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  1. TSM FTX Snip3down on Twitter: "It’s a bittersweet Halo launch day for me, happy the game was released but also gutted because with that early release I won’t have the time necessary to compete to win at the launch tournament with Apex priorities. Got my hopes up to finish my Halo competitive career with a bang" / Twitter No Snipedown unfortunately
  2. Lo and behold, 2 years later they'd sell that mod to you for $60 with a fraction of the maps and a non-functional matchmaking system to boot.
  3. Oddball will almost certainly make it in. If we could get some half-decent neutral bomb settings I think that'd be good too.
  4. Big takeaway is that forge will be coming 6ish months post launch, so there's going to be no way for us to tweak player/weapon spawns. Unless EE will be getting access to those tools early. Other than that, we'll probably get a release date and next flight announcement at Gamescon.
  5. Good video as usual. My 2 cents: the Infinite BR felt really good to use, I really hope it's the starting weapon. And if all else fails here's a crazy alternative: BR/Sidekick starts. Por que no los dos?
  6. Here's hoping that 343 developed a more robust observer system than H5's - not that it was terrible but there was definitely room for improvement.
  7. Alright, so how's the outline system going to work in comp? Are teams going to be required to sync up the colors they're using or what? Cause I can easily see it being confusing to someone if 4 people are all using different colors. Waypoint article said each player will keep their customization/settings, but idk it seems like something that could throw people off.
  8. You cannot hold more than 1 powerup at a time, tried it with OS. You can activate it on the stand and pick the next one up.
  9. Something else interesting, it looks like powerups will fill your equipment slot - and you can carry multiple of a single piece of equipment (5:34 of the VOD player has 2 dropwalls). So it stands to reason that someone can carry multiple camos or OSs. Going to try and grab more than one tonight.
  10. 45 was the standard if memory serves. I'd really like it if 343 gave us the ability to change how long the camo lasts similar to the custom powerup options from H3.
  11. From what I saw, yes. However camo has been nerfed to hell, looks like it only lasts 20ish seconds. Edit: It's absolutely on a static timer. In the full slayer match they showed it spawns at the exact same time as the skewer (6 minute mark of the VOD). No way that'd happen otherwise.
  12. Will I be seeing any of you Spartans in the Infinite flight this weekend?
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