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  1. It's popular because it's at the top of the list and because it doesn't have H4 in it. It's also the only way to play Ce 4v4s after 343 removed the CE 4v4 playlist (thanks again for that 343).


    Let's not kid ourselves that the bias for playing the playlist on top is absolutely massive. This holds true across many games and genres even.


    H4 isn't in it? Wow, that shows how long it's been since I played Slayer on MCC.


    This is entirely anecdotal, but from speaking to friends that aren't in the comp scenes, they always speak of deathmatches, how many kills/kill streaks they dropped. The only time I hear thoughtful discussion on map strats, comp integrity, or things of the like is on here or with select people I play games with.


    I'm not saying there's a definitive approach to slayer or playlist management, just that I think we should think of the overall game's health in regards to everyone.

  2. I don't think the argument is that Slayer is for stupid people. The overarching point is that the objective and playing of the mode is more simple that most obj modes. Someone mentioned the main point about why it will more than likely remain a playlist in titles (especially on console) forever, and that's precedenct. We're at the point where a huge number of players identify deathmatch modes with shooters and look for that as soon as they boot the game up.


    I would venture to say that people who have this mindset aren't going into deathmatch modes with a mindset of winning, ranking up, getting better, etc. They're wanting to shoot other people and get kills, which is fine, it's just different than the mindset we share here.


    As far as having it as a mode in HCS, it can be useful because there players see a Slayer game going on and identify with it. Now, is it the best mode or most entertaining to watch? No. Could it be improved? Yes, vastly.


    To bring it full circle as Slayer relates to the MCC, it has been the most popular playlist through all the junk and brokeness of that game. It would be pretty crazy to remove it once the update comes out if we're wanting the game to be populated.

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  3. To chime in on the discussion about quitting, does everyone know that once any player quits, you can quit after without a penalty to rank or ban?


    This was added a few months ago to help the players remaining in match. However, I do know that if you're leaving matches first, you get the 15 minute ban and a full loss of division within the rank.


    Edit: But, yea, I too have noticed less quitters now than there were in the early life of the game and even back in early Summer. Maybe I'm just getting lucky, or the players that are left care more about rank, etc.

  4. I don't mind the idea of reevaluating Slayer and its purpose in the competitive scene. However the current argument for its removal just isn't enough justification for me.

    If definitely shouldn't be used as a "use on any map" gametype and map selection should be tighter around Slayer. I'm fine with it only being used one or twice in a 5 set series.


    Yea, I agree. It feels like, for H5 at least, that the thought process revolves around having Slayer as a gametype across the board while being very selective with the other two gametypes. I've never liked the idea of having slayer always be a Game 7. OBJ gamemodes (especially in H5) have more chances to bring those hype plays that turn games around. Slayer usually devolves into a game of spawn kill and sprint across the map to repeat the process. There have been a few really hype slayer matches, though. It just needs reworked.


    Another thing to consider is that adding another gametype *cough* oddball *cough* would lessen the amount of times Slayer comes up in the rotation.


    no guys it's trash, no one likes slayer, the pros hate it, CTF is better



    cmon get real, also btw if you dont agree with me i'm going to berate you



    Noooo. I'm enjoying being back on Beyond for the first time in over a year (the cooper saga). Don't ruin this for me!

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  5. Man, oh man. I'm very glad to see some transparency and communication with the Halo community. That seems like a heartfelt explanation of what happened with the game.


    With the way he explained it, I suppose if the X and Xbox Updates hadn't made the strides they have then the game would remain in the state it is currently?


    Here's to hoping and wanting this level of communication to continue and MCC to be fully fixed.

  6. Getting off of these odd, rehashed topics - I am incredibly excited to see how Oddball and Assault play.


    The majority maps in Halo 5 being asymmetrical gets me stoked to test out Oddball. Assault changes (explosions killing and reduced thrusts) gives me hope that a few new maps can be added as well.


    Another thing being glossed over, that I think will make a huge difference, are the grenade changes! Frag grenades with a reduced radius will go even further to remove free information from hit markers, and splinters no longer acting as a get-out-of-jail-free card brings them back into the competitive sandbox. Area of denial grenades being reintroduced is huge.


    Agree wholeheartedly about nades. We know the blast radius was turned up to compensate for Spartan Abilities, but I always thought it was too large from launch. Grenades became a bit spammy and emphasis on nade placement seemed to drop off a ton due to the blast radius. It's going to feel better to get nade kills and be more satisfying to see them now, hopefully.


    To tie it in with Assault, just fragging the bomb area won't be as effective.


    There should be some creative ball setups with the asymmetrical maps. I hope both modes get put into HCS.

  7. It kind of has to be. Honestly the only way to do this right is to basically start over.  I bet that's easier too.


    I bet the code for the game is a tangled mess. I wish they would give a full detailed breakdown of what went wrong and how it's being fixed. Is there going to be a community update this week? I thought I saw something about more being talked about this week.

