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  1. 23 hours ago, Silos said:

    I'm with you. I saw a tweet a little while back that resonated with me saying something along the lines of "People don't play Halo now expecting to have a good experience, they expect to have a nostalgic experience". That's kind of how I feel after seeing some people's criticisms.

    Where I'm at with Halo is that I don't want the core strategy of the multiplayer to be "get in a power position and wait for the enemy to push". As long as the multiplayer gives me incentive to move frequently and I have a utility weapon that works well, I think there's a good possibility that I'll at least think it's okay. I don't really care about the game including this or that weapon, or how my favorite weapons from previous games work now. As long as the "flow" of the game is okay it's cool. As for campaign, give me a few cool battles and some funny looking aliens to kill and I'm down, whatever.

    Fully agree with that. If the game is fun to play, I'm all in. I think a lot of people are wanting something fresh that has some familiar hints to it. We have to wait and see still, but I'm very encouraged and hopeful based on what we saw and the info that the mp is F2P now. Seems like even more of a clue that we can be in store for a more separated MP.

    17 hours ago, Warlord Wossman said:

    Actually agree with every single point made on this list. Some might seem outrageous to people but I feel like there are strong arguments for each one of those for me personally.

    @AArkham eh, people speak about the negatives because that's what concerns them. You probably know I am not excited for this game at all but I was saying a bunch of pages back that 120fps multiplayer is expected and them actually delivering that is a good thing, because we know the hardware of the series X can do it - maybe not at 4K but who cares, frames > resolution for shooters, if we are lucky the 120 mode runs at 1440p and not 1080p but that would just be a nice bonus.
    Same with f2p, that could actually make me test the game, especially if they have a server browser.

    Some people here might be all negative saying they just want the game to fail and while I don't think it adds much to the discussion saying that everybody here is only trying to see the negatives is a stretch, yes we mostly talk about negatives because that's what you want them to change right? (Not saying this forum has any impact, and ofc it's subjective).

    tl:dr: 120fps and f2p multiplayer are great news, but I think everybody agrees so that's why there is no big discussion about it while the negative things are more polarizing

    Idk, man. It's just weird to see us having a chance to celebrate uncharted territory that is highly successful in this era and people are still wanting it to fail. There are certainly valid criticisms to be made as I mentioned in my post. I want graphics to be better, I want a quality sandbox, I'd like the OG weapons to be there. But, it's just odd to let the much bigger conversation get hung up on those things like some people are doing. Nothing wrong with criticizing things you don't like, but there's a point where some will bitch about anything just for the sake of bitching and lose the bigger picture in all of it. Just a lack of perception.

    On 7/31/2020 at 8:36 AM, Larry Sizemore said:


    Oh, the irony is certainly not lost on this one.


  2. I figured the news of 120 FPS F2P multiplayer would be a damn good thing to you guys, but we're talking about not having two weapons in the game that were MOSTLY useless over the course of the franchise? I'm going to have to call bullshit on this one. It seems like we're reaching for things to be negative about at this point. 

    The magnum has changed with every game in this franchise. If they're going with a true sidearm  variant that has advantages over other precision weapons like a fast draw and fire rate to compliment other precision weapons, that's good news. It doesn't make another precision weapon redundant. Didn't we just spend 5 years complaining about how there's too much overlap and redundancy in H5?

    Shotgun has been pretty weak over the course of the series. H1 it was wonderful. 2-3 not so much. Hell, it was so imbalanced in 5 it had to have its magazine size gutted. I feel that trying to make a different version of it to perform better in the sandbox isn't a bad idea.

    Just feels like we're getting to the point of being upset for no other reason than nostalgia and not wanting anything to change. And to the point of wanting the game to fail spectacularly? lol c'mon, that's some insane rantings.

    I took this update as being very encouraging with transparency handling feedback, which is something we haven't seen often. Fully understand this isn't the prevailing opinion here, but I think a lot of people need to take a step back and look at some of this information logically for what it can do for the franchise going forward.

    Edit: Oh, AND they confirmed to be limiting the kill barriers and out of bounds area of campaign. Idk how we don't see this update as overly positive.

