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  1. A F2P multiplayer game with cosmetic Micro-transactions. Basically a cash cow in waiting and I would assume we're going to see team skins like H5.
  2. I hate being the dream crusher, but with Heinz on the pro team he will be unable to compete in Infinite like Neighbor with H5.
  3. @TheSimms @GoldenboyFTW I like it, keep it up and I'm looking forward to the next episode discussing the Infinite reveal.
  4. The Scar-thing had a sight/scope - no ADS used on any other weapons. Suppose that's not proof it isn't there, but it wasn't shown on anything.
  5. With 1 week left to go, I present my final #Believe meme for Infinite. I realize that it's unlikely that it'll happen, but I hold onto hope.
  6. I know we're a little past H3, but having the Reach forge options really opens up the editor to create cool/unique maps in a reasonable time-frame. If there ever is another H3 tournament they could get some cool new things in the mix. Looking forward to the wonky custom games that will come out of this.
  7. https://www.faceit.com/en/championship/5964985b-aba8-4f24-b5c9-3b1b9bf00adc/Halo MCC Open Qualifier/standings/classic Here's the standings, the teams tied for second place have to play to whittle down which 4 are playing in pro league.
  8. 343 should've used the H2-PC flights to test maps that they could be added into Hardcore, that way the new maps would be there day 1 of release and they'd have had feedback about which maps should/shouldn't be used or improved. Even if the H2A tournaments aren't going to last long, I'd imagine the H2A Hardcore playlist will stick around for people to play and having more variety would help the longevity of it.
  9. If we take 343 at their word (a risk to be sure), then flights should run up until a few weeks before launch just like the MCC flights. IF they've actually improved their workflow and pipeline then we could theoretically see weapon/map tweaks in the flight builds. With your H3 BR example, the gun has been around for 13 years and during that time has always been a projectile weapon that sucks online due to netcode. It's been too long for that gun to change. In a way it's similar to the H4 BR situation, the BR had been a 4 shot kill for 12ish years, then suddenly it's a 5 shot. It had become so ingrained in people's minds as a 4 shot that the change was heresy. If ever there was a time to change and tweak things it's before people get into their heads that a given gun should work in a particular way. Slightly random fun fact: the H2 BR is actually a projectile weapon, the projectiles just have a super fast speed.
  10. MCC flighting has been little more than beta testing, not exactly setting the best precedent for Infinite. Now with the difficulties 343 had with pushing updates out in H5 I would assume that they improved/streamlined their pipeline for Infinite. So it's possible that they won't necessarily need as much time to make changes to the game, thus allowing for a shorter beta/flight period. That said, I'd bet Infinite flights will be little more than a glorified beta.
  11. There is another conclusion, that after the very misleading marketing to H5 343 has decided to tighten their marketing window thereby reducing the amount of unrelated or late changed materials being shown to the public. Beyond that other games have shown that a shortened marketing cycle can also spur hype and anticipation, Fallout 4 is a prime example of this. This would go along with Microsoft's/Phil Spencer's motto of 'showing a game when it's ready to be shown.' After Scalebound they've been trying to show games closer to release. And besides that I cannot deny that there are all time high levels of anticipation for Infinite's reveal, even if patience is wearing thin. Not saying that this is the case, but there are other options to the game being in complete shambles. I for one agree with you and think that Infinite's developement has been less than smooth.
  12. Supposed leaks about Infinite, I wouldn't put stock into it but figured I could share He's got 2 more about the campaign as well. No mention of thrust, alongside this the grapple hook was supposedly a dropped concept for H5 that was spotted in that We Are 343 video. Looks like easy bait to me. I guess we'll see.
  13. https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2020/03/03/halo-combat-evolved-anniversary-available-now-for-pc-with-the-master-chief-collection/ PC CE is out. Seems like an awfully quick turnaround to me. Edit:
  14. Not disputing that it sounds counter intuitive, but I don't see Infinite's public flighting starting before a demonstration of the game for all to see. And 343 has to release hardware specs prior to flighting to ensure people can play it. It would be odd for that kind of info drop occurring prior to E3, but I could be wrong. To follow the idea that 343 is going to start flighting before E3 and even before they officially show off the game: it would be an interesting experiment for 343 to let the game essentially market itself by just starting to invite people and letting them stream/capture and share the game, but realistically as Microsoft has a fairly sizable stake in the success of Halo it would be a potential risk to try something like that whereas E3 has been proven able to sell products. The other possibility would be that Microsoft is going to host some kind of Xbox event before E3 to show Infinite and other stuff off, but there's been no indication of that thus far.
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