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  1. Hey all,

    Just looking for people to grind the playlist with. I can play every day except Sunday and Wednesday (I have tabletop sessions those days). I work M-F until 5:30pm EST so I can be on after 6:00pm and all day on Saturday. May go to G4G if I find a group to go with but at the moment not planning on it.

    GT: Paladin MI

  2. Paladin, I'm sorry if my words offended you. I merely expressed my opinion of what I experienced while perusing the forums. I'll leave you with my response I left before I realized you left the discord:


    "I think there was a time where team beyond was a useful spot to congregate and have healthy discussions after the MLG forums dissolved. But the people who remained on the forums and the conversations that I browsed were the most toxic shit I have ever seen. A simple question from someone resulted in just a downpour of people just being jackasses if they didn't feel it warranted their time.


    With regards to the type of halo most members wanted I am obviously bias because I prefer halo 5, but that wasn't always the case. I quit halo 5 after the first 6 months because I hated it. When I wanted to return and try It again the team beyond forums are where I went. There was so much vitriol and non-constructive conversations. It was "halo is dead, fuck 343,trash game, bring on the next halo". I think I saw one meaningful discussion comparing the relative speed of gameplay to map speeds.


    Either way. It seemed to be to composed of a legacy halo community. But you can still engage in healthy discussions and dislike the older franchise. Maybe my experience is not representative of the whole if you're a regular there because I've only dropped in a few times. But that's exactly how I felt."


    Tldr;when I visited this forum to learn about h5 mechanics and the pro scene all I saw were non-constructive posts basically saying 'fuck halo 5'. Also saw people with simple questions shit on. I decided it wasn't for me and found the conversations I viewed as distasteful. Your experience may not reflect this but I think you can understand my opinion if these are the interactions I saw.


    To be clear. I've liked something from every iteration of Halo and have been playing since Ce (first game I ever played on a brand new Xbox). I personally like the direction Halo 5 went with their mechanics but completely understand someone disliking the direction it went. There will be those that like certain changes and others that don't, I accept that.


    I like having healthy discussions around those mechanics and changes between the different games to better understand what turned the other person off or get them to understand what you liked. I would never belittle another person's option because everyone is welcome to one. The discord is also useful for that and this is not the first time we have had discussions comparing previous halos.


    Josh and Fender both have opinions about the previous Gens that I'm sure you would have agreed with. Im not sure what you mean by "343 apologists". If you like a product I'm not sure what you'd demand as an apology. I disliked halo 4 and was vocal about that. I liked the matchmaking in halo 5 and made it known. There are plenty of things I hate about it (lack of split screen, worst campaign in halo history, broken UI bugs). Everyone has problems with every game on the discord, even if some are minor and some are major.


    Anyways I mainly just wanted to conclude the conversation as you left. I'm always open to different talks and discussions and wanted to apologize if my opinion of this forum (from my experience) was offensive to you.

    It was mostly aimed at spacechrist. I honestly felt like I was being spoken to condescendingly because of my opinion about H5. There are people here who like H5. I just feel they voiced their reasonings better.


    My leaving was more a recognition that I needed to cool down. I’m passionate about Halo. I don’t think rationally sometimes when I talk about it. I did not want to yell at anyone. One of my flaws is that I’m an angry person.


    I was about to get very angry. IMO, none of the mechanics added, besides possibly thrust (and that needs reworking imo), add anything to Halo. They changed the game at the absolute peak of its popularity, and it failed. It’s failed for 6 years. But the guys who like the older style are the ones who need to change? We’ve tried modern Halo for 2 titles now... maybe it’s time to try our Halo again.


    And that wasn’t supposed to be an attack on SVP or even personally on Spacechrist. I absolutely loved the idea of the group and I hope you guys are hugely successful! I guess it was less what said, and more the way he said it that made me mad. He even admitted he was being derogatory when he said I like “sloth” Halo. It just seemed like a “you’re wrong, I’m right, haha adapt” situation to me. That’s sorta what miffed me about the cancerous comment too. There is a lot of very smart people here, pages and pages of discussion about mechanics, design, etc. Everyone is here because we love Halo.


    And I’ve lurked here a long time. Everyone who is angry is angry for a reason. We love this franchise and it’s been treated like shit for the better part of a decade. Not even limited to mechanics. Updates, HCS, transparency, etc. All handled poorly.


