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  1. Something something self selection bias. But in seriousness, I’m happy someone’s trying to bring everyone’s opinions together. Are you reposting it on r/Halo?
  2. Anyone looking to play? Just started playing again after a year. GT: Paladin MI
  3. Average player doesn’t want to have to pay attention for info. Having to think doesn’t go over well in the focus groups, y’know.
  4. Paladin MI MM/Customs MI I can only use discord/skype/whatever on pc to talk at the moment, no XBL talkback cable
  5. FTFY Nothing would surprise me at this point.
  6. This man has his priorities straight. I applaud you.
  7. You don't want to play Halo 6 Champions Battle Royale?!? Console. Seller.
  8. If your rig costs less than your car is worth you're not true #masterrace
  9. You still used it as a pejorative though? Your intention was to be negative. You were inherently trying to upset whomever the word was aimed at. By your own logic you're ok with every racial, religious, homophobic, etc. slur? OT: Has there been an announcement for the announcement for the announcement of the announcement stream for HCS info yet?
  10. Kinda OT but the patch announcement has somewhat revived my interest in this series. Maybe things are finally on the uptick. Created a new account and everything. Hey guys, I've missed Halo.

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