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  1. 343 should've used the H2-PC flights to test maps that they could be added into Hardcore, that way the new maps would be there day 1 of release and they'd have had feedback about which maps should/shouldn't be used or improved.  Even if the H2A tournaments aren't going to last long, I'd imagine the H2A Hardcore playlist will stick around for people to play and having more variety would help the longevity of it.  

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  2. 25 minutes ago, Trespa5s said:

    True, but that's really also all they can do.  Imagine the shit storm that would ensue if they tried to change the H3 BR to hitscan for example. 

    If we take 343 at their word (a risk to be sure), then flights should run up until a few weeks before launch just like the MCC flights.  IF they've actually improved their workflow and pipeline then we could theoretically see weapon/map tweaks in the flight builds.  With your H3 BR example, the gun has been around for 13 years and during that time has always been a projectile weapon that sucks online due to netcode.  It's been too long for that gun to change.  In a way it's similar to the H4 BR situation, the BR had been a 4 shot kill for 12ish years, then suddenly it's a 5 shot.  It had become so ingrained in people's minds as a 4 shot that the change was heresy.  If ever there was a time to change and tweak things it's before people get into their heads that a given gun should work in a particular way.  

    Slightly random fun fact: the H2 BR is actually a projectile weapon, the projectiles just have a super fast speed. 


  3. 11 hours ago, Trespa5s said:

    Unless they're OK with people making the accusation that the flighting was just a marketing ploy with no intention of making adjustments, they have to start within the next month/two, and one would have to presume that they'll show gameplay before the flighting happens.  I suppose it's possible to have closed flighting with an NDA, but that really wouldn't make a whole lot of sense. 

    MCC flighting has been little more than beta testing, not exactly setting the best precedent for Infinite.  Now with the difficulties 343 had with pushing updates out in H5 I would assume that they improved/streamlined their pipeline for Infinite.  So it's possible that they won't necessarily need as much time to make changes to the game, thus allowing for a shorter beta/flight period.  That said, I'd bet Infinite flights will be little more than a glorified beta.  

  4. 7 hours ago, _Synapse said:

    This is all pure speculation, but Infinite being in a horrible state is all that we can assume. 

    They've already gotten their player hype train started, it makes zero sense as to why they've had such a tight lid on all information surrounding the game. Giving selective positive info in regular time intervals would have, at the very least kept the hype train fuelled.

    343i are well aware of the fact that players are hyped for Infinite, yet they still prolong the information drought. This isn't in line with Halo 4, MCC, or Halo 5's marketing campaigns either.

    The only assumption that's left to make is that the development has been highly tumultous, and there's still a lot of uncertainty regarding the game. The alternative, is that the game is underprepared for any real demonstration. It's been a long time since H5 released, so unpreparedness either means that they've spent a ridiculous amount of time developing the new engine, that they've drastically upped the scale of the game in some way or form, or that they've just wasted a lot of time. 

    There is another conclusion, that after the very misleading marketing to H5 343 has decided to tighten their marketing window thereby reducing the amount of unrelated or late changed materials being shown to the public.  Beyond that other games have shown that a shortened marketing cycle can also spur hype and anticipation, Fallout 4 is a prime example of this.  This would go along with Microsoft's/Phil Spencer's motto of 'showing a game when it's ready to be shown.'  After Scalebound they've been trying to show games closer to release.  And besides that I cannot deny that there are all time high levels of anticipation for Infinite's reveal, even if patience is wearing thin.  

    Not saying that this is the case, but there are other options to the game being in complete shambles.  I for one agree with you and think that Infinite's developement has been less than smooth.  

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  5. 20 hours ago, Trespa5s said:

    Also, unless they're planning on having flight/beta that everyone can get into the surprise drop goes against their plan to use flighting as their testing because it'd be like "surprise! a quarter of people who signed up can play Infinite today!"

    Not disputing that it sounds counter intuitive, but I don't see Infinite's public flighting starting before a demonstration of the game for all to see.  And 343 has to release hardware specs prior to flighting to ensure people can play it.  It would be odd for that kind of info drop occurring prior to E3, but I could be wrong.  

    To follow the idea that 343 is going to start flighting before E3 and even before they officially show off the game: it would be an interesting experiment for 343 to let the game essentially market itself by just starting to invite people and letting them stream/capture and share the game, but realistically as Microsoft has a fairly sizable stake in the success of Halo it would be a potential risk to try something like that whereas E3 has been proven able to sell products.  The other possibility would be that Microsoft is going to host some kind of Xbox event before E3 to show Infinite and other stuff off, but there's been no indication of that thus far.  

  6. 7 minutes ago, S0UL FLAME said:

    Personally would like to see Powerhouse Hill and Anchor 9 Flag replace Penance and Battle Creek Slayer. With the upgrade to Forge, we could see some decent changes to the former two.

    Bonus points if we somehow get ZBNS versions of Bomb and Oddball. That would really open up our options.

    I think I remember reading that ZBNS will be a toggle-able option within the settings, we could very well have Bomb/Oddball. 

    Maybe @Tashi can confirm or deny?

  7. 5 hours ago, Warlord Wossman said:

    Movement speed is still 120% just like mlg v7 but jump height is 125% and gravity 200% which has the neat side effect that jetpacks don't shoot players up as fast as on mlg settings. On mlg v7 the 150% gravity already nerf jetpacks a bit but you don't feel it as much as on 200%.
    And for map changes there are a shit ton of them, the Penance change is far from the only difference, would make quite the list to bring up all of them.

    Since @Knighty Knight was asking about the settings tho the 60 second powerups, 90 second sniper/GL/SG and 120 second rocket have a lot of impact.

    Ah okay that's nice that they confirmed megalo carries over, didn't see that anywhere (wasn't really searching for it either).

    I'd be very interested in trying these settings out.  I enjoy v7, but as has been stated there wasn't really time to improve upon them and there are issues that can/should be addressed. 

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  8. 1 minute ago, Snipe Three said:

    From the little bit I've read it sounds similar except in his case it would be more like a distaste for how things have been more recently I'd imagine. What I'm talking about is just more or less being curious about what it would be like if people who made a lot of the older games made an FPS in the spirit of what they made before. So it would be like old CE or Quake devs producing something that looks new but feels old in a good way 

    Doom (2016) would like to introduce himself to you.

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