    Also to clarify, the definition of apologist is “a person who offers an argument in defense of something controversial.”

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    As an original member of the Spartan V Program I'm sorry to hear that you did not enjoy your time in the program. I'm afraid I don't recognize you, and you probably don't recognize me, due to my swings in activity due to work. I know that Space Christ can be pretty opinionated and...passionate...in how he communicates in both written and verbal formats. I know that the general consensus in the program is that Halo 5 is great and dislike it being dismissed simply because it doesn't follow Halo formula (I myself think that, heavy aim aside, the current settings make for a good competitive shooter, even if it's not a good competitive Halo shooter), but the majority of people I've interacted with don't seem to take a stance on the game to that level, they just want an environment where they feel welcome discussing what they like about H5 and find Beyond to be the anthesis of that.


    Scrolling through only the past two days of posts on the Discord I don't feel like anyone was being disrespectful to you and I hope that you did not leave over frustrations with just one person. From my perspective, it seems like it's wrong of SVP members to dismiss Beyond as a cancerous place because they don't feel their acceptance and enjoyment of H5 is dismissed, but from just the past two days of Discord posts I don't feel that the majority of people found your opinions on H5 unwelcome, just seems that you were the only one with those opinions. I guess the distinction I have in my head between "H5 is a bad Halo game" versus "H5 HCS settings make a good game" lets me feel like I can be a part of both communities, but I guess even those who don't take their stances to the extreme would still have a hard time being comfortable in both.


    Anyhow, I regret not getting to interact with you during your time in SVP. If you want someone to play the H3 2v2 Hardcore playlist (or any of the hardcore MCC playlists) and don't mind playing with someone who's an absolute scrub at H3 please hit me up; I'm too afraid to play solo queue after the second game I got there searching solo wa one of the most cancerous gaming experiences of my life.



    I left because I felt I would not have been able to bite my tongue. I felt Spacechrist was being a bit condescending and I can become quite vitriolic when I feel disrespected. Didn't want to cause a scene. Yes it was mostly the one dude.


    Also the dismissal of Beyond as cancerous really miffed me. I mostly lurk, but I don't know, this place feels like home and it didn't sit well with me. 


    Also I'm equally bad at H3. Maybe our suckiness can combine and form some uber-suckiness that no one knows how to play against. And we'll get to 50. EZ. Or CE. CE is my love. I'll play that anytime.

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  4. https://www.reddit.com/r/CompetitiveHalo/comments/9r4idf/halo_5_vs_sloth_halo/?st=JNNW0QFW&sh=42ed1318

    This made me irrationally mad. I apologize if this is not the correct place to share this.

    Edit: Just went through his post history.... I can’t deal with it. Guy's an idiot. I’m in a discord with him and some other people for 8s. Mentioned posting the link here. Was told this was the most cancerous place. I’m scared for the Halo community.


    Edit #2: I understand why people get so mad. We watch this franchised get destroyed, then get laughed at by pissants when we try to discuss what went wrong and get told "it's the next step." I love this franchise and it just hurts that I can't vent frustrations without being "old" or "toxic." Honestly almost makes me cry sometimes. It's like watching a loved one ruin their life.


    Sorry about the off topic venting. Just feel like I have no where else to do it.

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  5. So incredibly low we should just assume it'll never happen. The H2A maps were mostly done by an outside studio that 343 is not currently publicly working with and I'm sure the small team they have working on MCC right now does not have a full art team.

    A man can dream.


    I’d just as soon revert back to H3 after this season. I really don’t want another 2 years of H5, unless we get ProMod levels of modifications to it.

  6. Psa. Discussing up/down internet speed mean almost nothing for lag. You need no more than 10 down to be able to transfer the data from h5/h2a but what causes you to lag the most is your ping. You can get 1 down and have a ping of 10. Ping is determined by distance and the routes your isp lets you take. If youre connecting to a va dedi and your isp is sending you to florida first then to va, your ping will be ass even if you live in maryland (extreme example). Basically you want as close to a straight line as possible but your isp might send you down different lines that are zig zags or just send you down lines that are slower in general.


    You should be saying. I ping 20 to a server 50 miles away. That gives us a way better idea of what we're dealing with.

