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  1. The ranking on the oddball HCS playlist right now is absurd.  Placed G6 on my main that I strictly play with teammates, and G2 on my alt that I play solo.


    It's so clearly a mix of people who've been gold since the game came out, and people who have never been in gold before, and the games play terribly because huge disparity in individual skill levels.


    Also, despite the fact that there's a marker on the guy who has the ball constantly, I'm 99% sure there are people who still don't realize that this a ball playlist, and not a "Get into bad 2v1s on the other side of the map" playlist.


    The ranking has been messed up for a few months now. I've been champ/high onyx every season except the first since the game released. Something was adjusted back in the spring, and it seems that a lot of people from the higher tiers place into mid-high Plat now. Like you said, though, it's such a mixture of players that are Platinum along with higher skilled players. Matches end up having crazy stat lines and blowouts.

  2. Yeah i actually had fun with that list. I played on ctf match of this playlist and I was done.


    I cant believe this is the CE magnum they came up with. Has anyone at 343 ever played the game?


    It's so annoying because I talk about it on other forums and people are like "is exactly how I remember it".


    I guess they only played against people who didnt strafe.


    ROFL. Those people must have lived in a parallel universe than mine back in 01.


    Also, Hang 'Em High is, IMO, a dumb map. Nostalgia has colored that one better than it is to me.

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  3. Damn, all this talk of Perfect Dark and Goldeneye bring back memories.

    Story time!


    1.) Got my first taste of FPS action in my friend's basement with him and his older brother that was in college. Us, as elementary school age, would get destroyed on Facility by his brother. He played so much he knew the spawns. He would use Oddjob and just destroy us. I'll never forget having shootouts in the bathroom stalls on the map.


    2.) The secret levels based on Moonraker and Live and Let Die were the shit! Jaws with the double AR's was so hard to kill. My palms would literally sweat having a duel with him on that damn double staircase. I was so pumped when I finally beat him.


    All of this transitioned to playing Perfect Dark against bots and setting up laptop guns everywhere. Then Nightfire came out and we would have sniper duels on Skyrail.


    and then, we transitioned to Halo: CE and the rest was history.


    On a side note, thinking of picking up a PS4 on Black Friday. The Slim version is on sale at Gamestop with a 50 dollar gift card. Really want to play Bloodborne, what else is good on PS?

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  4. This is the second time they forgot to turn off SAs. They're really doing everything in their power to make sure no one plays these classic playlists.


    I didn't play the first playlist because of the magnum, so I was, needless to say, unpleasantly surprised.


    If only that were the biggest problem. H1 magnum makes the playlist unplayable. Everyone is a God, powerweapons are useless.


    Perfect kills for you, perfect kills for you, perfect kills for everyone!


    I actually liked the H3 playlist.

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  5. Totally off thread but the Celtics are the greatest basketball team of all time.


    Continue on.


    Heck yea they are. I've been a fan since I was a kid (dad was). After watching them suck so hard during my childhood, it's been amazing seeing the Big Three. Broke my heart when Pierce was traded. I was super pumped when we got Hayward seeing as how he's a great player and an avid gamer. It's been a rough year and I was looking forward to their season, and that was crushing. But it's awesome seeing them rally to 14 in a row. Jaylen Brown is going to be a star.


    Oh, and I don't think the BR starts are going to fly.

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  6. lmao what a shit storm for Battlefront 2. I promoptly swore that game off yesterday. I can't believe we've come from sitting around projection TV's grinding Goldeneye to unlock Jaws to paying for Darth Vader.


    Legit TV/Monitor question: What is a better choice to go with for the OneX? I'm playing on a monitor now, and the change was such an improvement over playing on my old TV. But with Black Friday coming, I'm hoping to get a 4K display. Better to get a TV with HDR, or wait for a monitor at a decent price with 4K HDR?

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  7. Geeze, I go out of town for a couple days, come back expecting us to still be foaming at the mouth for MLG, and instead I get interesting off-topic discussion. 



    So are you judging casual by their emotional investment or by their time spent playing the game?


    I consider a casual player someone who plays only like an hour a day or a few hours a week, regardless of their emotional investment in the game.


    People who work a 40 hour a week job, feed the kids, milk the wife, make love to the cow, and then use the little bit of "free" time to relax.  A non-casual gamer will shirk other responsibilities (or, not HAVE other responsibilities) so they can invest large quantities of time into the game, again, regardless of emotional investment.


