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  1. The more I think about it, the less the oddball score change makes sense to me. Games were taking too long? So what? If you get a more accurate result of who is better then who cares how long it takes? Does 343 think people aren't watching/playing because of how long games are? Or something else? Also did pro players have any input in this decision or is this another Breakout situation?
  2. #Believe Quick side note: I made this before Battlefield announced their battle royale mode
  3. God I hope not, but 343 has shown that they like to chase trends so yeah...
  4. Exactly, great games sell well. 343 hasn't made a great game. At best H5 can be seen as a mediocre product. Even the McAffree himself describes it as "doing just fine". To quote the Big Bang Theory, "the fourth Harry Potter movie was 'just fine'" In a market the more or less ignores average products, Halo has released sub-par games and has been kinda thrown to the side. Most games as a service launch with a lack of content with the intent on adding it later, thus driving longevity. I don't like this model and I think H5 proves why it shouldn't be implemented in future Halo titles. Like you said, just going to classic gameplay alone won't fix the problem. You've got to do something interesting with it. But at the very least it does offer a unique experience not offered anywhere else in the FPS space currently. At the end of the day, we're speculating on rumors with no tangible facts. I guess we'll see in 4 days.
  5. I did mention that they are different, but yeah there are radical differences between a Moba and an FPS, but I was kind of trying to point out that the system doesn't fit Halo. Like I said before, if 343 isn't going to add lots of new gamemodes or change them significantly, why do this type of model? I see more and more of the talk that traditional game releases are going to the wayside, but that seems to be because EA, Activision, and the like have seen that they can make more money doing games as a service. It's not because people won't buy them. If a single player only game like Skyrim can still be sold at full price 7 years later, then it seems to me that the old way can still work. If you make a good/fun game, people will probably buy it.
  6. I would use League as the counter example for this type of model. If the developers want to really 'keep things fresh' so to speak, then there will significant changes that happen fairly often. That means that I as a player will have to stay on top of those changes to stay in the loop and know what has been added/buffed/nerfed. After a certain amount of time there is just too much change. There have been several League characters that have been completely overhauled to the point of nonrecognition, and that can be frustrating for people who knew that character well and how to use him/her. Now I will need to relearn everything about that character just to use them semi effectively. On top of that there have been overhauls to the perk(I forget the official term) system that applies modifiers to your character. So I ask you, why keep playing if everything is just going to be flipped on its head in a few months? I've played with many friends in H5 that when coming back after a weapons tuning update that the game was very frustrating and didn't want to continue as 343 was probably just going to change things again. Obviously Halo and League are very different games, but for this system be worth it you have to have meaningful changes and have them often. If you're not really going to to that, then why do this games as a service model? Now I would also point out that Sony and Nintendo are releasing traditional games, full of single player content, and they are doing really well. People still expect that kind of release, still want it. Halo was the complete package for so long. Kick ass single player and multiplayer. I want another awesome package, all in one. I want H6 to be the best game it can be. I don't think offering the separate components as 'separate games' is the way to do that.
  7. In a community, the larger Halo community that is, that ostracized 343 for releasing FORGE(and other gametypes) post launch, they think that they should split the game and release it as two separate products. That seems like a bad idea, also kinda looks greedy(you now have to pay double to get the whole thing you used to for a single low price). If by some chance that they are releasing a MP only game to tide us over until a full release of H6 then maybe... Guess we'll see in a few days though, but these rumors don't look promising to me.
  8. When I got my external I had to reformat the drive on my PC to get the Xbox to recognize it as a drive that could be used. At that point you could partition the drive and have a portion formatted for the Xbox and format the rest to do something else. Even if your Xbox recognizes the drive right away you could still go and divide the drive manually on a PC. At least I'm pretty sure you can.
  9. 343 needs to display "We removed sprint" at the end of their trailer and I'll be hyped as fuck. In reality we'll probably get a cinematic story trailer with little to no in game footage(this will be the H6 debut after all) but if they give a definitive date for a beta or when we'll get to see actual gameplay, that could be really good for the community to have something to look forward to. Like you said hit or miss, but here's hoping.
  10. I'm seriously way too excited to see the 2gre and Ola on a team together again, so much history there. Maybe it'll just be another third place team but I'm rooting for them regardless.
  11. I'm pretty sure Frank O'Connor said that Halo 6 will be on PC, will edit if I can find the post. Edit: Found it, https://www.resetera.com/threads/phil-spencer-hints-at-classic-halo-coming-to-pc.38507/page-5#post-7185532
  12. Probably because Trevor Noah took up all the time asking about tank fetishes.
  13. I came here after the battlefield V reveal expecting some conversation about it. Surprisingly nothing What is this, a Halo forum?
  14. BO4, we copied parts of R6 Siege and got rid of all that wall running and jet packs people hated.
  15. Neighbor streaming HCS settings tests, Strongside currently observer https://www.twitch.tv/masoncobb
  16. Someone resorting to personal attacks? On the internet??? No... How could that be?
  17. I only caught part of it, but from what I saw they were talking about Tashi's journey and how he got involved in the scene to where he is now.
  18. I know the forge maps aren't great but I'm still surprised no one posted this.
  19. Ah, ok. Then I'm probably remembering some video where it got shown off because it looked good.
  20. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Sentinel start off as an aesthetic map? Sure there is a map around it but I swear the intent was to make something that looked good rather than play good.
  21. A little while before HWC some pros were testing a Sanctuary remake(@@RyaNoob I do believe). What ever happened to that? Shouldn't the pros be making recommendations on which maps to test not the other way around? Maybe they did and it just wasn't mentioned, but I doubt it with the way these things go.
  22. I really hope there will be significant settings changes for whatever season or tournaments come next. A settings change that revamps the game can shake things up and make them interesting as the players themselves will have to 'relearn' the meta. Bring in some forge maps and maybe oddball or assault and it could be one hell of a year for competition, even if it is still H5.

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