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  1. Ummm... Your opinions are not as good as mine, fight me?
  2. Another factor is the actual hardware itself and how it interacts with the software. H3 was made specifically to run on the 360, that type of optimized/specialized code running on different hardware can cause odd errors and other oddities that you wouldn't think would occur. While the code can be 100% the same, it might not run the same way as before on a different hardware set. I'd bet that all these things have compounded into this mess so the game doesn't determine spawns the right way.
  3. First Halo: Halo 2 Favorite Halo: Halo CE First Competitive Halo: H2A Least Played Halo: Halo 2 Favorite Gun: CE Pistol Favorite Map: Sanctuary Favorite Pro: Lunchbox
  4. Stream was pretty solid, a few technical hiccups here and there but nothing major. Listen-in audio was suppar but @GoldenboyFTW made a Pucket Rocket reference so I wasn't too upset. Also liked that perspectives would switch teams when in a listen-in, cool to see.
  5. Shout out to @Knighty Knight for actually staying on a player's POV through death cam. I know that you want to go to where the action is but getting to see what people do off spawn can be interesting and really enlightening to see how pros play certain situations.
  6. Anyone want to team up for a H2 4v4? I hear the competition is thin.
  7. I thought the Peter Jackson thing was for Halo 3, that project was canned long long ago. This was the Spielberg thing I think, and it's gone absolutely no where. I'd rather them just abandon this show at this point. Though I would say that at this point it's doomed either way, 343 releases it and after years of development hell it sucks or they release it and after years of development hell it's kinda good, but it's been so long that people don't care or assume it sucks and don't watch it. And if it's on some premium streaming service, it's only going to hurt viewership more.
  8. While I do think the Guardian score change might be a good idea(at least to test it out), the fact that no one was asking for these changes is somewhat telling. I know 343 talked to team captains about testing the changes in scrims, but we don't know any more than that. Will 343 change it back if the pros don't want it or what? There is a lack of clarity in the Waypoint post on this subject, and the overall tone of the post indicates that 343 has settled on these changes and will implement them regardless, assuming their backend data supports their assertions. And who is this change for? I guess this could be to improve viewer experience, but I don't really get that angle. Basically every commentator acknowledges and explains that a game become mathematically impossible at a certain point and usually says so when that time comes. I also agree with Moses, this change shouldn't come for the sake of randos in matchmaking.
  9. Not with how Xbox One handles accounts/save data. While you can delete local save game data and accounts, you can't move that information between hard drives or other mediums. It has to do with their choice to have everything backed up by the cloud and some other changes to the data storage architecture, which is really useful at times and a hindrance at others.
  10. That's disappointing, well played by Denial. Time to go back to my hotel room and root for Tox. (It was a great weekend though)
  11. I do not, I think it's a bo7. Edit: it was a bo5, Splyce knocked out
  12. RNG up 2-0 over Splyce on the B stream https://www.twitch.tv/hcs

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