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  1. Here's hoping that 343 developed a more robust observer system than H5's - not that it was terrible but there was definitely room for improvement.
  2. Alright, so how's the outline system going to work in comp? Are teams going to be required to sync up the colors they're using or what? Cause I can easily see it being confusing to someone if 4 people are all using different colors. Waypoint article said each player will keep their customization/settings, but idk it seems like something that could throw people off.
  3. You cannot hold more than 1 powerup at a time, tried it with OS. You can activate it on the stand and pick the next one up.
  4. Something else interesting, it looks like powerups will fill your equipment slot - and you can carry multiple of a single piece of equipment (5:34 of the VOD player has 2 dropwalls). So it stands to reason that someone can carry multiple camos or OSs. Going to try and grab more than one tonight.
  5. 45 was the standard if memory serves. I'd really like it if 343 gave us the ability to change how long the camo lasts similar to the custom powerup options from H3.
  6. From what I saw, yes. However camo has been nerfed to hell, looks like it only lasts 20ish seconds. Edit: It's absolutely on a static timer. In the full slayer match they showed it spawns at the exact same time as the skewer (6 minute mark of the VOD). No way that'd happen otherwise.
  7. Will I be seeing any of you Spartans in the Infinite flight this weekend?
  8. So, uh..... anyone seen any good deals on apartments lately?
  9. This is from over a year ago so IDK what ever happened with it or if it's still the plan, but I think we'll be in a better position than with H5 settings. Also part of the point of doing equipment instead of base abilities is so that if it's broken it can be tweaked, fixed, and/or removed.
  10. Well, Halo becomes another shooter to implement player outlines. I hope we can toggle it off - I think a workable solution would be to have a toggle for friend/foe so that it could be turned off for either your allies or enemies. Honestly I think a better solution would be to make ranked still be RvB, but that's me. Here's what I saw: "Combat Evolved" is back, Oddball will be there day 1, there will be bots (see blog post), there's a gun that combined the scattershot and the plasma caster, there's little to no delay in shooting when coming out of sprint (see BR shots at 47/48 seconds), there's an annoying AI thing that will "assist", there's equipment that doesn't look conducive to competitive play - though I will give it a try before tossing it out. Here's hoping we get a really good look at gameplay tomorrow.
  11. Nice to see 343 didn't even read the map's description before putting into matchmaking.
  12. Don't know if anyone cares, but with Reach Hardcore they swapped out Pit on Forge World with a version build on Tempest. I don't know if the change in map had anything to with it (my gut says no but I'm not up to date with Reach's spawn zone system) but the spawns will flip sides on Pit Slayer.
  13. A F2P multiplayer game with cosmetic Micro-transactions. Basically a cash cow in waiting and I would assume we're going to see team skins like H5.
  14. I hate being the dream crusher, but with Heinz on the pro team he will be unable to compete in Infinite like Neighbor with H5.
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