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  3. Completely off-topic but since the H5 thread is dead:

    I'm currently halfway through rank 149 on 5. I was interested in seeing if I could get to 152 by mid-november for the infinite release reward. So, it appears I would need to play 17 days of Legendary Warzone FF by then to get to 152. With work in healthcare and irl stuff it doesn't seem possible. Makes me wish I had played during the COVID double xp days. Stay safe, everyone

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  4. 50 minutes ago, TeeJaY said:

    I'm waiting for the multiplayer reveal to get more concrete thoughts, but as of right now I'm also excited for Infinite. I usually wouldn't be, but I've been playing a lot more MCC lately and it sparked something in me. I'll always have love for Halo.

    Same here. I played nothing but Destiny and Nintendo games since back in October. Leading up to the reveal and now I've been playing Halo. I'm back to being excited and actively wanting to play the games.

    53 minutes ago, Reamis25 said:

    I like to think because of the abilities just create a complicated game. Like there’s no sense of simplicity. Halo 6 may have sprint clamber slide, but these are simple, and something everyone’s used to. 
    also h5 has a bug regarding its aiming so  if you don’t have adhd And epilepsy like me, can keep a level head even when bs happens you’ll enjoy things more.  H3 inconsistency in shots can be annoying but nothing is more annoying when I can’t hit someone because of bad input lag that is connection Based too, so you can’t find that perfect sensitivity like you can in any game on mcc. One match it’s smooth responsive and then the next you don’t even know what happened.

    The aiming is def a part of it. Taking time away from H5 and with other FPS games makes me realize that you have to consistently play 5 to maintain accuracy. It came back after a few days, but it's hard to pick back up and play

    34 minutes ago, Botheredhat360 said:

    Voice acting was spot on?

    "Spartan, we thought you dead."


    Absolutely brilliant. The speech at the end by Escharum and Chief's voice.

    30 minutes ago, timeforkoalas said:

    Even just a multiplayer reveal date would have / would still go a long way. I think the complete silence and lack of transparency on what to expect next fueled the fire more than it needed to be. Much of that fire wasn't positive and led to wild speculation on the date of the build, multiplayer delays, etc. Hopefully that's not a sign of how they'll be receiving feedback and making game updates.

    I want to see the following...

    1. Multiplayer reveal date
    2. In depth walkthrough of the campaign demo with an employee (similar to the previous making of video but more focused on the engine and gameplay)
    3. Multiplayer gameplay reveal (arena, big team, battle royale)
    4. In depth walkthrough of the multiplayer demo with the multiplayer lead or the pro team focused on the multiplayer gameplay decisions
    5. Limited multiplayer beta flight (a public beta might be out of the question, but at least get some streamers and pros in on a beta)

    Am I expecting any of that except (3), no... but I think it'd help.

    It certainly would. The lack of MP info leaves a lot to be speculated on. I'm in the camp that thinks they're going to have two very different gameplay styles across campaign/potential warzoneish mode and the arena mode. To me, that signals that something is up. Other camps think it'll be consistent across the two. Personally? I wouldn't mind a MP with sprint/clamber/slide as the only abilities and the "new" abilities be pickups. Would I want no sprint? Yea, for sure. Will I be outraged if it's in? Nah, although the recent Halo games haven't been the highest quality I still think the gameplay is good and fun.

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  5. Wtf is going on in here lmao

    Infinite reveal thoughts

    Good (with the limited amount we got)

    - Art style and the score look amazing

    - Bullet trails are good visual feedback to what's going on onscreen

    - The setting and story have me very excited as someone that's into lore

    - We have confirmation of hook pickup in MP

    - The sandbox variety looks promising.

    - Voice acting was spot on



    - Graphics. Yea, that's certainly a point.

    - Not showing MP or giving a hint at some concrete flighting plans

    - Removal of classic shotty


    Overall, I'm liking what has been shown so far. There are certain things that would be just wild speculation (like thinking MP will be different mechanics since it wasn't shown), but the campaign looks to be shaping up IMO. I'm more encouraged with what was shown than discouraged by the negatives of the reveal.

    Random thought: I spent a lot more time playing H3 on pc and h5 on xbox the last couple weeks. The one thing that stood out to me was this: While H5 is a very solid competitive game, I have more fun on H3. That said, I'd love to have that all rolled into the package that's Infinite.

