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  1. 1 minute ago, Snipe Three said:

    From the little bit I've read it sounds similar except in his case it would be more like a distaste for how things have been more recently I'd imagine. What I'm talking about is just more or less being curious about what it would be like if people who made a lot of the older games made an FPS in the spirit of what they made before. So it would be like old CE or Quake devs producing something that looks new but feels old in a good way 

    Doom (2016) would like to introduce himself to you.

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  2. 19 minutes ago, Sandman said:

    game developers are clueless and all want to make the same wack game

    I've seen it said by multiple people that the games industry and the number of people in it is smaller than it looks.  It could be less of companies copying each other and more of just the same devs bouncing between studios making the same changes/design choices that they made everywhere else.  Kinda tin-foil hat stuff, but not completely unrealistic.  

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  3. 2 hours ago, Zavehi said:

    Oh the classic "exposure" sell. I'm sure Dreamhack, Faceit, etc is really excited to pay for tournaments to then get the zero exposure they would get from running a tournament on the Halo channel (where they get there name in the corner) when they are consistently running bigger tournaments in bigger games on their own channels where they have full control over everything. 

    I suppose, considering we just watched a tournament on a twitch channel created a week before the event with what to me seemed like limited promotion from Dreamhack themselves it just feels like the Halo scene is getting shafted because of this arrangement. 

    I don't get how having /Halo host the channel takes control away from the TOs. 

  4. 13 minutes ago, Zavehi said:

    These organizers are running these events front to back. The plan with Grassroots is to build partners so that when Infinite hits there are multiple partners that are invested in the growth of the scene. It would make no business sense for them to invest in something when they are forced to do things that they don't get any benefit from. 

    They'd be getting exposure that they wouldn't normally get due to the potential audience that the Halo channel could bring in, allowing them to build their brand up.

    If the end goal is to build the scene then 343 should be doing everything they can to show off the events that their partners are bringing to life.

    IDK, it seems counter intuitive to me.

  5. My only real issue with the announcement is that the blog restates that TOs within the grassroots program and their new style of partners will be streaming from their own channels.  I think that the /Halo channel should host regardless of who is putting on the tournament. 

    I suppose I just don't really get why they (Halo/343) wouldn't host and if that could be answered sufficiently that would be great.

  6. 4 hours ago, Riddler said:

    they already answered this.


    not even kidding. The majority (not all) think neutering gameplay is worth it if the player feels more immersed.


    I'm glad you shared this as I hadn't seen it before (being relatively new around here).  I know it'll never get answered but I can't help but wonder where the indication of "most Halo players expect to be able to sprint" comes from.  I've seen 343 devs spurn community surveys on if players want sprint or not as confirmation bias or otherwise an isolated survey from the larger community, but if their data is coming from a Waypoint survey or the like wouldn't they be doing the same thing?  Maybe a larger sample size but the people on Waypoint are generally going to fans of the 343 games, at least I would assume.  If someone could prove me wrong then be my guest (I know how unlikely this is to happen). 

    It also reveals that try as they may, 343 is unable to fix the problems that sprint creates within Halo's combat loop.  The escapability problem can be minimized through the sprint ramp-up and delayed recharge but you can't get rid of it.  As long as sprint is in the game this problem will remain. 

    I know it's been said before but seriously, you don't need sprint to make an FPS game fast paced.  Doom 2016 did this with an upped base movement speed, hell Halo 2 had a faced paced gameplay loop and that came out in 2004. 

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  7. 37 minutes ago, EddyAOS said:

    In the Twitter thread below, @TheEld2 says "the gameplay will be exactly this: Sprinting, sliding, and clambering but nothing else"

    Does that mean there won't be any thrust? Thrust seemed to be the most liked advanced movement mechanic, and most pros I've seen discuss Halo Infinite agreed that it should be in the game.

    It is just rumor, but that would be a classic move from 343.


    Pros: Please remove sprint

    343: Alright we got rid of thruster pack

    Pros: ... we never had a problem with that

    343: ... Why don't you like our game?

    -This is a characterization of how it feels to interact with 343 in a number of situations and not how they actually interact with the community.  343 has promised more transparency over the past few years, if Infinite has sprint in it I would very much appreciate it if someone could please explain the reasoning behind its inclusion in the game.  This question has been asked before and dismissed as "not that simple of a decision" with no clear answer given.  As a result we often end up talking past each other in a manner similar to the fake exchange above with neither side getting anywhere.

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  8. 5 minutes ago, Trespa5s said:

    I'll give you the bullet magnetism, but ADS/Zoom has always been in Halo, it's just been a different animation than now.  


    I'll admit that it affects the game a lot, the same way advanced movement did with CoD.  My point is though, that while it affects the game a lot and doesn't feel like the "OG Halo" that we all love, that doesn't mean that the game itself is bad.  

    ADS/Zoom didn't exist on EVERY weapon, such as the sword, shotgun, plasma pistol, AR...
    That and ADS affected bullet spread on autos.

    I agree that sprint alone doesn't make the game bad, but it does it no favors.  Halo 5 is not a bad game, but it's not a great game either.  It's well made sure, decent balance.  I can point out the various ways that the game suffers as a result of sprint's inclusion.  Hell I can point out how clamber adversely affects Halo.  Ultimately another Halo game with sprint in it is just another shooter on the market, sure it will look more like Halo but if the gameplay continues to mimic other shooters then why play it over something else?

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  9. 9 minutes ago, Trespa5s said:

    I was referring to the actual abilities, not the "damage" it's doing to Halo.  I, personally, don't mind that modern Halos have sprint.  Maybe it's because I've played a lot of CoD over the years and just got used to having enemies that sprint?  Either way I just don't think it's that big of a deal.  I did mind getting three shots on a guy that ran around the corner like a headless chicken but won the fight because he knocked me 300 feet back and depleted my shields.  


    On the other side, I do understand that to some, Halo isn't Halo if it has sprint.  People also enjoy being able to goof off and go for ground pound only games.  That's totally fine.  

    You do realize that SC only exists because of sprint right?

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