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  1. I wonder what sort of reception a free play days event for the MCC would get after this update drops. Gears 4 had a couple of the free play events, and the game went on sale during it too. I think it saw an influx of players. Granted, that's only a good idea if MCC is fully functional. Man, this is going to be a long wait for the update...
  2. LOL the exact same. The Halo juices are flowing so much that I even considered playing Warzone today. So, what are we guessing pop numbers for H5 to be? It says HTR is tracking about 170k.
  3. You make a good point, the language is pretty vague. I suppose it comes down to how they're defining the "core game." Is it the individual games functioning as they did in their original state? Is it that they're referencing the matchmaking working? Does anyone have any intel on whether the One X will be using a different online infrastructure than the other versions of the Xbox One? I'm only aware that the visuals and power of the One X will be greater. 22 and 26 here. Yea, it's crazy. Think of all the free time that could have been spent playing CE-3.
  4. I'm cautiously optimistic. I say that now, but the inner Halo fan in me is already starting to feel like I did during the E3 announcement of the MCC (ecstatic). Both views have a lot of merit. Optimistic thinking will have us saying that they must know they can pull it off this time, and that doing so will be huge for them. Pessimistic thinking will have us saying that previous patches have failed, 343's track record is terrible, and this will likely be a fiasco. Realistically, 343 may have had an MCC planned for a long time and started work on it once H5's monthly content update drops. It would make sense for their efforts to be split working on a more MCC heavy focus with the fewer H5 content updates.
  5. We should really consider trying to get this list be more visible not only on here, but the other Halo sites too. 343 is communicating with us at the moment, so why not strike when the iron is hot and make a gesture to give them info that could be useful before the first MCC build comes out.
  6. Yea, I mean, why not? At this point I believe any update to any Halo game will be worth trying out for the simple fact that there's more to gain than lose. If you don't absolutely need the space, may as well give it a shot.
  7. Woah, wait, they're making ranked play be BR/Gunfighter starts? That seems a little crazy for the exact reason you stated. With rifles changed the magnum could be a pseudo-utility weapon (I def won't go so far as saying it is one, but one that can fill multiple range roles). I hope that isn't the case. I mean, having ranked play start with two precision weapons sounds like it would be more skillful, but in practice I doubt it would be so.
  8. AArkham

    NBA Thread

    Life-long Celtics fan here. I'm sick over Hayward's injury.
  9. The core functions of the game need to be addressed. I want to be able to play the games as they originally played, as was promised we would be able to do. I still get on the game to play sometimes, and getting H3 slayer with AR starts is abysmal. Fixing the matchmaking/ranking, updating to 4k, hit detection, and all of that is great, but it won't mean very much if the settings of the games in matchmaking are still awful.
  10. How does everyone feel about the changes to the AR. Having increased accuracy and fire rate with reduced damage seems to be a wash, doesn't it?
  11. I'm in a place with D2 where I don't want to boot the game up at all. I played well over 2k hours on D1, with a large portion of those coming in Year 1. I don't have any excitement or desire to do the activies in D2 because of the way the game is structured. I know you guys are well aware of those problems, so I won't throw around any of the buzzwords about the end game that get thrown around on Reddit or the internet at large. What I can say is that the majority of my playtime in D1 came from PVE, the majority in D2 has been in The Crucible. The 4v4 and reworked balancing has redeemed D1's PVP in my eyes, but there hasn't been enough change or added features to keep it as a staple. How can Bungie make it one? Give us ranked play. We know the advantages of ranked play, but there's a chance to give a lot of rewards for rank in the "Shared World Shooter" playspace. However, it looks like the model of D2 is to keep the entire playerbase happy and on even playing field in regards to getting loot. I often wonder how much the LFG posts requiring Gjallarhorn, needing flawless emblem, etc, and the outcry of people that felt excluded because of those has had on D2.
  12. Hopefully that means Oddball. Wasn't the original reason Oddball couldn't be added in comp setting was because there was no announcer and spawns were messed up? Seems like those issues would be fixed if the gametype is being added in November.
  13. Thanks! That's going to be interesting in a comp environment. Hope to see an organized list of changes from them on Waypoint at some point.
  14. Great point. There's no sense in having undo anger when steps are being made to correct the situation. We need to take the good with the bad, roll with what's being done, and give constructive feedback when it needs to be given. After all we've been through that will probably seem much more difficult than it should be, but it's better to do what is right than what feels easy.
  15. Sketch just clarified that the game is being fixed and enhanced for Xbox One X. Guess that means I'm in the market for a 4k tv...
  16. Been out of the loop for a while. What is going on with the H5 weapon balancing? Are the changes going to be applied to HCS? Where can I see an official full list?
  17. Yea, I think bringing the MCC back up in such a public way (the update is all over my twitter right now), means that they are certain the update will have the game functioning as it should have on launch. I'm really curious to see how this could change the Halo scene moving forward. There's no way there will be any HCS events ran on MCC, but I'm wondering if any independent tournaments will spring up. Either way, it looks like Halo 6 news won't be coming for some time, and we'll be watching more Halo 5 events. Nevertheless, it makes you wonder what changes are going to be made to Halo 5's core engine for 6, or if the lack of talk for 6 means the game is going to launch with a robust set of features.
  18. I'm so hyped for this MCC update. I was heartbroken with the busted release, but still put countless hours into it. I'm so willing to forgive the launch and state of the game for years if it means a functioning product for the series I love. The improtant thing is that it works, and that it is a hub for players to play these games for the long time foreseeable future. I'm very interested to see if the games are going to run in 4k on Xbox One X and what will specifically be changed.
  19. Hey, Beyond. I took a hiatus from Halo in recent months and stopped dropping by the forums, playing, and watching HCS. However, with the announcments on stream today, I'm coming back to the only video game series I truly love. I'm beyond (pun) excited for the addition of Oddball, the upcoming events for Halo 5, and especially for the MCC fix/Xbox One X Update. So, I'm back to discuss and hopefully be a valuable and contributing member to the community. Feels good to have a passion for a series that means so much to me and a lot of others.

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