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  1. Loads of problems with GoW4. -Micros and the Gear Pack system. Yes, it's a very important issues to Gears specifically as the series has a history of awesome characters/weapon skins being earnable through in-game accomplishments. Goes directly against the series, and is compounded by how Gear packs work. -Vague, muddy, and ineffective rank system. There wasn't any transparency for how it functioned until recently. - Core and Competitive weapon tuning split and handling of it. - Not listening to community when it comes to weapon tuning. - Disregard to handling of matchmaking and quitting.
  2. Two series I don't think I'll ever abandon: Halo and Gears of War. Even with all the BS that's happened with both of these franchises, there's nothing as satisfying to me as a close arena game or gibbing someone with a Gnasher.
  3. Oh snap, you're at Morehead? Literally an hour away from me.
  4. Way off-topic, but heading out to an interview for Physical Therapy school. Had to tell someone. Wish me luck.
  5. We back! We have about 12 pages of rampant MLG speculations and hopes. What a time to be a Halo fan.
  6. Not trying to carry this on any further, but to chime in with a different perspective: We do have statistics that quantify players making the sacrifice plays or plays that don't lead to personal kills: damage done and assists. Now that doesn't add much to the remove slayer/don't remove slayer discussion, but they are valid stats nonetheless. Now, about kills. I preach into my headset everytime I'm playing to people in flag/strongholds game not to give up their life for the objective when it's a dead play. For example, diving on a flag that has half reset time only to die isn't a good play. Hanging back with a good sightline to help pick off the enemies returning the flag is. The important thing to consider is that dying in an OBJ game can be as bad as dying in a Slayer game in certain situations. Then again, that brings into play the discussion of if casuals want to think or not while playing.
  7. I mean, with all the hinting it has to be MLG, right? ...right?!
  8. Trying to keep my rampant excitement in check for all of the Halo changes. I may be a nub, but what's so bad about GAF?
  9. That's great news! Really hoping they look at everything that makes the MCC not play like the original games.
  10. Cuphead and The Witcher 3 are both on sale on the marketplace. Which should I go for? Or do I throw caution to the wind, get a PS4, and finally play Bloodborne?
  11. Clamber is in Destiny 2, and I think I've had it activate twice. You don't even realize it's in the game. I wish H5 clamber worked that way. Def don't want to turn this thread into an abilities discussion, but if we HAVE to have abilities in H6, I think I would set it up like this: Thrust, but be able to shoot during the thrust. Ground Pound. Stabilize. Up the move speed by 10-15%. Allow crouch strafe.
  12. Your avatar is more fitting than ever these days! It's Tuesday and I'm over here highly anticipating this week's community update.
  13. Wow, you guys are bringing up some stuff that 14 year old me thought was awesome. I distincly remember those Lockout CTF games. Only then I was thinking how awesome it was. But, yea, this whole Slayer thing has become cyclical from the beginning, and it doesn't seem to have a jumping off point. You can't just take a large portion of the playerbase's favorite gametype away. That leads to other problems like throwing games, dodging, and all the other things we consistently campaign against.
  14. Felt like nV wasn't into the series mentally or emotionally.
  15. NV has had problems regaining control and flow of a match once they lose it.
  16. Tension between the two? Could be nothin', could be somethin'.
  17. Couldn't agree more. I've always held this opinion. I wish I had a dollar for everytime I told people in game that all that matters is the win/loss, and making the correct play. So many people get wrapped up in their K/D that they hit start in match to see their stats. I may be remembering the original trilogy days differently than they actually were, but I rarely remember people talking about their stats then. Rank was what mattered.
  18. He's highly intelligent when it comes to the game. He does say right now a lot though.
  19. I understand his argument. People that want to just worry about kills don't think along the lines of getting kills in another game mode. Someone looking for kills doesn't want to deal with any obj play, at all. It's the stigma attached to objs in modern gaming, sadly. Having Slayer ranked is baffling. I wish Halo would move to one ranked playlist, that way it not consolidates playlists, but makes rank more meaningful.
  20. We're starting off with a bang. Moses, any idea how many people have shown up at the venue to spectate this weekend?
  21. I'm currently watching NFL and H2A tournaments on YouTube. I'm getting real excited about this MCC update. Please, bring me back to reality. Can't handle another letdown.
  22. It feels like this discussion boils down to the casual vs competitive mentality. Similar to the use of the AR in arena modes.
  23. It def shouldn't be the majority of modes, and it absolutely shouldn't be the last mode of a series. I can't stand that I do know that even in my small town, a lot of people and kids were talking about Halo when it was on the X-Games and then talking about how well they play it. Granted, that has absolutely nothing to do with the Slayer discussion this thread has going, but it begs the question of what game modes these types of players would identify watching. I think we should consider that watching a game mode you're familiar with is more enjoyable than one you aren't familiar with. Even for someone like me that is well versed in shooter mechanics/modes, I don't find Overwatch as enjoyable to watch as say Halo/Gears/CoD because I'm not as familiar with their modes. That isn't a strong argument for Slayer, and I'm not even arguing that Slayer is a good comp mode at it's core. I'm approaching it through the lens of wanting to grow the scene. For argument's sake, what do you feel are the drawbacks of Slayer? Why do you think it shouldn't be in comp?

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