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  1. Is there any particular reason we have a level cap in halo? Can’t we just increase the rank cap every 6 months or something? Similar to MMOs. It’ll make sure that those players who play for ranks always have something to go for and it’ll prevent 30’s caliber players matching max ranked 50’s. Guess the game will have to have the population to support such a gap, but in a ideal launch I think it’s something to explore.
  2. Anything other than mcc h3. I'd be shocked if we don't have at least one NBNS event after the travesty that was Dreamhack.
  3. I hate to say it but hardcore h2 needs to go, or at least become unranked. I rather it be unranked personally. You just can’t find a game. I’ve never seen a playlist more dead and it pains me to say. I think an unranked version would do fairly well to be honest. CE 4’s on paper should be to 100 but in reality people just quit out all the time. I personally think the social setting it’s in hurts it. If it was ranked you’ll most likely see players stick around to the score limit and learn to appreciate the game more.
  4. The coalition is about to ship two full gears of war games before we even see gameplay for infinite. Just think about that for a second. Hopefully we get something later today. Because we still have no release date for MCC on pc either. This company man...
  5. So basically nothing changed from last year? We still don’t have the slightest clue what type of game we’re getting, the date for the beta, flights, how will this be playable on the og xbox ones, anything really. Like I said before, something is wrong here. This is a little strange to be honest.
  6. Wait I just realized something..Do we even know that the engine is complete? They’re extremely light on the details. Edit: Just googled slip space engine and they’re not done at all. They’re still hiring people to help build it. RIP.
  7. Not really enjoying this back and forth but just to clarify I never once said that they could just transfer assets. I just said that those designers had to be working on something, that’s all I said.
  8. And I can’t recall any of those 2 year dev games being any good. Most quality AAA games dev time is around 3 years minimum.
  9. So they will have only two years of development? On a game with a budget rumored to be around 500 million? You guys are nuts..
  10. Maybe I’m under the impression that infinite is a hero shooter, it could very well be at this point.
  11. I’m not saying that. I don’t know what type of pipeline they’re on and I don’t pretend to know. But what I do know is that those designers are absolutely working on something. We’re talking about having a job 101 here. Do you honestly believe that over half the studio has been dicking around doing nothing for years? I’ve never been a fan of secrecy in halo development. Halos developers have been doing this for years to create artificial hype. They purposely starve the fan base of any information robbing them the chance to give actual viable feedback. By the time we finally see the game, every major design decision will be set in stone with no time for reversal. Had we seen the potential horrific garbage that’ll be in the game in this years presentation, maybe that’ll be enough time to convince 343 to change course. But now it looks like we get what we get, E3 2020 is no where near enough time.
  12. That’s not how it works man. You don’t have artist, level designers, gameplay leads and animators sit around and do nothing while the engine is being built. The beta has to happen early next year with the flighting happening even earlier. They have a playable build, they just chose not to show it.
  13. How do you work on a game for nearly 5 years and not have any gameplay ready to show? We’re not even sure if it’s still a FPS at this point. Must be utter chaos at 343, maybe they couldn’t figure out what fad to chase this go around. Well here’s to another year with absolutely no information about a game half a decade in development.
  14. Bruh this conference is trash. Classic halo please save us.

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