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  6. 14 minutes ago, xboxdigger 94 said:

    Eww halo 5.

    haha I know it isn't a popular opinion, and it wasn't one I had until after stepping away from H5 after competing in November of 18. I played nothing but Destiny 2 from then until last week (another opinion, but D2 is really fun). and after coming back to 5, I appreciate it a lot more than I did when I was playing it constantly.

  7. When MCC launched I felt that H3 doesn't hold up very well. I blew that off though with the game being in such a broken state. 6 years later and a pc launch has cemented one reality that disappoints 17 year old me hoping for a rush of grand nostalgia: H3's actual gameplay isn't fun, engaging, or the pinnacle of the Halo series.

    Now, that's not saying H3 isn't a GOOD game. It had great maps, the best campaign in the series, and countless community features that made it the definitive shooter of many years and cements its place in history among the best, but the gameplay isn't really a part of it. It is just so dated and I think it gets overlooked due to nostalgia and the other things mentioned.

    CE, 2, and 5 are, IMO, amazing Halo games. Now, I know 5 isn't a popular opinion here, but I still contend that it would have been talked about as an amazing FPS game in this era if it didn't have the Halo brand attached to it. I can play those games over and over without growing bored of the gameplay. I can't say that about 3.

    I guess what all this amounts to is that I'm super glad all the Halo games can now live and exist in the "modern" context of games, but I'm looking forward to the future of the franchise.

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  8. 8 hours ago, NavG123 said:

    I'd be willing to bet the reason companies continue with SBMM is that they have hard data that it actually helps the player base despite the protests on places like Reddit.

    I think it's interesting to see how companies take different approaches to game balance; I view Valve at one extreme for example. Their balance patches disregard complaining by the community and (I assume...) wait for data to roll in over a long period of time that informs their decision. I personally think it works really well and believe CS:GO is a good game in part because of it.

    Jagex with OSRS is at another extreme with gameplay decisions decided by an in-game polling system. OSRS has gotten really popular in the last few years but I think there's no denying that game has experienced a tremendous amount of power-creep and so much of the game is completely dead-content not even worth exploring. OSRS's founding principle literally was the in-game community polling system created with the intention to let the community steer the game. The dead-content and power-creep is not surprising to me, I think it's a natural consequence of letting the community take control.


    Yea, I think that's pretty common knowledge at this point. The question becomes why are devs so focused on the low end of the spectrum? We know that population drops occur rapidly after a game releases in the first few months. Yet, they still try and make safe spaces for these people that won't continue supporting the game long term. 

    I honestly think the rise of SBMM is correlated with the introduction of microtransactions in game. Casual and bad players would more than likely trend toward spending money in the store if they feel good at the game, so what would companies gain by letting them encounter good players to shatter that illusion? Put in SBMM, protect them so they'll be likely to spend money, and let the core players that will play the game long term anyway deal with frustrations because they know they have them.

    Hell, look at us with this series. After all the crap we've disliked we're still here foaming at the mouth for Halo Infinite while I'm sure there are a lot of casuals and bad players who picked up H5, played a few games of warzone, bought packs, and haven't picked it up since 2016.

  9. I can't stand modern SBMM in any game that has it I currently play.

    Destiny 2: strict SBMM to protect bad players and casuals from crying on reddit combined with team balancing that skews lobbies makes the game a chore to play.

    MCC: I'm assuming there's some heavy lobby balancing going on

    H5: Feels pretty strict with some lobby balancing shenanigans

    Gears 5: Who the Hell knows how their matchmaking works.

    There's a prevailing trend that devs want the low end of the skill curve to keep playing the game, so they try to make them feel good at the game. That's fine, but it seems silly to do that and harm the playerbase that will stick with the game through its lifespan.

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  10. 21 hours ago, Hard Way said:

    Can you defend High Charity for me? I never viewed that one as a standout. How does that make it over Halo (H1), Truth and Rec, Silent Cartographer, Assault on the Control Room, Two Betrayals, The Maw, Guilty Spark, Metropolis, Sierra 117, The Storm, Nightfall, Exodus, New Alexandria, Pillar of Autumn (Reach), Infinity, Swords of Sanghelios, or Battle of Sunaion? I enjoyed all of those more. I'm just curious how High Charity left such an impression.