    Mobile neg :( I owe you +1


    I only offered my up/down in response to the other guy, I know it doesn’t affect lag (although I was wondering if it wasnt specifically lag but just my shitty apartment monopoly internet). I believe all of the traffic in the complex goes in and out of one initial switch before routing off to each building, and from there each unit, And the same route going the other way. Probably the reason.


    And there no chance for me getting different internet. The company who own the ISP I get also owns the apartment complex. Bastards.


    I’m in west MI so I’m unsure as the where the closest dedi to me is.

  7. So now I’m really wondering why most of Pro Team left 343. The overall consensus so far, if you can call it such, is that the game will be open world, not that we can know without any info. I don’t know what sort of impact the SP would have on them, but I’m both worried and excited for MP. There are 3 options:


    1) It has returned to classic form and pro team was no longer needed, so they left, possibly to be able to compete.


    2) It’s just more of the same or MORE fucked up so they left because they were being ignored.


    3) They left for the sake of leaving (I.e. new opportunities, job boredom, etc)


    With neighbors tweets im more worried it’s already going to be more of the same. Although there was a rumor floating around that they scraped the initial H6 for his, so who knows.


    I just want a good Halo game man.

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  8. Yeah it would help so much in knowing how aggressive I should be with fights. I’ve had times recently that I’ll get into a gym fight, I see literally only one or two shots come of of their gun, but the game registers it as five and I’m dead. In those games I just stop fighting people who are looking at me. Really hinders how much I can help.

  9. Yeah the xbox network test just tells you your ping to the regional live login server, not whatever servers are actually used for your game so its kind of useless. The only way to tell what you're real ping is is to have something like a netduma router with utilities included to monitor that or to bridge connection through a PC and use a tool like Wireshark to spy on your own connection.


    You could be experiencing packet loss or just be in a location where the only server you connect to is a lot of hops away. Or more likely, its a combination of all those factors.

    I wish they would give us some sort of connection feedback in game :/

  10. I actually lived that same life last night. I get like 800 up and down and the H5 servers just had people kind of teleporting a little bit or just having weirdly laggy animations or bullets registering late. Not sure what's going on but MCC/Insider builds run better than H5 did for me last night. I didn't have full on people walking into walls lag spikes but you could definitely tell it was struggling

    I get 40 down 3 up and it’s the same for me: MCC and other games run fine, but H5 runs like shit, but it never did before I moved to my new apartment. Idk man but it’s annoying asf.

  11. They're not regularly that bad. Where are you seeing 70 ping? If it's in the Xbox network test thing that gives 0 indication of your ping to the actual server.

    Yeah it’s the Xbox network test. Is there anyway I could get an idea of my ping to the server? It’s super frusturating. The game is unplayable sometimes.

  12. Halo goes open world - no multiplayer until 2020.


    Okay, lets say that happens. What is next?


    Halo 5?



    Revert back to 360 / OG Xbox and take the smash route?



    The studio isnt really leaving the esports community in a good position + all of our advocates (Pro team, etc.) have quit.

    I really hope we don’t have more than 1 more season of H5. Its so stale at this point.


    I wouldn’t mind reverting to H2A provided they add more maps with the big MCC updates. That probably won’t happen though.

  13. fall 2020...

    Why should a full-scale Halo FPS get a release outside of the main "gaming season"? I think the only time this happend was with the EU version of HCE alongside the EU Xbox launch in early 2002...

    IMO, they should release when they won’t be going up against multiple other releases with how rocky the past 3 releases have been. So I’m hoping for early 2020. On the flip side, if they handle the game well competition wouldn’t matter.


    And I don’t want to have to wait 2 years :(


    Also please don’t have misleading marketing this time. That would help.

  14. So off topic, but I cant tell if its my connection or the H5 servers. I pull about 70ms for ping but i have awful lag issues. People teleport during gunfights, bullets do no damage, grenades are late, and the occasional full people walking into walls lag spike. Do i have a poor connection or is this just how the servers are?


    I havent played in months so idk :/

  15. Just started playing again after about a year, looking for people to grind with and get back into form.


    Able to play weekdays after 6:00pm est and weekends all day.


    Probably not going to Orlando (short notice for work and funds, would only be able to go with funding) but definitely going to



    Add me on XBL: Paladin MI.


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