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  1. Not with how Xbox One handles accounts/save data. While you can delete local save game data and accounts, you can't move that information between hard drives or other mediums. It has to do with their choice to have everything backed up by the cloud and some other changes to the data storage architecture, which is really useful at times and a hindrance at others.
  2. That's disappointing, well played by Denial. Time to go back to my hotel room and root for Tox. (It was a great weekend though)
  3. I do not, I think it's a bo7. Edit: it was a bo5, Splyce knocked out
  4. RNG up 2-0 over Splyce on the B stream https://www.twitch.tv/hcs
  5. They're going to start showing the H3 2v2 games on stream rather than all the H5 matches. Edit: Tox vs RNG will be on the Bravo stream
  6. No, though we were told that some MLG folks were helping with the broadcast.
  7. 3 minutes is 180 seconds, almost the whole 200 that's needed to win. Assuming the other team has about 160-170ish points range it's not impossible for teams to make a comeback. Difficult as you need to hold the ball pretty much the entire time but not impossible. I remember plenty of H2A oddball games going to time and it really only became mathematically impossible in the last 30 seconds or so. I guess I'd want to know when teams were ending games, was it within the last minute or more than that typically? And once again I ask, were the players giving input into this sudden change?
  8. Bloom introduces a level of inconsistency into gunplay/shooting. I'd argue that it takes away from skillful engagements. You can lose a gunfight because your bullets didn't go where you were aiming, not because your aim was off. If both of you were spaming the trigger to get the kill, both get the same amount of shots off, but you don't trade with him then it's not really a feat of skill just dumb luck. CLG arguing for radar was about the inability to keep track of people sprinting/thrust-sliding around the maps if I recall correctly. We got the ability radar which took care of that issue and as far as I'm aware most pros agree that it's the best compromise considering we won't get a no sprint H5.
  9. I just wish the players actually had control of the settings. It's frustrating as hell to watch decisions be made with matchmaking more in mind than actual tournament play. This just reminds me of CTF overtime settings, why not just change the overtime settings for Lan and pretty much eliminate replays(something that is actually very time consuming)?
  10. The more I think about it, the less the oddball score change makes sense to me. Games were taking too long? So what? If you get a more accurate result of who is better then who cares how long it takes? Does 343 think people aren't watching/playing because of how long games are? Or something else? Also did pro players have any input in this decision or is this another Breakout situation?
  11. #Believe Quick side note: I made this before Battlefield announced their battle royale mode
  12. God I hope not, but 343 has shown that they like to chase trends so yeah...

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