justified not releasing any updates of substance on the state of the franchise. I have no idea why people nowadays won't demand better from the products they consume. It's to the point where It feels kinda cult like to me. Don't get me wrong I'm a ride or die Halo fan but I'm able to call out BS when I see it. I just remember the days where fans and developers used to attempt a dialogue for good of the game. Now it's players actual job to go on social media and defend the franchise they based their careers on for clout. I thought the 2012-2014 era was bad but this is a new low. Fingers crossed that infinite is decent.
  7. Are they seriously going to make Sprint worse then ever? How do they still not understand that escapability and long kill times do not mix?
  8. Man this is nuts. We were supposed to be in the middle of the honeymoon phase with infinite right about now.
  9. This is getting sad now folks. Fully expect MS to clean house shortly.
  10. It's beyond strange that we still didn't get a single piece of additional information post reveal. The F2P multiplayer reveal was a leak that 343 later confirmed. I would imagine that we would've gotten something 90 days later. Possible Beta details, window of launch, campaign/story details, equipment/weapon reveals, multiplayer reveal, development vidocs, something anything to give the fans something to chew on. Why does everything with this company take so damn long?
  11. I think the people that are acting like 343 missing the launch date for the Series X isn’t a big deal are delusional. MS has literally nothing to launch their consoles with, the brand image took a major hit. Corporations generally don’t like their subdivisions making them look like clowns. Technically 343 hasn’t produced anything to cover the cost of their upkeep for almost 5 years. That’s rent, salaries, healthcare cost, electricity, IT, building maintenance, etc all being paid for by MS with the understanding that they’ll see a return on investment. And guess what...343 is late with the “rent”. Personally I’m thinking MS might pull an EA/ME Andromeda and put the Halo franchise on hold after infinite’s release. Time will tell and I might be wrong but I guarantee that it’s not sunshine and roses up in Washington.
  12. This game is a complete dumpster fire. Everyone thought that infinite just had graphics issues but this hire pretty much confirms that graphics are the least of the games issues. Just cancel this crap and start over. This is just embarrassing.
  13. Not really. For the most part console releases are usually at the cutting edge of tech for the price. The 360 was a beast in 2005 tech and the series X seems to be continuing the tradition with a comparable PC costing 1000 plus.
  14. Gotta love the complaining about people complaining tactic. Always works.
  15. This is the only big name game from what I know, might be wrong. But I feel that they're just using COVID as an excuse, they can't say "we have to delay the game due to our internal mismanagement". Kinda gross but that's corporate PR for you.
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