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  1. That would be beyond clunky. Just rip the band aid off, take out sprint and up the movement speed. So many years of development and money wasted tinkering with a mechanic that just doesn’t work.
  2. H3 autos weren't that bad... However, starting with one is where the problems started to happen.
  3. It's this total destruction machine. When you see Chief coming down of orbit, hitting the ground, and you know, doing all that stuff, we want to bring that to the gameplay itself." — Tim Longo on Spartan abilities. Dude just described ground pound. Glad he’s gone.
  4. Absolutely not. I want the entertainment, I want people asking for gamertags to check stats, I want the streamed 1v1 challenges, I want blood..
  5. That’s the beauty of tying mechanics to weapons and not base player traits. If it sucks just remove the weapon/item, I forgot radar jammer was a thing until I was watching og h3 multiplayer footage. Imagine if it was tied.......oh shit that’s right camo in reach.
  6. Honestly the amount of fun creative gameplay possibilities are unreal. Especially with modern game physics. There’s already examples of gravity manipulation in the story/lore. It’ll fit nicely with the sword, hammer dynamic. And it’s a good example of a how to take things from other games without changing halos core formula. I wouldn’t even be opposed to have such a weapon be used in competitive play. I can think of some creative and skilled use of it in top tier play. Let’s be real we all want to see snipedown snipe people with cones from across the map....
  7. Always thought the half life 2 grav gun would be interesting in halo. I wanna launch traffic cones at noobs.
  8. The only games where the shots are somewhat reliable are h4/h2a. I can’t tell if it’s because of the crazy bullet mag or that 343 is just more familiar with the h4 engine. I stopped playing MCC because the two games that I enjoy playing h2/CE are busted beyond believe. I usually spend my free time now looking at my h2 collector edition box and sobbing....
  9. Bruh from h5 to infinite, I went from single to engaged within this time span. Crazy stuff.
  10. Is there any particular reason we have a level cap in halo? Can’t we just increase the rank cap every 6 months or something? Similar to MMOs. It’ll make sure that those players who play for ranks always have something to go for and it’ll prevent 30’s caliber players matching max ranked 50’s. Guess the game will have to have the population to support such a gap, but in a ideal launch I think it’s something to explore.
  11. Anything other than mcc h3. I'd be shocked if we don't have at least one NBNS event after the travesty that was Dreamhack.
  12. I hate to say it but hardcore h2 needs to go, or at least become unranked. I rather it be unranked personally. You just can’t find a game. I’ve never seen a playlist more dead and it pains me to say. I think an unranked version would do fairly well to be honest. CE 4’s on paper should be to 100 but in reality people just quit out all the time. I personally think the social setting it’s in hurts it. If it was ranked you’ll most likely see players stick around to the score limit and learn to appreciate the game more.

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