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  1. 10 hours ago, OG Nick said:

    The issue here isn't really skill, it's the fact of the players being uninformed/uneducated. They believe/think that the DMR is op because the maps are shit, usually. They don't think in the mentality of someone being better, but in how it is "unfair" that they can't sprint around the map all the time. That an "Well actually a DMR shouldn't hurt the falcon because it as armor!" when it is entirely possible for a pilot to get shot in any sort of flying vehicle. Plus, space bullets. 

    This is an interesting topic that I've noticed popping up in multiplayer games in general. Skill doesn't invalidate opinions, I agree. However, there seems to be a direct link between skill and knowledge for the most part. Players that are skilled tend to be more experienced which in turn leads to more exposure and knowledge/education. I see this all the time in the Destiny community. Players love to discuss things that are "balanced" or "skillful." The people that play at a lower level aren't as knowledgeable because they don't have the experience of skillful play. So, they like to champion things that are obviously broken, but they don't believe so due to their inexperience.

    I think it parallels in the AR/DMR discussion but inversely with Halo. I've seen so many people decrying utility weapon starts due to things like "oh teams that get power weapons should win," or "precision and utility weapons are boring because there's no diversity." These people don't have the experience and knowledge of higher level play where thinking positioning, etc and outplaying people with a weapon bring satisfaction. They just experience the AR hold forward with no experiential knowledge and think that anything above and beyond that is broken nonsense. 

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  2. I played Reach for two days (in comparison to hundreds/thousands of hours in Halo Ce-5) and just dropped in a match on PC. I have very limited experience with the game, PC gaming in general, and all the settings. But...damn it looks good. Pleasantly surprised how great this game visually holds up to "modern" titles. If this is what we're in for with Ce-4, I'm very excited. Hopefully they get released pretty regularly now.

    Could someone drop some knowledge on me about the controversy with aim assist? Watching Summit and he seems to be upset about it?

    Also, what's the deal with Steam achievements? I have all of them on Xbox and the general ones unlocked immediately but ones tied to other games didn't. Assuming they will when those titles are released?

  3. This update looks really great. I like the progression system and having it clearly indicate personal and teamwork related XP. The seasons bit is interesting (and what people on twitter/reddit are upset about), but I'm more curious on how it works in regards to the ranking system. Will we have visible ranks reset but MMR be present so there isn't a true reset? Interesting to see the philosophy on that.

  4. Damn, haven't been on TB in a while and Wargod got roasted. That was some good comedy.

    Counting down the days for the Reach flighting. Does the new tickrate make the game feel any different? Gotta say, the new themed updates are nice. If you had told me this game would be getting better each update back in 2014 I would have died rather than believe you.

  5. 8 hours ago, Fixaimingsorry said:

    Ok who in the right mind pays attention to stupid shit like that? What are you some weirdo? You’re like the person who will notice a texture looking different, when no one else does. 

    A vast majority of people. Recognizing what weapon a player has equipped is a fundamental skill.

    My goodness, the PC release is hopefully around the corner. I hope we can get some good content (replay reviews, strat talk, improvement discussion) to go along with these back and forth debates.

  6. I'm scratching my head at the controller settings. I've always played on a 4 sensitivity, but now I hace no idea what's happened. Tell me if I'm headcasing:


    Halo 3's aim feels very loose to me. That's the only way I can describe it. When moving the right stick diagonally if feels like the sensitivity jumps up to a 10 at the slightest motion.


    Am I crazy? I don't remember halo 3 on 360 or even MCC back in 2014 aiming like that.

  7. Yeah this was just a crazy comment. I’m widely open to change. Politically, I lean left, but also have some issues where I tend to side with conservatives.


    What I’m not open to, however, is blatant disregard for well regarded design philosophy and repeatedly implementing bad ideas that rob the half of a franchises preexisting fan base of enjoyment. Just because something has changed, doesn’t mean it has changed for the better.


    I've never agreed or identified with a comment more on this site.


    This whole community is in desperate need of HCS games, the MCC update, and some exciting news in general.

  8. 4K support was enabled for Halo 3 and Halo 2 in the previous one, so I'd assume so. Still installing games now.


    Not sure what their stance is for sharing screenshots/videos from this flight, still waiting to find out.


