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  1. I broke the one month silence to say... Tried playing a little H5 tonight. How the hell did people stomach this game for so long? After playing MCC a lot recently, H5 is such bullshit.
  2. I have lost brain cells reading that Reddit thread. Where the fuck did this idea come from that no one ever picks up any other guns or move with precision starts?? I've played competitively since Reach. People definitely move around the map and pick up weapons. Seriously these people need to shut the fuck up and stop thinking they know better than 95% of the comp community. They "want to be rewarded with map knowledge" about weapon spawns? Bro, you get to like....mid level plat and everyone knows the maps and spawns. If you don't have a viable weapon off of spawn you *can't* move around the map to get weapons because the other teams has BR spawns on lockdown. AND THEN SOMEONE SAYS CE HAD THE WORST PVP IN THE SERIES. WHAT? WHAT CHUCKLEFUCK PLANET DO YOU LIVE ON?
  3. Splitgate would be so fucking good if the main gimmick of the game didn't exist. It feels so fucking good but there's no map control because you can literally teleport and I'm just like....so close yet so far. Maybe they'll give us a no portal mode? Or change it so.you can't shoot through them or something. Also they recently added clamber and sliding🤢 Halo wise, I'm finding it amusing everyone is losing their minds now that the flights are over. Tweeting that they "literally don't want to play anything else." Shit I'm sorry your video game world is so bleak that a very average Halo experience is blowing you away. And then they proceed to shit on the "ancient" games like Infinite is the second coming. Man, really shows the sorry state of the series. Imo, overall Infinite is a very very modest improvement over H5 (if only because I don't need to press 1000 buttons to do anything anymore) but it's still meh, I don't see why everyone is losing their minds. I had a good time with the flights. It's far from perfect. Very far. But at this point I'll take whatever positive I can get. But man take the blinders off. It could be so much better.
  4. I'm ok with the BR losing if you completely whiff a burst, but it's perfect TTK should definitely beat the ARs. BR perfect TTK beats AR perfect TTK AR average TTK beats BR average TTK This is assuming close range. Anything farther out BR should win out. Also off topic but is anyone else concerned about Frostys absolutely awful (imo) takes on Twitter about Infinite? Some of them have left me scratching my head. Then again I'm not a world champ so *shrug*
  5. Yeah! Only *we're* allowed to be insufferable, smug, resentful assholes! Obvious /s I love you all.
  6. Anyone else have to kill the build after every match because MM refuses to search again?
  7. So apparently the grav hammer allows you to fucking fly now?? Or is there equipment I'm missing.
  8. To clarify, I am not saying there is an acceptable number of racial slurs on anything... Now giant dongs on the other hand.. depends on what you're into. I don't judge.
  9. Yes, yes, of course. We're not here to enjoy ourselves. No no. So silly of me. Must pump money into daddy M$ wallet. One sec, gonna go unbox my Doppler fade stickered chest piece for only $2.50 (nevermind it took me $15,000 to get it) I can't tell who the other team is, but I'll be damned if we don't all look fresh as fuck. And don't forget the Uber legendary black undersuit cosmetic for only $15.99 more! I would suggest just going a CoD gunsmith route and just let us manually paint our weapons and armor but: 1) That's not monetizable. We must get the mandatory capitalism in. 2) There would be an alarming number of giant dongs and racial slurs all over everything.
  10. Rather off topic, but am I the only one who hopes they allow a toggle to have old fashioned RvB teams instead of outlines? Im happy they're trying to have player customization front and center but... I wasn't quite a fan of the outlines and struggled with target acquisition at times. But then again I'm also old so... Overall, I had fun with the flight, missed PVP though I am cautiously optimistic. Also inb4 they totally add a portal gun to ride off of Splitgates recent popularity.
  11. Hey all, Just looking for people to grind the playlist with. I can play every day except Sunday and Wednesday (I have tabletop sessions those days). I work M-F until 5:30pm EST so I can be on after 6:00pm and all day on Saturday. May go to G4G if I find a group to go with but at the moment not planning on it. GT: Paladin MI
  12. It was mostly aimed at spacechrist. I honestly felt like I was being spoken to condescendingly because of my opinion about H5. There are people here who like H5. I just feel they voiced their reasonings better. My leaving was more a recognition that I needed to cool down. I’m passionate about Halo. I don’t think rationally sometimes when I talk about it. I did not want to yell at anyone. One of my flaws is that I’m an angry person. I was about to get very angry. IMO, none of the mechanics added, besides possibly thrust (and that needs reworking imo), add anything to Halo. They changed the game at the absolute peak of its popularity, and it failed. It’s failed for 6 years. But the guys who like the older style are the ones who need to change? We’ve tried modern Halo for 2 titles now... maybe it’s time to try our Halo again. And that wasn’t supposed to be an attack on SVP or even personally on Spacechrist. I absolutely loved the idea of the group and I hope you guys are hugely successful! I guess it was less what said, and more the way he said it that made me mad. He even admitted he was being derogatory when he said I like “sloth” Halo. It just seemed like a “you’re wrong, I’m right, haha adapt” situation to me. That’s sorta what miffed me about the cancerous comment too. There is a lot of very smart people here, pages and pages of discussion about mechanics, design, etc. Everyone is here because we love Halo. And I’ve lurked here a long time. Everyone who is angry is angry for a reason. We love this franchise and it’s been treated like shit for the better part of a decade. Not even limited to mechanics. Updates, HCS, transparency, etc. All handled poorly. Also to clarify, the definition of apologist is “a person who offers an argument in defense of something controversial.”
  13. I left because I felt I would not have been able to bite my tongue. I felt Spacechrist was being a bit condescending and I can become quite vitriolic when I feel disrespected. Didn't want to cause a scene. Yes it was mostly the one dude. Also the dismissal of Beyond as cancerous really miffed me. I mostly lurk, but I don't know, this place feels like home and it didn't sit well with me. Also I'm equally bad at H3. Maybe our suckiness can combine and form some uber-suckiness that no one knows how to play against. And we'll get to 50. EZ. Or CE. CE is my love. I'll play that anytime.
  14. Spartan V Program. Idea behind the group is great, bunch of players helping each other improve. But it’s full of 343 apologists. I left because I felt my opinion wasn’t welcome there.
  15. https://www.reddit.com/r/CompetitiveHalo/comments/9r4idf/halo_5_vs_sloth_halo/?st=JNNW0QFW&sh=42ed1318 This made me irrationally mad. I apologize if this is not the correct place to share this. Edit: Just went through his post history.... I can’t deal with it. Guy's an idiot. I’m in a discord with him and some other people for 8s. Mentioned posting the link here. Was told this was the most cancerous place. I’m scared for the Halo community. Edit #2: I understand why people get so mad. We watch this franchised get destroyed, then get laughed at by pissants when we try to discuss what went wrong and get told "it's the next step." I love this franchise and it just hurts that I can't vent frustrations without being "old" or "toxic." Honestly almost makes me cry sometimes. It's like watching a loved one ruin their life. Sorry about the off topic venting. Just feel like I have no where else to do it.
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