    I really enjoyed fighting the Flood. This level set up the main point of the trilogy: Cortana being left on High Charity with the Gravemind. The ending cutscene of making a girl a promise is a badass emotional scene. Moving through High Charity in the dark while Truth is heard over the intercom is a good feeling, and there's a nod to Mendicant Bias in the beginning. Everything about the level felt like the true end to Halo 2.

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  11. 2 hours ago, Hard Way said:

    “4th best Halo mission” got me thinking...that’d probably make a good thread. What are the consensus top 5 missions in the franchise? Or top 10. Whatever. I’d be curious to see if there is a consensus.

    But as usual you’d have people voting that haven’t played every game, screwing up the results with their ignorant opinions.

    1. The Covenant

    2. Regret

    3. The Ark

    4. High Charity

    5. Midnight

    Midnight had everything I would want in a level. The opening trench run was epic with Cortana going crazy and Chief racing against the clock.

    Honorable mentions to Halo and Cortana.

  12. 10 hours ago, OG Nick said:

    The issue here isn't really skill, it's the fact of the players being uninformed/uneducated. They believe/think that the DMR is op because the maps are shit, usually. They don't think in the mentality of someone being better, but in how it is "unfair" that they can't sprint around the map all the time. That an "Well actually a DMR shouldn't hurt the falcon because it as armor!" when it is entirely possible for a pilot to get shot in any sort of flying vehicle. Plus, space bullets. 

    This is an interesting topic that I've noticed popping up in multiplayer games in general. Skill doesn't invalidate opinions, I agree. However, there seems to be a direct link between skill and knowledge for the most part. Players that are skilled tend to be more experienced which in turn leads to more exposure and knowledge/education. I see this all the time in the Destiny community. Players love to discuss things that are "balanced" or "skillful." The people that play at a lower level aren't as knowledgeable because they don't have the experience of skillful play. So, they like to champion things that are obviously broken, but they don't believe so due to their inexperience.

    I think it parallels in the AR/DMR discussion but inversely with Halo. I've seen so many people decrying utility weapon starts due to things like "oh teams that get power weapons should win," or "precision and utility weapons are boring because there's no diversity." These people don't have the experience and knowledge of higher level play where thinking positioning, etc and outplaying people with a weapon bring satisfaction. They just experience the AR hold forward with no experiential knowledge and think that anything above and beyond that is broken nonsense. 

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  13. I played Reach for two days (in comparison to hundreds/thousands of hours in Halo Ce-5) and just dropped in a match on PC. I have very limited experience with the game, PC gaming in general, and all the settings. But...damn it looks good. Pleasantly surprised how great this game visually holds up to "modern" titles. If this is what we're in for with Ce-4, I'm very excited. Hopefully they get released pretty regularly now.

    Could someone drop some knowledge on me about the controversy with aim assist? Watching Summit and he seems to be upset about it?

    Also, what's the deal with Steam achievements? I have all of them on Xbox and the general ones unlocked immediately but ones tied to other games didn't. Assuming they will when those titles are released?

  14. This update looks really great. I like the progression system and having it clearly indicate personal and teamwork related XP. The seasons bit is interesting (and what people on twitter/reddit are upset about), but I'm more curious on how it works in regards to the ranking system. Will we have visible ranks reset but MMR be present so there isn't a true reset? Interesting to see the philosophy on that.

  15. Damn, haven't been on TB in a while and Wargod got roasted. That was some good comedy.

    Counting down the days for the Reach flighting. Does the new tickrate make the game feel any different? Gotta say, the new themed updates are nice. If you had told me this game would be getting better each update back in 2014 I would have died rather than believe you.

  16. 8 hours ago, Fixaimingsorry said:

    Ok who in the right mind pays attention to stupid shit like that? What are you some weirdo? You’re like the person who will notice a texture looking different, when no one else does. 

    A vast majority of people. Recognizing what weapon a player has equipped is a fundamental skill.

    My goodness, the PC release is hopefully around the corner. I hope we can get some good content (replay reviews, strat talk, improvement discussion) to go along with these back and forth debates.

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