    Oh for real?! I played the first flights, but I didn't have a 4k display, so probably why I didn't notice.


    Yea, that's a gray area. I noticed we could talk about it now, but not share anything from the surveys. Curious to see about sharing media. Post in here if you find anything out, please!

  9. I thought Halo 2 had decent writing.  Halo Ce had basically no story at all, and Halo 3 was just shit.  I don't get how Cortana went from being a minor sidekick to the center of the Halo universe in one game.  And now she's the leader of an alien invasion force?  It's ridiculous.


    She didn't. It took 3. She took the index from Installation 04 in CE and kept it up until the end of H3 when it was needed to fire the replacement 04. Pretty cool idea and writing to have the only tool possible to defeat the Flood be placed in the hands of an AI that was left with the Flood.

  10. The public version of MCC has not had any changes to it. People are referring to the MCC Insider version that has received updates. There has been no response from 343 that suggests that they have changed the aiming. As the 'feel' of aiming is not something you can really test, people are pretty much just posting anecdotal evidence. If it is of interest to you. i switched back and forth a few times in one day and did not notice a difference.


    Yea, I was talking about the MCC test. Okay, cool, it was just me headcasing then.

  11. I want to hear that depth. I really liked Gears 4, at least from a multiplayer side of things, but I hear people talk about gameplay not being great when it felt the same to me. I'm not very educated in terms of Gears intricacies though so I'd love for somebody to explain it to me.


    Mostly story things I noticed. For one, it looks like Kait is being sent back to the New Hope Facility from GoW2 which is the lab where the Locust were born from Sires.


    Gameplay wise, I noticed Kait wielding what looked like a two handed melee weapon which were present in GoW3. It also looked like the Kryll were showing up. They were bats that one of the main Locust enemies used in GoW1 and had a cool mechanic to where you had to disperse them before you could deal damage to him. Another thing I noticed was the DeeBee robots being taken over by Swarm and changing how they interact with you in battle. It looked very similar to how Pure Flood Ranged forms worked.


    It's hard telling multiplayer wise, but the main grips on GoW4 were the split weapon tuning, connection issues that made shotgun fights trade often, and wallbounce canceling. We'll see with the reveal there, but a lot of things to be excited for in the campaign.


    Okay, I'm done being Off-Topic so soon. Point being, I'm psyched that Xbox is doubling down with Halo and Gears. Hoping for some more Halo info before E3 officially ends.

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  12. I'm VERY pleased with the E3 showing today.


    First, Halo:Infinite. I was hoping to see a glimpse of gameplay or any info on a released or beta timeline. That's the disappointing side of this. The art style looks amazing. I love the direction this game appears to be taking visually. Chief's armor and helmet are great. That said, we don't know much. It's going to be a long wait, and I wish we had more than a brief glimpse and promises of flight testing. I hope all this feedback for years has been taken into account and the game is transcendent. It looks like H5 and MCC is on the horizon for us.


    The other big thing was Gears. Gears 5 stuff looks amazing from the lore side of things and gameplay side. Without going into too much depth, it looks like TC has changed some things and also taken feedback into account. With the mobile and RTS along with Halo:Infinite, it looks like these two franchises will be the cornerstones of Xbox and Microsoft gaming for the foreseeable future.


    The weird thing is the GoW5 release date. 2019. Well, would you think that Gears and Halo release the same year? I don't. Unless Gears releases in Spring of 2019 and Halo:Infinite in the Fall due to the flight testing. That would give them a full year and some change to test it, have another hype cycle, and get the game out. But, both flagship titles in the same years concerns me that Halo:Infinite won't be until 2020.


    Overall though, pretty great show. I like what Xbox is doing with these titles and building more studios around them.

  13. I'm disappointed that Russet didn't make the cut. I thought it would have played well with CTF with the long sight lines and lower routes, especially if the flags were placed on the UNSC Logos of the bases. That said, I can see why it didn't make the cut. It's a bit reminiscent of Coli flag, and since this change was meant to provide more variety and change the meta, I understand why the focus was more on ball and variety maps.


    Fissure will be good, I think. I was worried about the lifts in tandem with ground pound, but I think they'll work decently enough now. I'm excited for these settings to go in the playlist to get some playtime with them. Ball seemed to work a lot better in the settings test streams.


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