    The definition of a casual is an interesting question. Do we have to have only set of criteria for it though? I know people that have limited time, but are very invested in games (meaning they read up on them, follow news, and want to improve). I also know people that play a lot of games, but aren't invested in any of them (meaning they pick them up and put them down regularly for different periods of time). I think both factors are important to consider in the microtransaction discussion.


    Anyone know of a good 4k gaming monitor on Amazon?


    I'm wondering the same thing. I desperately want to upgrade. I'm wondering if it would be smarter to wait on HDR enabled monitors though.

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  8. Well that's not really true in H5 since you have things like thrust. You can throw nades and cancel the animation with a thrust. You can also peek, nade, peek, nade, and use thrust when you really need to. The amount of times people throw nades instead of shoot is pretty damn high. Even if it's a "low level" tactic it's still something that can make you one shot when normally the guy couldn't hit you at all.


    My bad, I should have clarified I was mostly spectating about how the blast radius change will alter what I was describing.


    As it stands, yea, you're absolutely correct. Thrust does change a lot, and allows the person that the nade is being thrown at to evade too. That gets into the whole thrust debate though.

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  9. Nades are definitley one of the more rewarding aspects of Halo (and it will hopefully feel even more so in this update when blast radius is reduced. Now to get hitmarkers taken out...)


    The use of grenades in this discussion is interesting. Anyone that's experienced with Halo knows not to throw a grenade in a gunfight that you're engaged in. That's a rookie mistake. You're even in shots and throw a nade? You're dead. You're up shot and throw a nade? You're dead. One of the more skillful aspects of gunfights to me is popping behind cover, baiting your enemy into throwing a nade, then popping back out to pull even or win the fight.


    As to throwing nades around corners when you're disengaging from a fight? There's a reason "Don't chase" is solid Halo advice.


    Moving to a different game that doesn't allow nades to be manipulated on floors/walls as Halo does feels weird. I've grown accustomed to thinking about how I can bounce nades.

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  10. I guess I read to much into you initial statement about BS happening in both franchises then...

    It's not so much an anti-343 agenda but an anti-shitty-halo-games agenda, reach sucked as well despite not beeing made by 343...I'm just bugged by how vocal parts of the gears community acts as if their franchise is fucked while, beeing a fan of both games, I wish Halo would be at a place where our biggest problems were balancing issues, playlists and ranks...


    In my eyes, both GoW4 and H5 are good games. They aren't to the level of greatness of the others, but I do acknowledge their good points and the bad points of the games that came before them. That said, a lot of the GoW community feels betrayed by some of the game mechanics (but that happened as early as GoW2 with stopping power).


    In the end, it's just a matter of perspective. As an avid player of both since their inception, I understand how easy it is nowadays to say, "I give up on this franchise, etc." 

  11. the constant complains about microtransaction is something I'll never fully understand, I don't like it and it's not perfect but the way gears has been implementing it is still one of the better ways.

    the rest is annoying but in no way as bad as what has happend to Halo. I agree with all of those points but seeing Gears 4 on the same level as 343s Halo is a bit of a stretch, I'd say they are comparable to the flaws H2/H3 had rather then what we have to deal with with Reach onwards.

    TC has made mistakes with Gears 4 but it's still a recognisable and fun gears game, something Halo didn't have in last 10 years...


    Firstly, I don't believe anyone compared TC and 343.

    Second, the micros in Gears for what they call "premium packs" weren't and still aren't implemented well. The credit payout was and still is absurdly low while the cost of the packs with in game currency is too high. All that while only making them purchasable for a few days forces some players' hands to shell out real cash.


    I don't understand forcing a comparison between the two. It feels like an anti-343 agenda. One game's mistakes doesn't apply to the other. Both series stand alone with their own history and ways of doing things. Just because one slips up in their unique ways doesn't make them equivalent.

  12. I dont like any of those but the bold one is the worst imo.  I am not fan of "universal settings" to be sure, but weapon balance and base mechanics are the exception to that.  Base weapon variants should be the same from mode to mode to mode.


    For sure. I would be all for it if the split was contained to settings such as starting weapons, weapon placements, etc. But altering range and damage values split the playerbase way too hard. It's fine if you're someone that just plays in one of the settings, but it becomes really poor when certain gamemodes and the mindset of players are separated by the core/comp split.

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