  8. It will be a series of updates that use feedback between each one, starting in the spring. We’re a LONG ways out from a free play weekend.


    So it's going to be more than one? That's even better news. I feel better about them taking it step by step rather than pushing one update that will fix it all. Baby steps.


    Since we're getting more news this week, apparently, I'm hoping that players will get the change to play any build they're about to put out for testing. If I recall correctly there was supposed to be a beta for the March patch of 2015 for preview members. It never happened though.

  9. Maybe I’m just too optimistic, but this news actually got me back on Beyond, and I played a few matches of H5 again. I do think 343 have had a lot of fuck ups, but honestly, I have some hope in the future of Halo, and I am excited about HCS as well. Also, I can now have a Canada weapon skin, so that’s worth something to me


    LOL the exact same. The Halo juices are flowing so much that I even considered playing Warzone today.


    So, what are we guessing pop numbers for H5 to be? It says HTR is tracking about 170k.

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  10. "Fans of classic Halo games also have a lot to look forward to with today’s announcement that Halo: TheMaster Chief Collection will receive enhancements for Xbox One X, as well as fixes, improvements and upgrades to the core game to help bring it forward and modernize many of the game’s systems to take advantage of Xbox platform advancements since its original launch."


    Maybe this is just me being gun-shy from the 1,000 other times 343 has misled us with ambiguous language, but that official statement above looks a heck of a lot like back-end system improvements to help it run better on OneX rather than actual gameplay improvements. Maybe the improvements will make the game play better and shot registration better, etc., but it doesn't seem like that is the focus.


    "Fixes, improvements and upgrades to the core game to help bring it forward and modernize many of the game's systems..."


    What does that actually mean? There is no need to bring the core game forward and modernize it. That could mean they are adding micro-transactions for weapon skins for all we know. There is a large need to fix critical issues that are preventing the game from being an accurate representation of the core games, but the language they use doesn't expressly say that.


    I've just seen this play out way too many times to not be incredibly dubious about all of it.


    You make a good point, the language is pretty vague. I suppose it comes down to how they're defining the "core game." Is it the individual games functioning as they did in their original state? Is it that they're referencing the matchmaking working?


    Does anyone have any intel on whether the One X will be using a different online infrastructure than the other versions of the Xbox One? I'm only aware that the visuals and power of the One X will be greater.



    What really sinks this entire announcement in for me... Is that I was 23 years old when this game released.. I will be damn near 27 years old when the game is (potentially) in a passable state...


    Jesus Christ...


    22 and 26 here. Yea, it's crazy. Think of all the free time that could have been spent playing CE-3.

  11. I'm cautiously optimistic. I say that now, but the inner Halo fan in me is already starting to feel like I did during the E3 announcement of the MCC (ecstatic).


    Both views have a lot of merit. Optimistic thinking will have us saying that they must know they can pull it off this time, and that doing so will be huge for them. Pessimistic thinking will have us saying that previous patches have failed, 343's track record is terrible, and this will likely be a fiasco.


    Realistically, 343 may have had an MCC planned for a long time and started work on it once H5's monthly content update drops. It would make sense for their efforts to be split working on a more MCC heavy focus with the fewer H5 content updates.

  12. Okay, I’m about to take off on a flight when I heard they changed the weapon sandbox and announced another HWC. I deleted H5 over a month ago to save space, and because I never played it anymore. Are these changes actually worth trying out?


    Edit: and then I see Beast’s post above me, lol.


    Yea, I mean, why not? At this point I believe any update to any Halo game will be worth trying out for the simple fact that there's more to gain than lose. If you don't absolutely need the space, may as well give it a shot.

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  13. The KT for it will essentially be the same considering the rate of fire is faster, but we now have to "aim" the gun for better results. In their own special little way, they made the weapon "skillful."


    It does help on not stepping on the other automatic's toes when it comes to range (Sentinel now seems closer to AR than any other Auto) but it won't mitigate the issues with it being a starting weapon alongside the Magnum.


    What I'm really worried about is BR/Gunfighter starts. I personally want the Magnum to still be our Primary now that the other rifles (besides LR) have had their nerfs; BR fires slower, Carbine's now got less range, DMR's hipfire is gored. The weapons will feel like more of a role selection than a straight upgrade. Magnum still has the fastest KT and has even more utility capabilities. BR/Gunfighter separates long range and close quarters into two different guns, plus the burst fire from the BR gives sloppy fights.


    If they're making Ranked have BR/Gunfighter and Social AR/Magnum, I may end up doing more Social just because I want an accurate single shot.


    Woah, wait, they're making ranked play be BR/Gunfighter starts? That seems a little crazy for the exact reason you stated. With rifles changed the magnum could be a pseudo-utility weapon (I def won't go so far as saying it is one, but one that can fill multiple range roles).


    I hope that isn't the case. I mean, having ranked play start with two precision weapons sounds like it would be more skillful, but in practice I doubt it would be so.

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